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  1. MyDesiShyWife

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    We are new into this hotwife or cuckold lifestyle and looking for a guy or couple for friendship and if everyone is comfortable then like to take it to next level.

    We are aged 40 and 35 married and want to explore this lifestyle. We stay near to London, UK.
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  2. Worth It

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    Does your wife enjoy sex with women? My wife does, and much prefers couples to play with. She likes the dynamics of being the third for a married couple who both into it. As her husband, I think it's a good situation because it is safe and comfortable for me.
  3. JimsunnieUK

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    Hi there,

    Still interest d? Mature, experienced guy, frequently in London and very interested in desi

  4. gwil1414

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    Not to be forward but can you give us more to go on and do you by any chance have pics? No current plans to visit the ol mother empire country but if you find yourselves in Florida on holiday....

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