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    First of I'm a 33 years old Filipino , Married to a Beautiful Filipina, with Two kids. This is more like a Fantasy for Me to be Cuckold by my Wife, Reason Being is she never had other boyfriend besides me, and no other experience with other guys, i can handle myself in the bed and have had made other women satisfied to the fullest but the thought of my wife trying another man is different i love her very much that i want her to experience what this life can offer is that such a bad thing? And as weird as this may sound you know how when something is really really good like an ice cream or a food that you wanna brag about it and have others taste it and see or feel what I feel bout it .. is this such a bad thing...? I've had conversations with her bout trying other guys, she tells me if I mess with another women first but she needs to be present when it happens because she wants to see the other woman's face while I'm f---- them , and recently she told me she doesn't mind doing Other Man, but she needs to be drunk first , honestly I don't want her to do things when she's intoxicated I want her to enjoy the moment . Should I continue with this fantasy with her or leave it to that , FYI whenever we're making love and I tell her about my plans somehow she gets wet and really into sex . Should I pursue this ? -
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    Maybe bringing up a few more times, she may start to get used to the idea. I completely understand why her having to be intoxicated would detract from your enjoyment/fantasy.

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    Hi Pinay4bbc, Sometimes we desire to do things. And sometimes the responsibility of making the choice to do something naughty is scary and we do not want the responsibility.

    I am an expert cuckoldress, I easily accept who and what I am. And I sometimes still having a excuse for being me. Even last night I was on top of Jeff, using him like a fuck toy, telling him it is all his fault tha I fuck around and he has to share his pussy.

    Maybe tell her sure to the drink. Let her have that this first time. Maybe if it goes well and she enjoys it she would try it again sober. Deanna
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