Lady's, where do you make your cuckold sleep?

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by kinkyone, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    I would like to hear from the lady's where they make there cuck sleep when the lover sleeps over or that has developed into a permanent arrangement. Are there any females that are creative in the cucks sleeping arrangements, like from the mild to the extreme? lets all be honest One cuck I know of was told his new sleeping arrangements were under the bed so that way he could hear the wife and her lover make love all night and be close by for clean up duty. The lover eventually moved in and took over the husbands place in the bed, so now the hubby cuck is permanently under the bed and is his new sleeping quarters.
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  2. oxfordhotwife

    oxfordhotwife New Member


    I prefer to play alone and usually don't bring my bulls home. I'll be home for bedtime or spend the night away, and either way my husband sleeps in our bed. Sometimes though it's just easier to play at home and if my bull sleeps over then he shares our bed with me and my husband uses the spare room.

  3. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    Thank you oxfordhotwife

    I thank you very for taking the time to post a reply and i look forward to seeing other lady's replys as well.
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  4. nobigthing

    nobigthing New Member

    When my wife does have her boyfriend over and I am at home I stay upstairs in our bedroom and they have downstairs. If I am away then they sleep upstairs in our bed
  5. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    here is an idea for us voyeurs

    One hot wife and husband ended up doing this because he loved watching his wife but the males that she chose were always too shy of being watched so they invested in a camera with sound mounted in the corner of the ceiling toward the bed so he could watch on camera and not be in the same room with them.
  6. LakesCoupleUK

    LakesCoupleUK New Member

    Spare Room

    We are quite conventional insofar as my husband will always sleep in the spare room leaving the marital bed for me and my lover.
  7. jcoldstream

    jcoldstream New Member

    My husband sleeps in the spare room if I am with a lover in our bed. When I am not with a lover, my husband is free to wear his CB2000 and come into our bed with me. No penetration though.

  8. babylacyjane

    babylacyjane Member

    where he sleeps

    when I bring a lover home thats spends the night hubby sleeps on the couch just outside our bedroom door
  9. cuckoldme

    cuckoldme New Member

    sleeping quarters

    Of course when my lover comes hubby has to sleep in spare room and I ensure that his CB 3000 is in position and I lock the spare room,for me to get fucked without any kind of disturbance,Although I do allow him to see some of our foreplay and after our session I unlock him to and say proper goodbye to my lover with a deep probing kiss and then make my husband serve me dinner or snack as the case may be....On other days pentration by hubby is out of question
  10. jphenor

    jphenor New Member

    sleeping where

    I have found this to be more the norm when I spend the night at her home. Sofa or spare bed. Usually close enough to be allowed to hear though not always allowed to watch.

  11. M'sManinFL

    M'sManinFL New Member

    I am usually promised I will be invited up to our bedroom a little later after things get going but most often I am forgotten and end up sleeping on the couch...usually awakened with a "sorry honey"
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  12. footboycuck

    footboycuck Real Cuckold

    This is exactly the drill in my house. On the couch outside the master bedroom door with the door open. I can listen and masturbate, actually she makes me listen, but not watch.--fbc
  13. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    Always the odd girl out

    I have only had a lover sleep over once and I HATED it. I had Scott sleep in our cage in another room. The door was actually unlocked while he was sleeping but had been locked while me and the guy were fucking. Scott really really got off on being locked in the cage while we were fucking but I think we both hated the whole having the lover sleep over thing.

    I am more a fuck-me-now-please-go-home kind of girl.

    I can't sleep if Scott is away on a trip and having another guy in my bed was just awful. There is a whole different level of intimacy with having a guy sleeping with you as compared to fucking him. I'm am not looking for that kind of intimacy with other guys. I don't want it. I don't want him farting in my bed and I don't want to be scared of farting in my own bed!

    Anyway, as usual a different perspective from me.
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  14. ball less

    ball less New Member

    Where I sleep

    My wife ensures I am out of the way inthe spare room when she brings home one of her lovers.
    She does have a bell should I be needed for any reason. I know that I would be in trouble should I not respond very quickly.
    Sleep is always a non starter so I am always very responsive to the bell.
    Breakfast in bed is always a highlight for me serving the lovers who have always replaced me in the marital bed.
  15. Ohsobadd

    Ohsobadd Active Member

    In the end of my first marriage I openly cuckolded my husband. He slept wherever he could. I would just lock him out of the bedroom...I'd usually find him asleep on the sofa in the morning. I took great plasure in knowing he could hear everything that was going on in his bed without being able to see a thing...

    OMG I was evil wasn't I? :::LOL:::

  16. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    I really like that some one else likes the full cage thing besides me. I find it very arousing and feel thats where i as a cuck should be

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  17. DomMorgan

    DomMorgan Guest



    That is a classic explanation for why a guy should not sleep over. There is intimacy, and then there is intimacy! You go, girl. Guys don't get a monopoly on bodily functions. Heck. We don't even know how to insert tampons.

  18. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    Last year (before we left Japan) I went to a sex club with my marine friend and Scott stayed home baby-sitting. I was pretty slutty all night and it was all fine. But I had so much cum in my hair that I had to take a shower before leaving (I was going home by train so the whole cum in the hair thing needed to be resolved). So, of course, I ended up with no make-up and wet hair when I left the club. To me that was waaay more vulnerable than having strangers cocks in my mouth!
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  19. sissywimp

    sissywimp New Member

    At this moment in time we are about to step into a new "sleeping arrangement"
    My wife usually meets her lover at a fancy hotel so i usually never get to watch them together, which i find more kinky, submissive and "cuckoldy" :)
    One a few occasions she has sent me a phone message telling me to go to bed and that she would be home in the morning. On these occasions I had to wear a pink sissy nightdress for bed and she would return and climb in next to me and tell me of the nights events and usually id be allowed to orgasm over her feet.

    But a new idea that we have had,is that we will redo our guestroom into a girly pink room with all the fittings, and when she has returned from her dates in the future, she will go to bed in "our bed" and make me sleep seperate from her. The idea of this makes me feel VERY "pushed out", submissive and wimpy, making me feel "not man enough, and "not worth it". Plus it will be a nightmare thinking how she has just come from another mans arms and bed and is laying there full of his sperm...and i have been outcast to the "guest room" where i will be feeling VERY unmanly, humiliated and degraded.
  20. jcoldstream

    jcoldstream New Member

    I've never owned a cage but the idea quite excites me. Would you tell me more about it and how it is used? Do you use it in conjunction with other restraints?

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