Kingbull semi-retiring, looking for a site moderator

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kingbull, Nov 11, 2017.

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    I haven't been present on the site for a while now - months actually. This is because I simply have no interest in managing this site or participating in the subject matter.

    Several of you have asked where Saturn went, our primary moderator. I have no idea. Last I heard of him was months ago when I was active. If he contacts me I'll let you know.

    But for now, you will see very little of me on this site. I don't find cuckolding appealing anymore and won't be logging in very often at all. Once a month login would be generous for me. This means several things:

    1. Don't expect speedy replies from me concerning pretty much anything on the site. This means if you want a thread deleted or username modified, it will likely take weeks. MAKE SURE what you post is what you want to post, or it could stay up for months. This has happened already. One dude messaged me 12 times wanting a post removed. I hadn't been on the site since last summer and his messages got more and more panicked because he posted a picture of his girlfriend online and people found out she was on a cuckold site. Not good.

      In any case, thread management will not be speedy, unless we find a moderator (see below to apply).

    2. The Cuckold Manual was retired years ago and is not coming back. I've been getting questions about this and I don't know why.

    3. I may even sell off the site, but that is probably a far off goal.

    Things will continue as normal, but I will need a moderator. Here is how you qualify:
    1. You've been regularly active on the site for at least 2 years. Regularly active means you log in at least 4 times per week.
    2. You have at least 150 posts.
    3. You have experience with moderation. You know when to intervene and when not to. You have a keen nose for spam and can settle disputes (of which there are few) on this site. You are FAIRMINDED.
    4. You can login about 4 times a week to check the new posts and take deletion/moderation requests from users.
    5. Any supplemental/relevant information as to why you'd make a good mod will be a plus, but not a deal killer. I'll just look at the previous 4 attributes to determine qualification.
    Approved moderator will have access to the moderator forum and other special privileges. This is a non-paying gig. The site is free, so I don't have employees to pay.

    In any case, this isn't a total disappearing act for me. I'll pop in every now and then, but my presence will be scarce, unless I feel the desire to participate once more.


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