Looking for Humiliation Videos like one I've seen before....

Discussion in 'Movies and Films' started by photo4play, Sep 12, 2016.

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    I'm looking for some humiliation videos like I've seen years ago and can't seem to find again. They are perhaps not your typical type of cuckold humiliation video because most videos I don't really enjoy. In one of the videos a woman put her kind looking husband in a dog crate then fucked her lover on the bed next to him. I really got a charge at the end though when the woman jerks her lover off over the crate and he unloads on the husband in the crate. I'm not really into videos where the guy sucks another guy's dick. What made this special for me was the humiliation but not actually sissifying himself. Another video liked a little was a woman using her husband as a mattress. I remember particularly enjoying a moment where her husband grunted from the pressure on him and the "wife" says "what are you grunting about? He's the one doing all the work!" Anyway, could anyone point me to these vidoes again and/or any other videos where maybe the cuckhold has to watch and even get dumped on or something but not openly sucking another guy off?
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    The video you are talking about is from Hotwife Shannon's work

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