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    I would love to chat & send pics/vids back and forth while we are stroking ourselves.
    matter of fact, I just took my clothes off, squirted warming lube all over the head of my cock. Slowly i am spreading it down my shaft. Now I am caressing my ball sack and already this stuff is getting real hot to the touch!! I'm enjoying it alot because one of the main things I love is going from one extreme to another. ( either really hot water being jetted onto my cock and balls or really cold water..) I have worked the lube down below my ball sack now and definitely heading for my asshole..... AAAAH just stuck a finger in it. locating my prostate, gonna rub that for a few minutes, get my pre-cum juices flowing then grab my dildo and insert it. Wish you were here to see. I hope you like my cock pics!

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    Outstanding and delicious cock, thank you

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