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    How did you get used to, or overcome, knowing that your wife doesn't want to have sex with you? i mean i'm not sure that my wife even loves me based on her actions. She cooks usually, and does the laundry. i am not allowed to touch the wash machine or dryer. She tells me She adores me, and those are all actions, but in bed, usually, She barely acknowledges me being there. i sleep at the furthest edge of the bed away from her, and try not to touch her at all, anywhere, for fear it will annoy her or upset her, although my desire, my constant craving, is to ravish her, to arouse in her the desire that She inflames in me.

    Sometimes in bed i might try to touch her in a slight way, or "accidentally" bump into with my leg or foot or hand. Occasionally, she seems to let me touch her, lightly, for a few moments until She lets me know, i've been caught touching her and She moves away from me out of reach. At times my lovely wife will touch me or slide her fingers along my side or on my chest but then She stops, and moves away. She will immediately move away from me if i respond to her touch in any way. Even the slightest movement in response, and She just Stops, and, i, am, left, standing. (So to speak.) Then what? Then, most times, She turns over and ignores me leaving me alone totally aroused in abeyance. Now days my "shortly", as she calls it, is mostly locked in a cage so my arousal is limited by the restrictions of metal.

    The struggle i'm having is acknowledging that She really doesn't want anything to do with me sexually. Occasionally we have had interactions where i end up cumming but those moments are happening at longer and longer intervals. Most mornings i get a light pat on the butt as She says, "It's time to get up sweetie-pie." It's discouraging. The realization that this lack of desire, or even need for me greatly saddens me. i realized just the other day we have been married almost 3 years and we have only had intercourse once. That was on our wedding night. Discouraging...

    Well now, what to do with this realization, these facts of my life? i wrote, to another member here earlier because they helped to raise the scales off of my eyes. Through their writings that individual helped me to be able to see what is really going on and who i really am. What do i do now? i take comfort, at times, in learning these things and how it's possible to live and deal with being a sissy. How do i get over the sadness, being forlorn in the realization that i am not able to please my wife? Is She going to leave me for someone who can satisfy her? i don't think so, but i didn't see until just recently this newfound realization that i am a sissy. Maybe we will do something previously unthought-of in our lives together in order to satisfy perhaps buried needs, or maybe She just doesn't have the needs that i have? i don't know the answers to these questions. i'm hanging on to hopes that this is all going to get better and life for both of us will become more fulfilled.
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    Easy - you have a choice: live with your situation or leave. As the song says:
    "... the strong give up and move on,
    While the weak, the weak give up and stay…"
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    Time for you to "get out of Dodge"
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    Get out of Kansas entirely.
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    I have been there - more or less. Just leave and get on with your life. All the stuff that turns you on can be shared with someone who needs and wants to share it with you. It probably seems inconceivable right now but in time you'll look back and wonder why you ever put up with this disrespectful treatment. This is not love (from her) or sex in any form. It's rotten. Leave!
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  6. Hard when your crazy about someone even when they treat you badly. You want more and need more than what they give you but they become so selfish and cruel, in-love with themselves, they forget the person they are with.. They become desensitized that cuckolding is a fetish of desire, love and trust and not just weakness and tool to use to hold your man at hand while you find a replacement. You will have to decide do you hold on and try to educate her and ride the cycles or give up.. I can't say you left or right because I'm still struggling myself but I feel for you...
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    A Successful Cuckold marriage REQUIRES, Communication just like Any Successful marriage. Yours seems to have None.

    The same for Sex. As Humans we are All Sexual beings, some more than others but it is still Needed. A marriage can't be successful without it in Some way. The way those Needs get satisfied are as varied as the people involved. But without the Communication she and you can't begin to satisfy each others Needs. So you are left with what you have. Nothing but a Terrible marriage that WILL Fail. The only remaining question is how long the Suffering will continue before it does (and it appears in your case how long your suffering continues after).

    You should try to get her away for a weekend, maybe a place you two went at a Happier time ( there has to be a reason you both fell in Love and got married). Make two rules, NO distractions (phones, computer, tv etc) and you both MUST Communicate Brutally HONESTLY. Then TALK, about Anything and everything but especially Both of your Needs and your desire to at least Try to fulfill hers to the best of your ability. But she in turn needs to do the same or the marriage WILL Fail with Suffering in between.

    As for your recently surfaced Sissy desires you MUST find the time to do a Deep Self Reflection on them BEFORE you set up the weekend. You are not me and vice versa. So YOU Need to Reflect on WHO You are Sexually. You may be Like me but we are all unique. If your Sissy side IS one of your Needs then I am here to tell you that you can Try to Deny it, Try to Suppress it, but again it will only be a matter of Time (Wasted Time) before it resurfaces stronger than ever. But you can't Communicate this Side of You for HER to Accept or Reject until you answer some questions for yourself via Reflection. You can't do that Plugged in either.

    BEST of Luck and Please either way stick around and let us know how it is going and any other questions you might have
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