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make it a top ten list

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by fkmywfxn, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    Here are my three favorites. I could have made it more. There have been many memorable moments over the years. I thought I'd let you all add to the list.

    Her first time having sex with another man in front of me since we were married.

    Her first orgasm with another man without the use of a vibrator from just getting fucked. ( she never had an orgasm with me that way).

    Lifting her hips up and curling her toes in rhythm as he goes deep.
  2. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Fuuuuuuuuck yeahhhhhhh!!!

    All three of them---ESPECIALLY the second one--rank among my hottest favorite moments too. :p
  3. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    I love to hear her say Oh yeah, come on and fuck me.

    When she is on her back missionary position and I can see her rocking her hips up meeting her stud of the moment stroke for stroke.

    When she tells the man to cum in her and put a baby in her belly.
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  4. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    when i watch Her get ready for Her 'date'...

    and help Her...
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  5. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    Definitely this one. I prefer the scenario of my wife "getting fucked", not have sex or making love. On her back in the missionary position gives the image that she is "getting fucked". When she rocks her hips up to meet his thrusts, it conferms that she is enjoying "getting fucked".
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  6. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    For me, there is nothing hotter than the first time my wife gives it up to a man that has never fucked her before.

    Watching as she lays back and spreads her legs to allow this new guy total access to her pussy.
    Watching as he crawls up between her legs, and his cock first touches the lips.
    Watching as he presses forward and the head of his cock begins to split her pussy and slowly slide up into her.
    Watching as her lips wrap tightly around the shaft as she cups the cheeks of his ass and pulls him deep into her.

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  7. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    crazyinvt, you and I would have been neighbors and best friends if life was always fair. When I read your post about watching your wife first time with someone new, it reminded me of my personal favorite of the first time my wife was with Haywood the hugely hung black man that moved in with us as her 2nd husband. But what I'm recalling was the first time she was with him in his apartment and I watched as he worked his big, black cock into her on the sofa in his living room and the two of them working together in unison getting his soda can thick, 11 inches plus black cock in her until he was balls deep in her.

    I was setting in a chair about 5 feet away and when he was all the way in he released her legs that were hooked in his arms and she wrapped them around him and she already had her arms around his neck and shoulders. This had taken several minutes and they both had a sheen of sweat on them. They stayed like that for a few what seemed like minutes with his cock completely buried in her and she told me later what he had whispered to her was that she was only the second woman that was able to take all of his cock. She said she told him she loved ever fat inch of it and that now he needed to fuck her with it.

    All I knew at that moment was Haywood started to slowly work his cock in short, easy strokes and gradually became longer and harder until my wife was basically screaming for him to keep fucking her harder until she came for at least the 4th time and he buried his cock deep in her and with ragged breath said that he was cumming . Hell, even I was sweating.

    Thanks for making me remember that. That is always at the top of my list. GTR
  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    When she greets me after a quick stop on the way home from work with pussy on her breath and cum on her cunt and ready to go again with me.
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    To my wife and me, missionary (her legs wrapped around his trunk, ankles locked) is making love. OTOH, on her knees (doesn't matter if she's on her hands or elbows) is fucking like an animal, whether he's in her cunt or up into her ass. He's milking her tits while she does the work slamming back into him so hard he has to bang forward to keep his balance.
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  10. murph's

    murph's Member

    humiliation aspect - when we swung with another couple and I came so fast as her husband was making my wife scream and the other wife told me to "eat her pussy while her husband fucked my wife" and then hearing the "oh yes" from my wife as I am licking and licking and licking....
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  11. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Sort of humiliating, but long before any cucking or swinging. As posted previously elsewhere:

    "I had a similar problem but the opposite. In my teens through mid-twenties, I had two long-term girlfriends before my first wife. Both of them would reliably cum hard (moaning, yelling ("Cum with me!"), thrashing, vagina opening in the back) in five to ten minutes, sometimes less. I couldn't usually pop it that fast, or if I did it was too quick to satisfy really me. They would say things like, "What takes you so long?" or "Tssk" as I was still humping, or worse, lay there motionless and looking bored.

    When I met my first wife (totally monogamous) I thought I had struck gold. She remained excited and active as long as I was in her cunt, and usually didn't cum from my dick. But after I finished dumping my load in her I would lick her clit (which I loved) anywhere from five to thirty minutes until she had an intense orgasm.

    My wife now is even better. Cums from fucking and licking in either order.
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  12. murph's

    murph's Member

    Amazing - sex is waste d on the youth....hurry up whats taking so long lol! Now if you blow quick your a "one hump chump" LMAO.
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  13. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Not any more. She likes a long ride as much as I do.
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