[Just for fun] The day my teacher stole my headphones

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    Just for fun

    During my sophomore year of high school, we were doing silent work and the history mentor of mine stated that we could listen to music but in case it was too loud he'd "break our headphones." so I am doing my business silently with the music of mine on low, and this specific obnoxious kid sitting next to me had the music of his really loud. I could listen to it over my music but ignored it. My teacher assumed it was me. And so he comes up to me & ripped my Brand new Apple headset, looking ruthless. He immediately recognized it was the guy next to me as well as he was wholly embarrassed. He emerged in the upcoming day with a brand new pair and an apology note taped to them. He couldn't hunt me in the eye for the majority of the year.
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    Hmmm that’s great but unless you asserted your revenge on the teacher by having sex with his wife I am having a difficult time understanding what the context is of this post on a forum regarding cuckoldry?
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    It's probably a bot that gets onto forums looking for replies.

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