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Discussion in '"I Love!" - Verification Forum' started by kinkyirishcpl, May 3, 2010.

  1. kinkyirishcpl

    kinkyirishcpl Real genuine cuckold cpl

    Would love to take a more active role in the forum and wish to verify we are a genuine cuck and dominate cuckoldress.

    Can't wait to be verified!

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  2. shooter_18t

    shooter_18t New Member

    Well done..this is what we like to see in verified couples.Nice to see you taking a more active role on the site..we are looking forward to your input for sure :)
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  3. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Excellent work! I've created a new rank banner just for you (Photo Verified Couple). Congratulations on being the very first couple in the same picture to become verified on the site together!

    I'm going to create a new thread encouraging others to follow suit.

    Great job! :thumbup:
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  4. kinkyirishcpl

    kinkyirishcpl Real genuine cuckold cpl

    Its a pleasure to be the first verified couple. Thank you KingBull for the honor.

    Thanks also to all who have viewed the thread so far and thanked us. I really look forward to being more involved in the forum in the coming weeks and sharing some of my (our) experiences. Hopefully we won't confuse to much with both us using the one account, but in case we'll try and remember to sign of with the appropriate name, M for Miss(tress) LOL or c for cucky!

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  5. shooter_18t

    shooter_18t New Member

    Well now..this we didnt know..I guess we will have to take a pic of the two of us :) where would you like us to post it King?
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  6. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    You can post it in the verification forum with "Couples verification requested" as the subject title.

    Look forward to it...
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  7. penischocolat

    penischocolat New Member

    im master4cuckold brown chocolat bi penis 22.7 i love anus

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