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    Okay so yesterday Sara told me she was going to Nashville for the weekend with a friend. Sara has always dated and sometimes spends the night at their houses but never went away for the weekend.
    The guy she is going away with is actually older than her, late 50's he has a lot of money and is married. He told his wife he is going away on business.
    So last night Sara made me come to the bedroom and get the suitcase out and pack it for her. She was handing me these sexy panties and nighties to pack. All the time telling me "I think Steve will love these. Maybe I will let you clean them when I get home"
    Steve has a very long cock, not real thick but Sara loves it and says he is a good lover and fucks for a long time before cumming in her.
    She said she will be sending me text messages during the weekend and when she gets home she will let me eat her pussy while she tells me all the details.
    I will continue this thread as she updates me and tell the whole story when she gets home.
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    Mikemeyers, from personal experience I can tell you that it is entirely different when your wife is away with another man for a weekend. Your big head and your little head will be imagining a lot of things that you think she and he are doing (and they probably are) and it will be very hard for you to concentrate while she is gone. For us the first time my wife went away for the weekend was for the opening day of trout season with a black co-worker of mine and his uncle in the uncle's camper. I never did determine if anyone did any fishing but I received a well-fucked and very happy and tired wife when they got back late Sunday night. And yes the uncle had his share of her also. Enjoy having your mind wondering what she's doing all weekend. GTR
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    Well Sara is leaving Fri morning. I am taking her and Steve to the airport she informed me today. Last night she kept telling me things like, Steve said he was going to give me the big cock twice a day all weekend. My pussy will be so sore when I get home. She said it is going to be good to have a real cock for a whole weekend instead of my little dick. She seams very excited about this, I am afraid she is also getting attached to Steve.
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    Ok I did not hear from Sara all weekend until I picked her up at the airport. After dropping Steve off she said she was so sore and hungover. She said Steve used viagra and had an erection almost all weekend she said her pussy and mouth were sore.
    She said twice he fucked her in a bar restroom. She said she wore a skirt and no panties for easy access all weekend.
    I asked when we got home if I could play with her pussy. She said a little but I was not fucking it no matter how little my dick was. She laid on the bed and spread her legs. I looked at it and she said I have not bathed or washed i since yesterday and we have fucked 4 times since then. I spread her lips and it was nasty and sticky with white stuff in the folds of her lips and on her butt crack. I gently began licking it all off. I got it good and clean when she got up and said she was taking a shower so jack off while she was gone. I did tasting that nasty pussy. I shot on my stomach laid there and minute then licked it all up. She came back and said she was going to bed and that was it.

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