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    Hi All,

    I am new here.
    My gf(23) of 3 years and I have a long distance relationship. She is a sweet innocent girl but and I'm proud to say I'm the only one she's been with (that what she says) . She always horny, and always want to have sex talks, chats n talk while she masturbates. In my recent visiting to her, I have noticed her blowjob are much more better, her pussy is alot more looser and she is much more kinky overall. She also sends me pictures of much better dildos she wants. I get horny thinking she's fucking a well endowed guy as I'm just below average. Do you think she is cheating?
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  2. Worth It

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    If all is going so good, then why worry about it? Her cunt's not looser, just better lubed up. Make her feel loved and appreciated and enjoy the journey. If you make her feel comfortable, she'll tell you about what she's up to. And if she is playing around, marry her - you'll have a good sex life.
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