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    Imouto Misaki has over 100 sex scenes.

    Each scene explores a unique scenario. Sex positions range from standing sex to doggystyle. The animated sprite sex features more positions, including cowgirl and missionary. Erotic dialogue is plenty, but gets repetitive fast.

    Misaki is corrupted very quickly. She starts having sex with old men at the nursing home on literally her first day! Misaki will be fully corrupted within your first hour of gameplay. It’s very disappointing.

    Many fetishes are restricted, and leave you blue-balled for no good reason. For example, you can only have sex with old people on Saturdays and Sundays. You cannot be molested on a train unless Misaki’s desire and guilt fit exact requirements.

    If you can look past these flaws, Imouto Misaki has over 30 scenarios of incredibly hot content! You can become the #1 whore at school, with all your classmates taking turns pumping your pussy full of cum!

    Want to tutor a young virgin? Want to gamble with a homeless man and pay with your body? Want to cheat on your husband with his best friend? There’s many fun scenarios to explore!

    The dialog has problems. Only sometimes, Misaki will say anything unique and hot. For example, when she’s already an experienced whore, if you have sex with hubby, Misaki will ask “Is it in yet?” Ouch! She needs bigger cocks now!

    Many scenes have repetitive dialogue about paternity fraud. At least half of all scenes in the game, Misaki says something like “Impregnate me and I’ll lie to my husband! We’ll raise your child for you!” It’s only taboo for the first ten times.


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    I've found the problem with Asian sex is that you're horny again an hour later.
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