Larry the sword swallower, part-time actor and the circus

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    Larry the sword swallower,part-time actor & the circus

    The circus arrived late on Friday night and set up to be open and ready for customers for Saturday morning. The circus came around every year and always set up just outside of one of the mid-sized city about 30 minutes from our home. The weather was shaping up to be a nice, warm late spring day.

    My wife and I took our 9 year old son and went over early in the day. We took in a few of the various side-shows, one of which was a guy that was a sword swallower, a young white guy that put on a very entertaining show. Our son had his picture taken with him and we went on with our tour of the side-shows.

    As it was about lunch time we walked across the street to a local diner, and as luck would have it we were able to get the last empty booth in the restaurant. I guess as with many others we didn't want circus food. Even the stools at the counter were all full.

    Our waitress was a nice, pleasant woman about maybe 25 or so, and brought us our menus. She took our drink orders and left us and a moment later our son said dad there's the sword swallower guy. He had just walked in and was obviously looking for an empty seat.

    I got up from mine and got his attention and said that he was more than welcome to set with us as there weren't any empty seats to be had. I moved around to set with our son and he said after getting our assurance that we would be glad to eat lunch with him, he said his name is Larry and thanked us for being kind as he sat down beside my wife. As he did I glanced at my wife and she had the smile on her face that told me she knew that she was to enjoy his company if she wanted to.

    The waitress brought our drinks and another menu for Larry, we told her that we hadn't decided anything yet and that she could get Larry his drink.

    By now our son is bombarding Larry with questions.

    My wife told me later that as he sat down she pulled the hem of her sundress up to her waist and then a little later she bumped her leg against Larry's and when he didn't look over she did it a little harder the second time and he looked down and within a moment dropped his right hand down onto the upper part of her thigh and she opened her legs a little more. She told me that within a moment or two he was lightly stroking his fingers up and down the lips of her pussy.

    The waitress returned with Larry's drink and she clearly saw what was going on between those two and didn't bat an eye and asked if we were ready to order and we each placed our choices. Larry told us how he got into this business and that he was also a part-time actor, telling us that he had been one of the fraternity brothers in the movie Animal House with John Belushi.

    He mentioned some other movies he had been in. My wife told me later that Larry had continued to play with her up to the waitress bringing our food. After we ate my son and I went to use the restroom and when we returned my wife went and when she returned she leaned down to me and said that she had planned something with Larry when we leave the diner.

    As we went outside Larry said goodbye and started to walk away, my wife said that she was sort of tired and was going to go lay down in the car. I gave her the keys and said the main show starts at 7:30 and to meet us in front of the main entrance if she didn't find us before that. My son and I headed back over to the circus as my wife walked off in the same direction that Larry had gone.

    From this point everything is from her journal and what I can remember her telling me.

    I caught up with Larry and we went down a side alley, and he stopped, pulled me to him and kissed me and then whispered in my ear that he was going to fuck me good. I told him that I sure hoped he would.

    We went hand in hand down the alley around the corner to his motel room. When he shut the door he turned and pulled my sundress up over my head and then I removed my bra and sandals as he took off his clothes.

    Not wasting any time he had me lay down on the bed and started to eat my pussy until I couldn't take it any more and I said for him to come on and fuck me now. He came up across me and I could feel his cock poking around for a moment until he found the opening and he eased the first inch or two in. He then started sucking on my breasts and lightly biting my nipples and I started bucking my hips up trying to get more of his cock in. He held still and left me work myself on him a little deeper and then he finally sunk himself all the way in. His cock was real hard and he began to fuck me in several different positions.

    We would stop and rest for a while and change positions and then he would fuck me some more. I don't know how long we were doing it when the door opened and Larry was hammering me doggie style, I saw a black guy come into the room. Larry stopped and apologized because he forgot that his room-mate would come back to shower after having done his show.

    I have no idea why but I said then my afternoon is getting even better so why don't he shower and join us. When he came back from showering, Larry said his name is Davis and that he is the ringmaster and he told Davis my name and Davis sat down on the bed and he didn't even have to ask me to, I just started sucking his black cock as Larry began fucking me still from behind.

    A few minutes later Davis said to Larry don't you have a show to do shortly? Larry said Dam, I didn't realize we were at it this long and as he pulled his still hard cock out he apologized for having to go do his show so I was to enjoy Davis being there to take care of me and he would be back after the show.

    I rolled over onto my back and watched as Davis took his big cock in hand and guided himself into me and I continued to watch until he was completely inside me. I was glad that Larry had opened me up real good because I knew that Davis's big, black cannon was going really deep and he did. Davis started with some long, slow strokes and gradually picked up the pace until he was hammering me real hard. Between the two of them I have no idea how often I had got off this afternoon, but it was a lot. We finally rested some and Davis still had not cum once yet.

    I asked him about why he hadn't cum and he said that it wouldn't be fair for him to cum inside me before Larry did. Larry returned shortly after that and the two of them took turns fucking me until Larry finally unloaded in me and then Davis pumped a huge load of cum in me.

    After some rest and a shower the three of us went back over to the diner and we actually had the same waitress, that later when I went to the restroom stopped me and asked where the white guy with the kid is and I told her that's my husband and son and that I was meeting up with them later. She told me that she was jealous of me.

    After we had a light dinner and it was about 7:00 and the two of them walked me back to the main entrance to the circus.

    In her journal for the next day on Sunday she went over to the office with me and spent the afternoon with my horse-cocked boss. She also noted that on Monday that she was going back to the circus around lunchtime to meet up with Larry and Davis, as I looked over the rest of the week she noted that she went to the circus every day and met up with the two of them.

    She also noted that on Thursday it was the waitress's day off and she and Larry watched from the one bed as the waitress got her first ever black cock from Davis in the other bed.

    The two pictures that I included were taken sometime that week, but she didn't indicate which day or if thats her pussy juice on Davis's cock or if it was the waitress.

    She went back over to the circus later on Thursday evening, because the circus would be packing up and leaving after the Friday shows.

    She noted in her journal "Spent the night with Davis, because the waitress was with Larry all night and she had told Larry that she just couldn't handle Davis's big cock".

    Her loss, I could and I did and Davis is cockmaster along with being a ringmaster.

    He woke me up several times during the night and early morning. Each time I was on my back and Davis would hook my legs in his arms and just fuck me for a while, he didn't cum every time, I did tho. He continually told me how much he liked how tight I am. I thought to myself it's your big cock that's making me feel tight.

    One time the waitress woke us up with her howling because Larry was ass fucking her, so Davis and I watched for several minutes as I played with his cock until he was hard again and then I straddled him and abused my little susie as hard as I could for as long as I could, until I was out of breath and Davis rolled me onto my back and before long I was howling as much as she was as he pounded me with no mercy that time until he came. GTR

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    Thank you for another sharing of your wife's Adventures from her journal. She got to sample some Beautiful Cocks during her Life and you got to Enjoy her Well Used Body afterwards.
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    Pathedick, thanks for the note. I truly did enjoy her well-used pussy. There were a few times that I had to wait as she needed to rest from her "Adventure", but she loved for me to have my sloppy seconds. GTR
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    Heck Gator! The beautiful hips and uncut cock and pubic thatch of young Davis are so similar in appearance to my young best buddy's---my ex-wife's new husband---I got an erection on first sighting your shot of him. Plus, my buddy's enviably gross erections always have a menacing upcurve and veer to the left, almost exactly like Davis's.

    When my buddy is fucking her in the missionary position my ex loves the the way the curves of his erection enable him to thrust the head of it to behind her navel and, on the way up to it, smoothly but deliciously painfully against her right ovary---which try as I might I can never quite reach when my turn comes around. Sighhhhhh.......

    Great shot Gator.
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    michael, I wish that I could have been there to watch her take Davis's big cock. Even without being there I'm sure that she wasn't being quite. GTR
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    If your wife is anything like my ex when she is being beautifully fucked and filled by my young buddy, I too am pretty sure she would not have been able to contain herself vocally with that magnificent black cock thrusting up her---especially if Davis fucked her bareback and finished her off by ejaculating in her. Hot, eh Gator?
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    OH, Yes, Davis most definitely would have fucked her bareback and ejaculated deep inside her. It would be exactly what she would have wanted him to do. If she was sure that there weren't any children around to hear her, she would always be very vocal and let the man between her legs know that she was enjoying what his cock was doing to her. Particularly when Haywood (her huge cocked black 2nd husband), lived with us, he always got home from the office about 1/2 hour before me and basically every day he would already have his big cock in her when I arrived home.

    I knew that she did it intentionally, as soon as I dropped off my briefcase in the room across the hall from the master bedroom, I almost always heard her say out loud "OH YES, HAYWOOD POUND ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK OF YOURS" and "GIVE YOU WIFE'S LITTLE PUSSY WHAT IT NEEDS' GTR
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