Ladies, what is the one thing that most humiliates your cuck?

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    I am sure this varies widely between couples and men but I thought it was definitely worth throwing out there. What is the one thing that humiliates your cuck the most?

    As we continue to explore and delve into this lifestyle we have found many activities we had both vastly enjoyed and discovered some things we would never have considered before. I have had my husband watch me while he is caged, wear woman's panties. lick me and my guy clean, give blowjobs and receive anal from some of my guys. He has played the role of being the total submissive at times and we have done some denial play. All in all many of those things were humiliating for him initially but he overcame most of them and as long as he knows I am enjoying his participation he goes along eagerly.

    However, one area that humiliates him the most really surprised me. He loves having his ass rimmed and my boyfriend enjoys rimming him and I have done it for him many times. He loves rimming me and I never gave it much thought.

    One night a few weeks back we were out and I hooked up with a single guy who I considered super hot. My husband was into it and we had a lot of fun back at our hotel. The guys was super hairy covered with course black body hair everywhere on his entire body. After sex he pulled his condom off and had cum covering his ample cock and that had run down his balls and covered the area where his balls met his body. I told my husband to lick him clean and he was fine and doing that without any hesitation and the guy was really enjoying it and was hard again and remarking what a great cock sucker my husband was.

    The guy told my husband that some of his cum and run down around his ass hole and he needed to lick it clean too. It was obvious my husband continued to steer clear of the guys ass and worked extra hard sucking the guy each time he would mention going down to his ass. I teasingly told the guy he was being a disobedient cuck and that he should sit on his face and make him do what he was asked to do.

    My husband did everything he could to resist and finally opened his mouth slightly and started to lick the guys ass slowly and very lightly. His cock also had been rock hard the whole time since he had not got off yet and he went completely limp. My husband's obvious dislike of the position and his apparent humiliation just egged the guy on further and made it worse for my husband. What would have taken a few light licks turned out to take 30 minutes and the guy ended up not moving until my husband submitted and really gave him a good rim job and tonguing. My husband begged the guy and I to just have the guy fuck him but it only made it that much worse for him. It was like watching a little kid who doesn't want to eat his vegetables and his prolonging it just made it that much worse for him.

    Despite my trying to give him a blowjob he never was able to get hard again afterward. He has told me it was the most humiliating thing he has ever done and he would rather do anything than have to ever do that again. Of course now I know what gets him, I have had him give our boyfriend two rim jobs since with similar results despite our boyfriend not being hairy. Of course our boyfriend doesn't understand it at all since he is very into giving rim jobs.
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    ohh god !! so hot
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    Yes, for some reason I have been good with everything up to this. I never thought being dominated by another man would be something I would enjoy or want but in the proper time and setting it has all been very hot and erotic for me. Being told to suck his cock, wearing panties and being teased mercilessly and even being bent over and fucked has not bothered me. At times I have been embarrassed by the acts but it was all just part of the play and experience. While I was embarrassed and thought it was humiliating I had not experienced real humiliation in any of these acts and did not fully understand it.

    I have always enjoyed having my ass rimmed and licked and have never thought any less of the guy who performed this act but was appreciative. I have rimmed my wife on multiple occasions and it has been hot. Ricky enjoys rimming me and it is very hot.

    I can't explain why this was humiliating to me. It really had a strong impact on me and left me with feelings of inadequacy for some reason. I don't know if it was the guy or his taunting that put me there but as I lay under him licking and rimming his ass I felt like my very manhood was diminished and was worthless. I lost my erection and as he fucked my wife I felt like he was able to do things for her that I can not. I encouraged him to satisfy her and for the first time I think I experienced true humiliation. For the rest of the time with him I felt like he was superior to me. It was weird. Very different range of emotion than we have brought out in any of our past play.
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    One day after you rim the new boyfriend maybe he will fuck your ass and give it as good a fuck as you did rimming his ass.
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    We really don't get into the whole humiliation thing but when my hubby eats my lovers cum from me (always) that certainly sets a pecking order of who's in the top spot and who's not.
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    Being a known cuckold amongst our friends and family.
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    Making me wear assless leather chaps. Shannon knows how much I dislike wearing them. She loves whipping my ass then fucking my ass while wearing them. So humiliating for me.
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