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Looking to make my hot wife a hotwife

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by Sissy_cuckie, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    So, I was looking for a little input. My wife has finally been getting into the idea of cuckolding me, and finally admitted to me how good a big dick would feel in her. A little about her, she's late 20s brown hair and eyes, tall, about 5'10" and a bbw. She's definitely curvy with a nice ass and tips. I think she's a DDD now. We've talked about it for a long time now and so far it's just been fantasy except for one time, long time ago that we had a threesome. It was amazing but it was when we were way younger. Now we've been talking about it again and she seems to really like the idea of having a hung stud really fuck her. Lately when we have sex I can't "fuck" if I go to hard or too fast I finish too soon and I'm never good for a second round... I think she's really starting to need a good fuck which I apparently can't provide anymore... She got wetter than I've ever seen her last night when we watched a video of girl getting it good from a BBC and after I came told me how she needed to get "fucked" not just have sex. Not to mention, I measured for the first time ever in front of her the other day, she estimated over 7" and seemed pretty disappointed when I came up at right around 5" and 4" that is really usable length... I can definitely tell she would love to mess around with a hot hung guy, and that she really needs a fuck buddy. No emotions just a boyfriend who really has stamina, something I've never had, let alone the size to satisfy her.

    Anyway the one thing really holding us up is that she's worried about diseases and such. And obviously I am too, and we would always make sure to play safe. But no one wants to taste rubber when they go down on someone. So I guess I'm looking for a little advice here... How have other cucks, hotwives, or bulls gone about this? Should I try to convince her to find a boyfriend? Someone who will be the only one they both fuck. (I'm perfectly fine being caged and just getting to jerky off here and there until we try to have a baby) that way he could get tested and then set her mind at ease? Or maybe another couple who is dominant and they would be our only play partners and vice versa? That way we know they aren't looking elsewhere and bring something back with them?

    Any advice would really help me here. I really want this to happen so I can finally see her satisfied, because it's been way to long since I've seen that look of extacy I just can't seem to give her anymore on her face. I'm going to try to get her to at least look at these forums, if not hopefully join. But for now I'm trying to gather my info, because I'm so close I can almost taste it, and I finally feel ready to make the leap, and I can tell she is too. This is the only thing holding us back now.
  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You're a lot farther along than most couples - you've done it before, even if it was long ago, and you both enjoyed it. Build on that.

    Stop beating yourself up. Just about any woman needs and can absorb more sex than one man can provide. Until you find another guy, however, you have a lot of licking to do.

    It's not a deficiency in who you are and what you can do; any one man is not enough to fulfill all of her needs. A boyfriend will supplement, complement, augment you, not replace you. And don't worry if a little emotion between them creeps in, it's natural and in the end she will just love you all the more.

    Audrey has always limited her play partners to a select few, and now we play in an exclusive closed circle of two other married couples. And like you we all hate rubbers, so it's always been bareback.
  3. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    Thanks for the input. I really think that's what's holding her back. How did you go about finding other couples. I feel like she would be more comfortable because of the fact that it could be more of an exclusive thing without to much worry of emotions getting to mixed in.
  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    When I met my wife Audrey, she was already involved with a couple, which she lived with for about two years during which time they got married. The other couple started as a single guy she had a relationship with who ended up marrying a woman Audrey hadn't been involved with. After Audrey and I met, she became acquainted with the guy's wife and reacquainted with him :) ; they started doing threesomes. So Audrey had one couple and the start of a second before I met her. Now we are exclusive with them and them with us.
  5. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    You guys both sound very lucky. my wife, S (seems everyone else abbreviates so I shall too lol) and I have been together most of our adult lives. She's only been with 2other guys, one was an old boyfriend she dated before me, and the guy we had the three some with. And I've only been with her and then him and two other guys I've gone down on, one of which did fuck me but it was really quick. So I want her to really get to see what a good fuck can feel like. Lately I've been Cumming really quickly, I don't know if it's that I have cuckolding on the brain or what but I can't seem to last. Subconsciously I think I want to so that she has more reason to try being with another man who can give her what she wants. So I've been going down on her before hand, because even if I could last longer I definitely don't hit the sweet spot and can't get her to orgasm from sex, only from oral in the 9 years we've been together. Plus as I mentioned earlier I'm pretty sure I've gotten smaller, I don't know if it's because I put on weight or what but the other day we were talking and she estimated I was over 7",which I knew wasn't correct so I measured in front of her and came up at right about 5" which she wanted to call 5.5" (I don't think she's ready to believe I'm not even average, let alone above average anymore) and then. Measured underneath, the length that really is usable and came up at about 4". She seemed a little disappointed and really surprised but I reminded her that I'm fine with and want to see her be satisfied even if it's by another man.. I think that really is a big part of this for me... Up until recently I've always pretty much satisfied her, when we were younger go 2 or 3 times and last a while. I remember one time we listened to an entire cd and then some, but that was years ago... And now I want to know that she's being pleasure because she deserves it and honestly it makes me feel good even knowing it would be someone else who is more of a man than I am making my wife feel things she never could with me. Especially since I know she's come close to having a gspot orgasm with a larger toy we use sometimes and she's said the real thing would make it happen for sure... That's what I want for her.
  6. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    So I'm hoping soon I can convince her to try it, that's why I'd like to find a couple or a bull that would be exclusive so that she can feel comfortable.
  7. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think having a group made of exclusives is best because it gives variety, but is safe and comfortable. In our situation, Audrey already had her lovers. You two need to discuss whether to approach friends / acquaintances, or find a like minded couple.

    My advice - don't try to "convince" your wife of anything. Ask her very generally (even nonsexually) what she likes and wants. Listen, and never criticize. Listen and be flexible, willing to let her try things that weren't in your plan. She may want to play with a woman instead of a guy; she may want to play alone; she may want you to watch but not participate. If it's what she wants you won't have to convince her of anything, just hang on for the wild ride.
  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    The luck was in me finding Audrey (she already had the lovers/attitude in place), and Audrey finding me (I was willing to marry this non-monogamous woman without hesitation).

    Any chance either of the past boyfriends are in the right situation and could work for you guys? You had the guy/guy thing going with one of them as well. Could be a big plus, what does your wife think of bi play, guys or girls?

    If you're cumming too quick, trying switching positions to cowgirl or reverse cowgirl so she has the control. Or pull out and eat her for awhile. Or my favorite, after you've popped it the first time have her suck you to another erection and go again. The second time takes a lot longer, the third longer still.

    Size is a funny thing for women. It's more about girth than length. They want thickness in their cunt, but not too long, and slenderman in their ass but length doesn't matter. But whatever equipment you have, take it as a challenge to use it to best effect. Trying to improve your fuck can be lots of fun.
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  9. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    Well that was lucky then lol. None of those guys are a viable option. One she despises and hasn't spoken with since she left him... She still after almost 9 years hasn't told me what happened with him. He did something apparently unforgivable, I know he lied to her. Maybe cheated, I'm not sure. The other guy moved, actually it caused alot of issues at the time. She broke up with me for a while about a week later. It was my issues I had a drug habit at the time and wasn't being a good partner. They hung out after and one of my friends lied and told me they were having sex. It wasn't malicious, he just wanted me to get over her and try to find a rebound, but not worry I was doing something wrong. It turns out they weren't but it made it hard for me to talk about my kinks for a long time after because I thought she left me for him and took me back because he was moving. Now I'm over it and honestly would bring him back in (I actually still wish I'd made a move on him when we were separated so I could have tried being with a guy for a bit, he loved the fact I cross dress). Anyway he's since moved a few states away and gotten married to another guy. He's be but always favored men. It would have been nice to try being his girlfriend for a few weeks but I stopped talking to him thinking he and s were sleeping together.

    As for that last part, sometimes I can go for a while, I'm almost never good for a round 2 which is sort of why I'm into the cuckold thing. She definitely wants/needs more than I feel I can offer most days. And the thought of not being enough to satisfy her turns me on so much that makes me finish that much quicker lol. We've been talking more and she really seems ok with the idea and likes it now, if we can find someone we trust. I actually just finished the first part of a story I'm going to post when I get home. I showed it to her and she seemed to love the whole theme.. It was a good way to tell her what I want with out having to say it. I'll let you all know when I post it so you can all give me some input on it. I'm hoping to make it a full story soon
  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    It's wonderful for you and me that our wives are able to give us all the sex we want and still have desire let over. Just think of all the husbands that are sexually deprived. On top of that we (and our wives) are or will be getting the thrill of her enjoying another lover. If that thought makes you cum now, wait until you actually see it, feel it, smell it, taste it. I love the moments when Audrey and I are kissing while she has another guy's dick in her cunt, or when I'm inside her making love later. Until you get there, fantasize with your wife, and enjoy the planning.

    Audrey came to me as a fully committed and practicing non-monogamous woman; I envy you and your wife the journey you are going on together to fully develop her sexuality. I often wonder about what it would have been like to be with Audrey when she first came to the realization about how she wanted to live her life. (From what she told me, she was too young.)
    For what it's worth, my advice is to establish your standards, take it slowly, and stick to them. For us for instance, no cheating spouses. There is probably a couple where the wife wants to let her husband play with your your wife and keep it exclusive among them. Socialize and look for the opportunities. That itself will be fun. Best of luck and let us know how it goes.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2016
  11. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Nothing against the good advice that Worth It has given you.

    However, my personal recommendation is to get over your aversion to condoms.


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  12. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    That may have been misconstrued Christine, not I have an aversion with condoms only orally. Penetration, we're all for it, and she may want to use them for oral to at least at first. Tho it seems rare people do they just taste wierd. She's just worried in general I think. Even kissing, anything really. It's been a while since she's been with anyone else so I think she's just worried about that. As am I tho not to the same degree I don't think. I'm not sure she really researches this like I do yet, and understands a bull that plans to be regular with us probably would be fine with being tested and maybe even managamous with her, not to mention the idea of a couple that could be exclusive with us
  13. DomFoxxy

    DomFoxxy New Member

    As a health professional, who is also a bull..... if you are concerned about diseases, pregnancy ... talk to your doctor .. Get tested ...all three of you .. so you have a base line for disease status.
    Condoms .. try the latex free ones ...
    Preganacy ... make sure for three of you rubella vaccination is upto date and sero converted. Start taking iron and folic acid tablets

    And you you .. relax. let it flow
  14. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    You're a great husband to encourage her to allow others give her what you cannot fully offer.

    As for STDs, that is possible unless she is careful with whom she chooses. I think most wives can figure that out for themselves.

    For the same reason, my wife is careful about who she allows inside her. I suspect STDs most occur with wives suffering from nymphomania. From your posting, your wife doesn't fit that category in which she would fuck almost any guy at any time.

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