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    The first guy my girlfriend was ever with was the biggest cock that she has ever been with. The guy is Colombian yet it is another Latin lover that she has been flirting with for years that I was a little worried about. She told me once that he was harmless and that he had a small cock. She never slept with him and he always chased after her. Some of the public flirting, like on facebook, has really annoyed me but she always told me that nothing was going on.

    At least nothing was going on until I pushed her into him. The guy has always managed to charm young women, younger than my girlfriend. Well, one night I was with a good looking female friend of mine and my girlfriend said that if I wanted her that I could go and fuck her. I said I only wanted her and she called me a wimp. I responded by telling her that she flirts but never follows through with it. It was a stupid thing to say.

    She got me back by inviting him out for coffee with us on a weekly basis. Every time that he would arrive she would kiss him on the lips, she'd tell me that it's like that where he's from. When he would leave he'd slide his hand down her backside to her ass and tell her how her lips do things to him. It was annoying but she was with me, not him anyway.

    After about a month or so of this there was one night where she started talking dirty, asking if I wanted to be naughty.

    "Of course I do!" I said as she jerked my slowly and kissed me.

    "Do you ever get jealous of other men?" she asked me.


    "Really? Not even..him?"

    "I don't care about him"

    "He has used these hot lips..."

    "So what, years ago - he'll never get them again"

    "What makes you think it was years ago?"


    "Maybe he used tongue when we saw him today?"

    "Very funny babe"

    "Ooh, do you like that?"

    "Stop messing with me" I told her.

    "I'm not messing, he did slide his tongue in there. I know you don't like him, but he still gets me a little... wet"

    "Ahh, this is because I teased yuou about not following through with the flirting."

    "And how do you feel now?"

    "Well, you've hardly followed through with a little kiss"

    "I've been blowing his cock" she said with a wink.

    "Ha! Prove it! There's no way you'd suck him when you have me"

    "Oh, his cock is far smaller but its still a nice cock, very suckable. Hmmm. Have you noticed that I tasted funny when you kiss me at the Cafe?"

    "Thatr's what you eat before, you can't tell me that its cum. Plus he always comes later."

    "Give me a second, I'll text him if thats what you want". By now she was straddling me and rubbing my cock over her pussy.

    She sent him a message "Thanks for the donation today ;) My bf enjoyed it"

    He replied "Any time. I saved up almost all week for that. "

    "What?" I stammered, coming to some realization that maybe something was actually going on.

    "You've been..." she said, paused, slid down over part of my cock, "eating his...cum. Mmmmm your big cock tells me that you like this"

    "This is fucked up" I said.

    She pulled off and stopped fucking me. "Are you enjoying this? That another man is fucking your girlfriends mouth and then having coffee with you, that YOU pay for?" she said pointing her finger into my chest. I sat there with a weird, confused look on my face. "His cock is super fat, not super long, well, longer than yours, but oh so fucking fat."

    "What the fuck?"

    "Oh", looking down at my cock she then says, "looks like this little when is shrinking, maybe I need a real man to fuck me?"

    "Enough already, you've made your point!"

    "Have I? Apologize and beg that I don't fuck him"

    "Look, you know I'm sorry but you've gone too far. I still think that you are probably joking as you are not the type to just go out and fuck someone"

    "You're right, but after the last 6 weeks I have been sucking his beautiful cock and I have really enjoyed my time with him. You better beg for me not to fuck him, the only other option is that you as me to instead continue to blow him one more time and pay for his coffee and not cause any trouble"

    "No way am I doing that!"

    "Well, then I will fuck him. The choice is yours, appologise to me, beg that I blow him one more time with your blessings and your money, or I will become his slut and do whatever he wants. I'll fuck him anywhere, in public, in our bed AND I'll send you proof or do I send it to your female friend?"

    She started rubbing me, I got hard quick and she was fucking me again.

    "Please fuck him... I mean SUCK him!"

    "Freudian slip my darling?"

    She ground down her hips over me and asked "maybe thats what you really want?"

    "Mmmmm" I mumbed.

    "Yes?" with piercing hot eyes and a wicked smile she asked me again.

    "Yes?" I replied softly, but wasn't quite sure.

    She began humping down on my cock. "Tell me what you want!"

    "I want you to fuck him"

    "His big fat cock?"



    "Uh, its big?"

    "Why don't I fuck yours instead?

    "You're fucking me now"

    "But its not fat enough" she said and my jaw dropped. "He can fill me. Is that what you want? A real man to fill me?"


    "Oh my god you're pathetic! Another man is using your girlfriend and you are about to cum!"

    "Its hot"

    "Maybe I shouldn't fuck you anymore? Its either you are him, who do I fuck?" she asked as she jumped off me again.

    I stroked my cock and told her she was hot.

    "Who's got the big fat cock? Him or you?"

    "He does"

    "Stroke that cock. Think about his big fat cock inside me. I want you to cum with your hands and beg for him to own my pussy"

    "Please fuck him!"

    "Thats it little boy, cum for mommy. This little cock won't do. Mommy needs a big, thick, manly cock".

    I came all over myself.
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    Love to hear more!
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    So I received a text message from a number I didn't recognize.

    "Thanks for sharing :)" it said.

    I ignored the text because I didn't know who it was from but a week later I received another.

    "Your girlfriend has great tits" it said. Soon after a side on photo of your girlfriend and her tits and cleavage came through.

    "Who is this? How did you get my number?" I replied.

    "You know who it is. Your girlfriend gave me your number. She wants you to ask me to flirt with her. Do you get turned on? She is making me hard."

    "I don't believe you"

    "Be nice she says" he replied with a photo of her smiling face and her cleavage. Then another message "Be nice and you'll get a surprise tonight".

    "Why would she be with you when she has me. Besides, I know I'm bigger"

    "How do you know that?"

    "She told me man"

    "Oh, nothing to worry about then"

    I asked him what he meant but he never replied. Later that day I approached her and asked about him.

    "Babe, what do you want to know" she asked me with a smile.

    "I was just curious"

    "You mean like...?"

    "Have you been flirting with him?"

    "I thought you might ask me. Anything else you want to know?" she said with a big grin.

    "Not really"

    "Ha! Just ask me"

    "Well, is he bigger than me?"

    "I think you're bigger babe"

    "What do you mean you 'think'? How 'come you don't know?"

    "Well, I've never actually seen it, but he doesn't seem to have a big bulge or anything and you're pretty big"

    "So he could be bigger than me?"

    "I've never really thought that much about it... until now. Do you want me to find out?" she asked as she circled the head of my cock with her fingertip.

    My cock jerked at her touch.

    "I bet you're bigger babe" she said to me as I gulped. "Want me to compare?"

    "Mmmm" was all I could manage whilst she fondled my balls. She knelt down between my knees, her cleavage bouncing for me as she stroked my cock.

    "Maybe I could show him my tits, make him hard?"


    "Yeah, you know, to see how big he is. Do you like that?" she grinned again.

    "I'm sure he'd love to see your tits. I think I've seen him check you out before. But you never slept with him?"

    "No. I haven't slept with him but you've got me thinking about how big his chorizo is now!" she giggled.

    "So you have no idea how big he could be?"

    "OMG is it all size for you guys?"

    "Its not all about size"

    "But you keep asking"

    "Just curious"

    "Hmm. Sounds more than curious. You seem fascinated by his cock"

    "I don't care how big he is. You're with me anyway"

    "So you don't want to compare?"

    "No. It doesn't matter how big or small he is."

    "He told me you wouldn't want to compare, that you would be too chicken"

    "I used to have my cock out all the time back at the school gym"

    "Did you ever have anyone do this?". She then proceeded to gobble down on my cock until I started oozing cum into her mouth.

    A few days later I received another text message.

    "Its not all about size. She's definitely not thinking about the size of my cock." The photo attached was of his bulge. Then another at a different angle.

    The photo attached was of her with a hot dog. A second photo came through with the end of the hot dog in her mouth. Then of his bulge.

    When my girlfriend got home she asked me "Weren't those photos hot?"


    "Come on! Didn't you get turned on a bit"

    "Kind of I guess", I shrugged my shoulders.

    "Kind of? Didn't they make you hard? You like that sausage? You liked it in my mouth?" she asked as she rubbed my cock.

    "You put it in your mouth?"

    "Yeah, in every photo?"

    "What do you mean? These are the ones I got"

    "OMG they're not the ones" and she showed me ones of her eating a hot dog.

    "oh" I mumbled.

    "OMG you got turned on by his cock!"

    "Only because I thought you liked it"

    "OMG thats sounds even worse. Do you really want me to check out his cock?"

    "Kind of"

    "You are so perverted babe"

    "Its hot"

    "You know he rubbed something over my ass today. I actually think it was his cock"


    "Well, something heavy knocked my ass"


    "Ha ha I mean, not to say it was big and heavy, just that it was something. I don't know. Babe, why don't you compare?"

    "Why would you actually want to do it?"

    "I don't know. I've never tried 2?"

    "You mean you aren't thinking about size"


    "Not at all"

    "Its not the main thing"

    "Is it a thing at all?"

    "Of course, size is important"

    "So if he were smaller would you fuck him?"




    "You wouldn't even think about his cock?"

    "I'm thinking about it now" she said as she jerked my cock.


    "Want me to stop?" she asked as she completely stops.

    "No, keep going babe"

    "You want me to keep thinking about his cock?"

    "Just stroke me"

    "Only if you ask nicely and ask me to think of his cock you pervert"

    "Stroke me and think about his cock"


    "Imagine its smaller!"

    "Noooo. Try again". She stopped stroking me.

    "OK, imagine he's bigger"

    "I'm already there. Finger me"

    "Mmmm, you're wet"

    "I'm thinking about his big cock"

    "Oh really"

    "Yeah, I imagine you 2 guys comparing size and beating your chests" she laughed.

    "Winner gets a blowjob?"

    "If you win you get a blowjob every day for a week"

    "And if he wins?"

    "He can feel my tits up in public"

    "Thats not so bad"

    What makes you think I'll stop there?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "If he has a big cock then I might suck him off for real."

    "You would chicken out"

    "Babe, you have no idea what you've done by getting me to flirt with him" she said.

    "You asked me if you could flirt with him"

    "Err, no I didn't. He's played you, us."

    "Well, he hasn't won" I said.

    "I'm not so sure. You're hard, I'm wet and we are thinking about his cock"


    "Yeah. He's probably going to fuck me too"

    "Only if you let him!"

    "You're right and if he is a big boy then I want some!"

    She stroked me and it wasn't hard for her to make me cum, looking up into my eyes.

    "Now its my turn. Fuck me with your big cock"

    "Whh-aaaa..." I struggled to get words out.

    "You can't even fuck me"

    "I just came!"

    She pushed my cock against her pussy, but I was getting softer. "I need a big cock don't I baby?"

    "Not funny"

    "You need to make me cum! Finger me. Put all your fingers in like its a big, thick chorizo. Suck my tits too"

    "You're so hot babe"

    "Mmmmm big, brown cock stuffed all inside me....mmmmmm... uhhhhhhh.... ahhhhhhh" she came all over my fingers. I was partly turned on and partly aware of the humiliation of what I had just done. I was falling deeper into this fetish and it was getting harder to get out.
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    Very Exciting!
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    Loving it! Anymore?
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    So it had been another big night out. We were drinking a lot when we bumped into this tall Swedish guy. He was with some girl and the 4 of us got along quite well. The other girl was very curvy, wide hips and big tits. We ended up at a hotel, 2 queen beds. It was a hot night and both sets of tits were out to see.

    I went down on my girlfriend as she pulled her tits out to play with. The guy was on his back with the girl's tits around his cock and her mouth over his cock. There were a few times here I glanced over to sneak a quick look.

    At one stage he stood up to grab a condom and asked if I had one. As he asked his hardened cock swung, ever so slightly as it was rock hard, in front of me. It was actually more in front of my girlfriend as I ate her out. She did her best to look him in the eye but the fixation to his eyes mad it obvious to me that she was trying to avoid looking at his cock.

    No the other girl came over, saying how she liked my girlfriends tits - he just smiled. He lay her back and inserted his cock into her pussy. My girlfriend watched in awe as he fucked her and also as I ate my girlfriend out.

    My girlfriend told me to fuck her but as I jerked off I found that I was so drunk that I just couldn't get hard enough. The Swedish guy started fucking the girl, with each thrust my girlfriend moved. He hadn't fucked her long before he pulled out to kiss her. Whilst he was kissing her his cock was out of the other girl's pussy and across her thigh and pointing over my girlfriends tits. His cock was lifting one of my girlfriend Michelle's tits. My cock was hardening but not enough to fuck...
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    The guy turned the girl with the big tits over onto her front. She started licking Michelle's tits as he placed his hands on the bed, either side of the 2 girls. His face was intensely close to Michelle's and the made eye contact as he fucked.

    "Suck this tit babe" Michelle said to me. She would now have both her tits sucked.

    The other girl reached around and started fondling my balls. My cock got a little harder. The guy pulled out and put his cock in her mouth.

    Michelle noticed me and wasn't happy. "Oh, she gets you hard? Well, harder, you still can't fuck me"

    "Maybe he's nervous" the guy said to her. "My height and cock intimidate a lot of guys". The he turned back to me with a smile, "Most guys end up asking if I'd fuck their partner" as he glanced down at me jerking and failing to harden up.

    "I like watching him fuck" the girl said. She got up, "Come on, play with my titties" she told me.

    He started massaging Michelle's tits as she was at a loss for words. The Swedish guy started sucking on her tits as she fingered herself.

    "Fuck me" she mouthed to me.

    With my mouth still on those big titties I tried fucking Michelle but I was still a bit soft and kept sliding out and had trouble pushing in. The guy still massaged one of her tits as he stroked his cock with the other. He now positioned himself so that his cock was over Michelle's shoulder.

    "If you allow yourself to be open and honest I can help you both" he said.

    "Do you always get your way?" she shot back at him.

    "You're a very beautiful woman, it would be an honor for me to fuck you"

    "My boyfriend can do that"

    "Actually, no he can't as he seems to be having a few issues right now"

    The girl pushed me back and mounted my face with her big hips and wet pussy.

    "You want that too?" Michelle asked him.

    He laughed. "No, but you're welcome to suck my cock for a bit before I fuck you"

    "You're very cocky"

    "Well, I've seen you looking at my cock. It's obviously bigger that what you're used to"

    "Size is not that important"

    "Not THAT important?" he smiled again. "So you haven't thought about how my cock would fill you up?"

    "Look, its big but its not everything"

    "Biggest you've seen?"

    "Do you want her to play with the big cock?" the girl asked me. I made muffled sounds as her pussy still covered my mouth. "That sounds like a yes!"

    "I'll fuck him babe if that's what you want" Michelle said. "Fuck me" she said to him.

    "Not so fast. You can start sucking my balls first"

    "My god you're cocky!" Michelle said.

    "I know you want this cock, to feel that full feeling. Wondering about how full my balls are?"
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    "I'll suck your cock if you shut up!" she said to him.

    She moved over and starting sucking his cock in front of me although I could barely see as my face was covered in pussy.

    "She's enjoying that big cock" said the moving grinding my face.

    "Would you rather that I fucked you?" he asked Michelle.

    "If its ok with him" she looked at me.

    "You'll enjoy it" he said to me with a wink.

    He ran his hand down over Michelle's torso before kissing her lips, she was surprised, and at the same time pushed the head of his cock into her wet pussy.

    "You're quite wet, are you ready for this?" he asked.

    "Yes" Michelle said quietly.

    "And so is he" the Swedish guy said to Michelle but referred to my hardened cock.

    Michelle stared at me as she started slowly getting fucked.

    "Wow! Slow down!" she said to him.

    "I'm not all in yet, afraid you'll like it too much or that it will be too big?"

    "Oh, just shut up and fuck me"

    He pushed his cock in deeper, all the way, so that Michelle's mouth was twisting in ecstasy.
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    He became more rhythmic and Michelle didn't take long at all to start to orgasm. She was a little more vocal then usual.

    She came to her senses, well a little, then said to me "Thanks babe". Then she climbed on top of me and put her head on my chest. "Did you have fun? She has nice tits" she whispered to me.

    I kissed her back and smiled.

    "He likes these tits. Don't you?" said the other girl.

    She put them near my mouth and Michelle could feel my cock stir. "Suck them babe" she said to me and she watched with fascination as I sucked on them.

    "Time to fuck your girlfriend man" he said in my direction. "She wants to be fucked again, don't you?"

    "Mmmmm" she said with a smile.

    I pulled my cock from beneath us and rubbed it up against her pussy and just inside.

    "Put it inside babe".

    She adjusted so that I was now deeper inside her. In the meantime the Swedish guy started fondling her tits. He was putting me off, his hands were touching my chest and I just found him annoying. There he was stroking his cock hard again.

    "What's wrong babe?" she asked me.

    "Nothing" I said but she looked disappointed.

    "Take your time guys, no rush. Wow, she's so beautiful man" he said to her as he softly played with Michelle's tits.

    Michelle noticed him and tried not to glance at that big cock but I noticed. His hand rubbed over her ass and she didn't resist. His hand parted her cheeks, again no resistance. His finger rubbed over her clit, he hesitated before inserted his finger deeper. My cock twitched.

    The girl giggled. Michelle looked at her. "He likes watching another man pleasure you" she said to Michelle. Then Michelle heard that and glanced at me, down at my cock then up at me again.

    "There's no harm in that is there?" he directed at me.

    "I guess not" I said with hesitation. Why did I just say that?

    "Anyway, I'm sure Michelle would rather fuck you now."

    Michelle started stroking my cock to make it hard enough to fuck.

    "Come on baby, I need to be fucked again" she said.
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