Mainstream Movies with Cuckold Themes or Scenes

Discussion in 'Movies and Films' started by Black Cuckold, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Black Cuckold

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    I'm compiling a list of mainstream (non-porn) movies with either cuckold scenes or cuckolding theme. Here's what I have so far:

    KEY, THE

    If you can think of any others, please post them here. Thanks.
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  2. Black Cuckold

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    This movie listed below is one with a cuckold theme. It's one of my favorites. Here's a plot summary:

    Breaking the Waves (1996)

    Drama set in a repressed, deeply religious community in the north of Scotland, where a naive young woman named Bess McNeil meets and falls in love with Danish oil-rig worker Jan. Bess and Jan are deeply in love but, when Jan returns to his rig, Bess prays to God that he returns for good. Jan does return, his neck broken in an accident aboard the rig. Because of his condition, Jan and Bess are now unable to enjoy a sexual relationship and Jan urges Bess to take another lover and tell him the details. As Bess becomes more and more deviant in her sexual behavior, the more she comes to believe that her actions are guided by God and are helping Jan recover. (Source: IMDb Breaking the Waves (1996) - Plot Summary)
  3. mike.cuck

    mike.cuck New Member

    You forgot about two of my favorites. The Getaway (1972) With Steve McQueen. Sally Struthers plays the wife of Jack Dodson. They get kidnapped and in no time she is sleeping with the kidnappers right in front of her husband. This goes on for several days through several different scenes, and Jack finally ends up killing himself because of the shame.

    The second is Baby doll (1956).
    No sex in this one, but the title character refuses to have sex with her husband, for years this goes on till he is driven crazy by being so close to his wife but never able to touch her. The movie really starts when she develops a crush on her husbands rival. Maybe they had sex maybe they did not, but the husband really goes crazy at even the thought of it. He tries to kill his rival and is hauled away by the police. The movie really explores the emotion of being a cuckold.
  4. robb32

    robb32 New Member

    How about.."The grass is always greener" with Cary Grant and Bill Holden?
    "Torremolinos 73" wait till the ending!!:)
    " Bitter moon"
    "End of the affair"
    ...some of my favorites...
  5. robb32

    robb32 New Member

    also there's a great scene in "Once upon a time in America" WITH Deniro, where a merchant allows them to rob him as long as they promise to gang rape his wife in front of him during the robbery.
  6. etaeta

    etaeta New Member

    1-3 Lover 3 Efes (2007) 3 Iron (2004) 5 x 2 69-Sixtynine (1969) 7 sex 7 (2011) 9 tenths A Change of Seasons (1980) A Good Day to Have an Affair (2007) A good lawyer's wife A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011) A Hardcore Love Story A Kiss and a Promise (2012) A La Deriva (2009) A l'aventure (2008) A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982) A Passionate Woman (2011) 1 A Pornographic Affair A Royal Affair (2012) A village affair A walk on the moon A Wild Party (1992) A woman scorned (1994) Aberraciones sexuales de una muje casada (1981) Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town (1975) About Adam Above Suspicion (1995) absurdistan Ai Hen Lan (Love Actually... Sucks) (2011) Al de la delle nuvole (1995) Beyond the Clouds Alexandra's project Alfie (2004) Alice (1990) All American Orgy (2009) Cummings Farm All That Way For Love (2011) Almost Pregnant Amazing Stories (1993) American Gigolo American Swing An Affair (1998) And While We Were Here (2012) ANG KABIT NI MRS MONTERO (1999) Angel Heart Animal instincts 1 Antares Après lui (2007) Aprimi il cuore Ardor (2002) CD1 Ars amandi (1983) The art of love Así del precipicio (2006) Asylum At The Mercy Of Darkness (2009) Ate (2008) AV B.T.D.K.Y.A.D. Bad Timing (1980) Banyo (2005) Because of the Cats (1973) Bel Ami (2012) Belle du Jour Beröringen aka The Touch (1971) Betrayal (1983) Bice skoro propast sveta Bitter moon Bitter Sweet (2004) Bizarre (1987) Bliss Blue Sky (1994) Bo Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Body heat Bolwieser AKA The Stationmaster's Wife (1977) Boogie night (1997) Boogie Woogie Book of live (2004) Boso (2005) Brawler (2012) Breaking the Waves (1996) Bride Flight (Bruidsvlucht) (2008) Brothers (2004) Brownian movement (2010) Bruiser (2000) Brutti sporchi e cattivi (1976) Cd1 C' est la vie Cairo Time (2009) Call Girl Wives Can You Keep It Up for a Week (1975) Candido erotico (1978) Candy Samples Fantasm (1976) Carne Tremula (Live Flesh) (1997) Castillos de Carton (Paper Castles) (2009) Caught Changing partners Cheeky (2000) Chinese Kamasutra (1993) Closer Cold Heart (2001) Come Undone (2010) Coming Home (1978) Como Agua para Chocolate (1992) Confessions Of A Pop Performer (1975) Confessions of a Young American Housewife Consenting Adults Consuming Passion (2008) Cool And The Crazy (1994) Cool It Carol! (1970) Country Strong (2010) Crash creep show 2 Crimes of Passion (2011) Crustacés et coquillages (2005) Cuffs Cuffs (The Lost Virgin) (2002) cul-de-sac-mdx Damage (1992) Dard Divorce Dark Tide (1994) De l'autre côté du lit (2008) De Onfatsoenlijke Vrouw (1991) De onfatsoenlijke vrouw AKA The Indecent Woman (1991) Debauchery (1983) Decko koji obecava (1981) Deep Jaws (1976) Delta of venus Der ma være en sengekant (1975) Desire (2002) Det enda rationella - A Rational Solution Diaries of the Cheating Hearts (2012) Diary Nymph Diary of A Sex Addict Diary of Beloved Wife Naive (2006) Diary of Desperat House (1982) Die Blechtrommel Die Nackte Bovary aka I Peccati di Madame Bovary aka The Sins of Madame Bovary (1969) Dillinger is dead (1969) Divine Lovers (1997) Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos (1976) Don's Party (1976) Dream Lover (1993) Dream Lover (1993) Drei [Three] (2010) Dressed to kill Drop out wife Dva suncana dana [Two Sunny Days] (2010) Easier with pratice (2009) Eat a Bowl of Tea (1989) Ebola Syndrome (1996) Educating Rita Effi Briest 1 Egymasra Nezve El otro lado de la cama (2002) Elles (2011) Elsker Dig For Evigt (2002)Open.Hearts.CD Emmanuelle (1974) Emmanuelle In Hong Kong (2003) Emmanuelle L'antivierge (1975) empire of passion Empty Room (2001) En kærlighedshistorie (2001) aka Kira's Reason - A Love Story En la ciudad (2003) In the city Entre las piernas Escape from Brothel (1992) Estamos juntos (2011) Eu Receberia as Piores Noticias dos seus Lindos Labios (2011) Eu Tu Eles (2000) Evil Come Evil Go (1972) Extract Eye of the needle Faces (1968) Fall (1997) Familjehemligheter [Family Secrets] (2001) Fast Times at Ridgemont High Fatal Instinct (1993) Finalmente Le Mille E Una Notte (1972) Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers Flaenset (2000) Flesh and Lace (1965) Flirting (1988) Flirting With Disaster Flirting with forty Flodder (1986) Flower And Snake 2 Flower and Snake 3 Punishment (1986) Forbidden (2002) movie Forbidden Sex Adultery (2011) Forever Mine (1999) Four (2011) Four Lovers (2010) Happy Few (2010) Frat Party Frida FRIENDS Frontier Of The Dawn (2008) La Frontière de l'aube Fuego (1969) Futari Ecchi (2011) Gabriela, Cravo e Canela (1983) GABRIELLE Giorni e nuvole (2007) Giulia Go Down for Double (1970) Goodbye Lover (1998) Gospel of Deceit (2006) Guernsey (2005) Guilty of Romance (2011) Happy End (1999) CD1 He Who Finds A Wife Hellraiser Henry & June (1990) Hentai Kazoku Aniki No Yomesan (1984) Hi Fidelity (2011) Hider In The House Himlens Hjärta [Heaven's Heart] (2008) Hitch hike (1977) Hollywood Babylon (1972) Homo Eroticus (1971) Hot Desires (2002) Housewife Named Candy Human Desires (1997) Hunting (1991) I mavri emmanulle I racconti di conterbury (Caunterbury tall) I, the Jury Il Deserto Rosso Il Macellaio (1998) Il Medico della Mutua (1968) Il Merlo Maschio (1970) Il Portiere di notte Illicit Behavior (1992) Impulse Incendiary (2008) 1 Indecent Proposal (1993) Indecent Woman (1999) Indie Sex Extremes Insatiable Cravings Insatiable Desires Insatiable Diary of A Sex Addict aka Diario de una ninfómana (2008) Insatiable wives Internal affairs Intimacy Irvine Welshs Ecstasy (2011) Istorija materi The mother (2003) Jan Dara (2001) Japanese wife next door (2004) uncensor Je t'aime moi non plus Jerichow (2008) Jonny Vang Jovana Lukina (1979) Jude (1996) Juste avant la nuit (1971) Just Before Nightfall (1971) Kaleldo Kama Sutra A Tale of Love Kanzen naru Shiiku Akai Satsui (2004) karla Ken Park Killer Looks (1994) Killing Me softly (2002) Kiss Me Again (2006) Kleinhoff Hotel (1977) Knife in the Water (1962) Nóz w wodzie La Femme De Mon Pote De Bertrand Blier (1983) La Femme Infidele (Chabrol, 1968) La fidélité (2000) La Moglie Vergine (1975) La Mujer de mi hermano (2005) La Pasion Turca La Ragazzina (1974) La seconda moglie (1998) La seconda moglie (1998) La stanza del vescovo (1977) La Storia vera della signora dalle camelie La Vallee - Part 1 of 2 La venexiana (1986) La vergine, il toro e il capricorno (1977) La villa del venerdì (1991) lady Chatterley (2006) french Lady Chatterley affair 1 Lady Chatterley English (1) Lady Chatterley Stories Passion lady chatterley's love Lady Chatterly's Ghost (2011) lake consequence Lalamunan (2009) Lan Kwai Fong Swingers (1993) Lantana (2001) Last Night (2011) Last Time Forever (2006) Le Mariage à trois (2010) Le mouton enrage (1974) Le secret (2000) 1 Le Sorelle (1969) Le Vent de La Nuit (1999) L'enfer (1994) les edades de lulu Les infidèles (2012) Les innocents aux mains sales (1975) Les Sentiments (2003) Les Valseuses (1974) Levottomat (2000) Levottomat 3 (2004) L'important c'est d'aimer (1975) That Most Important Thing Love Lisbela and the Prisoner (2003) Little Children (2006) Live Nude Girls (1995) Living death Lo strano vizio della Signora Wardh (1971) Lonely Cow Lorna (1964) Los Abrazos Rotos Lost paradise Loulou (1980) Love Education (2006) Love Is A Crazy Thing (2005) Love sick (2008) Love You (1980) Loveholic (2010) Lover boy Lovers and Other Relatives (1974) Peccato veniale Lovers and Other Relatives (1974) Peccato veniale Lust Love Life (2010) Lust och fägring stor aka All Things Fair (1995) M (2006) Madame Bovary (1991) Madame Bovary (2000) Magdamag (2010) Majka Asfalta (2010) Mother of Asphalt Malibu Express (1985) Malizia Mancora (2008) Mandingo (1975) Maria's Lovers Marie Jo Et Ses Deux Amours (2002) Marquise (1997) Markiza (1997) Marriage with a Liar (2010) Married Life Maskarada (1971) Max Mon Amour (1986) Memory of Love (2009) Midnight Gigolo (1986) Milenec lady Chatterleyové (1998) MILF (2010) Miniskirt Love (1967) 1 Mirror Images II Molester Train Underwear Inspection (1984) Montenegro Moscow Belgium or Aanrijding in Moscou (2008) Movie Sweet Sex and Love (2003) Mrs. Stone's Thing Heisse Fingerspiele (1970) Mujeres infieles (2004) Mulholland Dr My Best Friend's Wife 2 (2005) My Brother's Wife (1966) My Classmate is Dad's Wife My Neighbor's Wife (2011) My Sassy Hubby (2012) My Stepson, My Lover (1997) My Teacher's Wife My Wife got Married (2008) A-nae-ga kyeol-hon-haet-da (2008) My Wife Is an Actress or Ma femme est une actrice (2001) Moja zhena aktrisa My Wife's Shell My Zinc Bed (2008) Nackt (2002) Nadia Cassini - Giovani Belle (1982) Nekromantik (1987) Never for ever 1 New Jin Pin Mei I (1996) Newlywed Hell (1975) Night Eyes (1990) Night Eyes II (1992) Night in Heaven Normal (2007) Nubes de verano (2004) Numéro Deux (1975) 1 O primo Basilio Oh, What a Night Canada (1992) One Hot Summer (2009) One in the Gun (2010) One Night Stand (2010) Orgasmo Nero (1980) Pachinko Queen Explosion (2007) Paju (2009) Partir Passion Lane (2001) Patagonia (2010) Payback (1995) Peccato Veniale (1974) Peindre ou faire l'amour (2005) Per le antiche scale AKA Down the Ancient Stairs (1975) Péril en la demeure Petelinji zajtrk (Rooster's Breakfast) (2007) cd1 Peterson (1974) Pihalla [Playground] (2009) Pinprick (2009) Pituy Play Time (1994) Poison ivy the new seduction Pong (1986) Porn star Porn Valley Portrait Of A Marriage 1 Post coitum (animal triste) Postman 1 Prag (2006) Préparez vos mouchoirs (1978) de Bertrand Blier Private Lessons RAFATOSMAN.COM-Temptation.Pituy Rain (2001) Red is the color of Red Shoe Diaries 1 Red shoe diary Remarkable Power Road To Victory (2007) 1 Romance (1999) Room 304 (Vaerelse 304) (2011) Run Virgin Run (1970) Russ Meyer's Vixen (1968) Savage Grace Scandalo AKA Scandal (1976) Scandalous (2012) Scenes of a Sexual Nature (2006) Scirocco (1987) Score (1972) Scorned 2 (1987) Searching for the Elephant (2009) Secret Games 3 (1994) Secret Love (2010) Secret of the Housing Complex Wife (2009) - danchizuma no himitsu Secrets Of A Door to Door Salesman (1973) Sex and Consequences (2006) (Last Sunset) Sex And The Other Man Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy (2011) Sex for sale (1) Sex lies and videotape Sex Secrets and Betrayals (2000) Sex Thief (1973) Sex With Love (2003) Sex with strangers Sexo Pudor y L grimas (1999) Sexual Intrigue (2000) Sexual Malice (1994) Sexual Outlaws (1994) Sexual Surrender (2003) Sexuellement votre (1974) Shampoo Shirley Valentine 1 Shourtbus Silver Tongues (2011) Silvia Rossi What A Weekend Sinful Obsession (2004) Sinful temptation Sirens Sleep with Me Sommer '04 (2006) Sonny (2002) Sonny Boy (2011) Sound of the Sea (2001) Speaking Of Sex (2002) Spread Stille dage i Clichy AKA Quiet Days In Clichy (1970) Stille Nacht GERMAN (1995) Stockholm Östra [Stockholm East] (2011) Strange Crime (2004) (Sotto falso nome) Strange Sex S01 Straw dogs Straw Dogs (2011) Strictly Sexual (2008) Striking Resemblance (1997) Submarine (2010) SUKDULAN aka Pinoy Wife (2003) Summer Summer Time (2001) supervixens sutra ujutru Sweet Georgia sweet movie (1974) Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song Swimming Class (2009) Swing (2003) Swingers (2002) Swingers Sex Party Swinging With The Finkels (2010) Tadpole (2000) Take This Waltz (2011) Tatarak [Sweet Rush] (2009) Teenage Bride (1970) Telegrafisten (1993) Temptation Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013) Texture of skin (2005) That Most Important Thing Love (1975) L'important c'est d'aimer The Abnormal Family (1984) THE ADJUSTER (1991) The Bedroom Window (1987) The Big Swap (1998) The bitch The Blood Oranges (1997) 1 The Borgias in Love The Bridges Of Madison County The Browning Version (1994) The Burning Plain The Cabin Movie (2005) The Client List (2010) The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover The Corruption (1986) La bonne The Cuckold (2009) The customer is always right (2006) The dark side of tomorrow The Decameron (1971) The Decline of the American Empire (1986) Le déclin de l'empire américain The Deep Blue Sea (2011) The dentist The Diary Of Loving Wife Saucopet (2006) The Diary Of Loving Wife Smoke Gets In Your Eye (2006) The Diary Of Loving Wife White Room (2006) The Dilemma (2011) The Door in the Floor The Draughtsman's Contract (1982) The Family That Preys (2008) The Films That Shocked Britain The Freebie The Hairdressers's Husband (1990) The Ice Storm The Ice Storm (1997) The Japanese Wife Next Door The Kreutzer Sonata The Last King of Scotland (2006) The Last Picture Show The Lives of Others The Man Who Loved Women (1977) The memory keeping daughter The Mistress Club (2000) The Neighbor’s Wife (Poison) The oh on ohio The osterman weekend The Other Man The Other Side of the Bed (2002) El otro lado de la cama The Perfect Marriage (2006) The Pigkeeper Daughter (1972) The Princess of Montpensier (2010) The Proposition (1998) The Rapture (1991) The rish man's wife The Romantic English woman (1975) The Room (2003) The secret life of adult The Servant (2010) The Sexpert The Sheltering Sky The Shout The Sin The Sister-in-Law The Slut (2011) The Stepmother (1972) The Story of Lady Chatterley (1989) La storia di Lady Chatterley The stud (1978) The Swappers (1970) The Sweet Hereafter (1997) The Tales of Nights (2010) The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988) The Woman Next Door (1981) La femme d'à côté The Woman That Dreamed About A Man The World According to Garp They're Playing with Fire (1984) Thief of Hearts (1984) 5.1 To Seduce An Enemy (2003) Tokyo Chatterly fujin (1979) Lady Chatterley in Tokyo Too Much Flesh (2000) Trasgressione (1988) TRE 1 Triangle of Venus (1978) Die Insel der tausend Freuden Trolösa (Infiel) (2000) Trouble Every Day (2001) Twilight Portrait (2011) Two moon junction U ta mam U turn Ubalda All Naked and Warm (1972) Uden en travl (1968) Un coeur en hiver (Claude Sautet_1992) Un été brûlant (2011) Una breve vacanza (1973) Brief Vacation Una Ondata di Piacere (1975) Una Sull altra Marisa Mell Elsa Martinelli (1969) Under solen [Under the Sun] (1998) Under The Doctor (1976) Under the Skin (1997) Underground Banker (1994) Une affaire de femmes (1988) Une partie de plaisir (1975) Une Vraie Jeune Fille Unfaithful (2002) Vacanze per un massacro (1980) Valmont (1989) Vanessa (1977) Vanishing Twin (2000) Vanvittig forelsket [Love and Rage] (2009) Vegetarian (2009) Vicky Cristina Barcelona Vier Fenster (2006) Vinterkyss [Kissed by Winter](2005) Viva 1 Voodoo Passion (1977) Waking Up in Reno new Wall Lover (2009) Warm water under a red bridge (2001) Water Drops On Burning Rocks We dont live here anymore Wham Bam Thank you Spaceman When Will I Be Loved (2004) Widziadlo (1984) Wife Collector (1985) Hitozuma korekutâ Wife's Sexual Fantasy (1980) Witchmaster General Woman Addicted to Sex Women in love Women Of Desire (1974) Women struggle with Sex Addiction too X 2000 XX-XY (2002) Ya Sonra (2011) Yeogyosu-ui eunmilhan maeryeok (2006) Bewitching Attraction Yes (2004) Yom Yom (day after day) (1998) Young Adam (2003) Young Lady Chatterley 2 Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries Zandalee Zebra Lounge (2001)
  7. nycuckcpl

    nycuckcpl New Member

    Dead Calm (1989)
    And God Created Woman (1956, remake 1988 )
  8. jws

    jws New Member

    Maybe one of you can help me out.
    I seen a clip online and now I can't find it or remember what movie it was from.

    I believe it was a foreign movie that came out in the last year or so.

    Husband is in a wheelchair.
    A guy moves in on the wife and she gives in to him.
    At the end of the movie is a hot scene where the man is nailing the wife on the washer or dryer and the husband catches them by looking in the basement window.

    Thanks for any help!
  9. timaki

    timaki New Member

    Looking for movie title

    I am looking for a 1970s era movie in which a wife goes with her husband on a hunting trip with the husbands boss and few other men. One the first day, the boss "hurts" his ankle and has to return to the lodge where the other mans wife is waiting. He fucks her repeatedly over the next couple of days.
  10. robb32

    robb32 New Member

    there is a short called "the girlfriend game" that has little actual nudity but is the ultimate mindfuck when it comes to cuckolding..
    don't know if they'll allow links here but you can find it on vimeo..pretty easy.
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  11. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like it embedded just fine! Vimeo is fine.
  12. matadormix84

    matadormix84 Member

    Its this one:

    Plot: man has excellent sexlife with wife. then get in an accident. He cant perform. Their builder then starts to move in on the wife after they have had their husband/wife "fight" about the subject. This escalade to the builder forcing himself onto the wife that is reluctant but which end up in one of the most erotic scenes i have ever seen (instant horny) which was the washing machine scene. It then moves further into a psychotic thriller with a couple of more scenes before.... That mid section is really cuckoldy.

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