Jacuzzi Judas Goat

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    Jacuzzi Judas Goat
    TJ Ryder


    I was working the weekend day shift at Club Mandingo when a

    regular I knew came over with an ingratiating grin and I knew

    he was looking for a favor. I am supposed to be one of the

    beach boys delivering towels and drinks to the mostly white

    couples cuz theyr'e the ones who pay all the bills but on the

    other hand anything that gets black cock into white pussy is
    part of my job description.

    Tyrone waited by the tiki bar until I returned with my

    empty tray. He's a big, hung, black bull and usually hangs
    with a couple uglier horndogs who use him as point man.

    "Hi my man!" he smiled.

    "What's up, Tyrone?"

    "Well dere's a cute white gal in the family section!"

    "Lots of em!" I said.

    "Yeah well, speshully this one!"

    "I can't give you an introduction because I haven't met her


    "C'mon, ah show you!"

    I told the bartender this is business and he scowled but
    I walked out with Tyrone which would normally be kind of an odd

    couple someplace else. Tyrone being 6-6 and muscled-up with

    ten pounds of meat swinging and me being a typical staff sissy

    which is 5'5, 125 lbs, earrings, eye shadow, maid cap and a

    plastic chastity ring over my little penis and balls. Plus
    garter belt and hose. A white couple passed us and the woman
    gaped and sighed at Tyrone's

    swinging package and I could have been in a chicken suit and

    she wouldn't have noticed.

    The family section did not have a bar and had some rules

    like no public sex but it was still clothing optional. It
    was usually a place to dump the kids

    while the adults played. As Tyrone went up a flight of
    stairs I asked where we were going.

    "From the room balcony!" he said.

    Inside the single room his two big buddies waited with grins

    and half hardons, both also naked. Brutus was around 30 and

    had a fat gut but a huge pair of hairy black balls.
    Mustapha was like a tattooed black weightlifter. Of course it

    was technically a violation because 3 people aren't supposed to

    share a single but they knew I wouldn't say
    anything. They called themselves the Three Horsemen cuz they

    loved flipping young white virgins to black cock in just one

    weekend. Mustapha was peeking through the blinds down
    at the pool area. I didn't have to have her pointed out.

    An absolutely luscious blonde teenager in a thong bikini
    was getting out of the pool, and walking past some other kids

    and heading for the jacuzzi.

    Tyrone wanted to point her out and I said I knew already.

    "Should I even ask if she's legal?"

    "Acshually," Mustapha smiled, being the leader, "she is!
    Odderwise Ah bring mah fifteen year ol cousin Lamar in but he

    in juvie right now anyway!"

    "Is she with anyone?"

    "White trash parents, they in the swinger section playin

    dere own game!"

    "So, why am I here?"

    "We was checkin her out soons we got here, an everytime
    a black buck moves close she just smiles and leaves. We don't

    want to waste Tyrone's first move. We need the ole
    Judas Goat, boy!" he said with a gold grin.

    My shoulders sagged as I sighed.

    "It would be better to work an introduction through the


    Tyrone shuddered at that. "She a fat, bleach-blond slag.
    Ah cain't even think of fuckin that!" I watched her gorgeous
    body slip into the jacuzzi.

    "Okay, I'll give it a shot for a little while. But I have

    to change my image!" Tyrone was a nice guy but kind of dumb

    and he asked why.

    "I have to look somewhat like a classmate!" We sissies are

    usually ten years older than we look which is convenient, as I

    went into the bathroom and slipped off my ear and nipple rings,

    removed my tongue stud, washed off my eye shadow, and stipped

    off my garter belt and hose and maid cap.

    I was about 18 again except for one little thing. Walking

    back out I asked Mustapha if he had his burglar kit with him!

    He got defensive, asking why, and then smiled as I pointed

    down at my chastity cage and its tiny padlock.

    As he knelt down and worked on the padlock I asked Tyrone if

    he had something I could wear as a bathing suit.

    When the padlock was opened, I stood up, automatically

    erecting after being restrained, getting snickers and smiles
    from the hung studs around me, and I used Mustapha's

    switchblade to cut down Tyrone's sheer white speedo into

    something I could wear. He didn't like me doing it but didn't

    say anything. I also took a towel and put it over my arm.

    "How'd you know you ah had a kit?" Mustapha asked.

    "It's written all over your back. And by the way, I'm still
    an employee of the club, Mustapha!" He really didn't like that

    but I like my job here more.

    "Dis de one place on de panhandle we leave alone, struth!"

    I just nodded, Tyrone said I looked great. I asked him to
    walk down with me.

    "Look, Tyrone, this calls for slow and easy. If you see me
    lay my towel over that chair by the jacuzzi, you come on down
    and I introduce you. If she's not interested I'm just coming

    back up to get my stuff!" He nodded. Security is real tight

    at the Mandingo. The huge, black lifeguard had been keeping

    his eye on that girl along with maybe half the staff.

    I walked casually over to the jacuzzi, the girl watching out

    of the corner of her eye, and smiled finally. I smiled back.

    I just gaped at her curves in her tiny thong, and slipped
    into the hot water. It felt good, not too hot. I had to make

    the first and second moves, but eventually she talked. She was

    bored and shy, I could tell right away, and I would have told

    the guys to forget it if she wasn't wearing that thong. She

    was from some tiny southern town in Alabama, her folks liked

    clothing optional beaches she confided.

    "So, youv'e been to places like the Mandingo before!"

    "'Not so much like this. Since I was small, but well, there

    aren't any places in Alabama like this. There are nudist

    beaches there, but not much, well," she lowered her voice,

    "race mixing!"

    I smiled. "And your parents are in the club section

    She hesitated, nodding. "Mom's idea, but daddy's gotten to
    like it too! They couldn't do this in our hometown!" she

    explained. "Your'e the first white boy near my age!"

    "Oh I'm a little bit older!"

    "Really, I just assumed you were with your parents?" She
    was a little puzzled for good reason. She was too shy to

    explain, and it brought this pretty blush. She was just

    "Are you in the service?" Lots of the young bucks are navy

    or army.

    "In the service of the Club, I work here! I'm just on

    break now!" I half lied. I probably would get docked this
    time on my card.

    Her small hand went to her open mouth as she gasped and
    half smiled. She giggled then. "Oh, that explains it!"

    I laughed with her, a little embarassed myself.
    She looked at me a little closer then, down to my package,
    wearing the kind of bathing suit designed to emphasize either
    size or smallness. A half smile she tried to hide.

    "I understand your confusion." I said. "I mean, Why would
    a white boy who looked like me vacation at a place catering
    to white women who come here for black men?" She was surprised
    I was so honest, I could see, wondering where this was going.

    "I'm surprised your'e so up front about it" she added after

    a pause, " All the white boys in my town would just go rabid
    if they saw me with a black man!" She paused and smiled, "but

    your'e not like any white boy in my town!"

    "There are probably white boys in your town, but they have

    to play the role, you know. But what I like about the Mandingo

    is people can be themselves!"

    She smiled, "It's like the commercial about Vegas, then!"

    "Yes, a little different maybe!"

    "I should have noticed. You have a trace of eye shadow.
    and, oh yes, pierced ears, and (giggle) nipples!" She looked
    down and bit her lip. "Don't you boys normally wear a ...!"

    "Chastity belt!" I smiled, "I took it off for my break!"

    "I didn't know you could...where is it? I'd like to see


    I wasn't sure where to go with that but decided on a

    variation of the truth. "I leave it up in a friend's room
    when I go on break!"

    "So that allows you, to...!"

    "Get a hardon, like you saw me do when I met you!"

    She giggled, blushing a little.

    "Of course, " she smiled, 'I did, but (giggle) the hardons
    Iv'e seen here are a lot easier to notice! Oh, I'm sorry I
    said that!" She did make me wince a little but also get
    a little pumped.

    "Don't be sorry! That's the Mandingo Motto!"

    "Thank you, oooh, now that you say it, your'e, well...!"

    Looking at her delightful breasts as she turned, and that
    incredible white firm butt in her thong, she knew why.

    'Just looking at you makes me hard. Of course, you didn't
    know a white boy would be down here, so when you put that on
    you did that knowing you'd be seeing big black boys, didn't you?"

    She bit her lip in a typically girl fashion, half smiling.

    We introduced ourselves then, me using my real name and she
    was of course Charlene, reminding me of an old flame who went
    black of course.

    "Well," she confided, pleased at my rampant small erection
    in my tiny panties as she deliberately arched her breasts
    at me, "I did think, perhaps this weekend, maybe, but,
    (lowering her voice) I don't know how to even talk to a
    black boy. Iv'e never done it back home!"

    "It's easy, just open your mouth and talk!"

    "But, theyr'e sooo big, huge, and, well, you know," she
    said pointedly looking down at my crotch, "different!" Her
    eyes wandered over to a black man walking by naked, his swinging
    dick, as she smiled over at her. He didn't come in because he
    was checking on his interracial children in the kiddie pool.

    "So you need some help?" I said innocently, "I know some
    black guys if you want to talk to one!"

    "You do?... well of course I guess that's your job, but..!"

    I casually folded my towel over the back of the chair.
    "Oh sure, my friend Tyrone's coming down pretty soon, you'll
    like him!"

    "Is he... you know...(smile) nice?" she said.
    "Would you stay with us?" she asked. I promised I would.
    At least until she took the first black cock, and then it
    would be Brutus and Mustapha taking turns on this gorgeous
    white teen with those beautiful big swaying firm breasts
    and that pert peach bottom.

    'Yes," I said honestly, "big, muscular, good looking,
    and hung like a horse!" Her hand went up to her mouth
    hiding her smile. I saw her nipples stiffen as she shimmied
    in the water. I got harder as I thought that in a few hours
    I'd be slurping negroe studjuice from her sweet stretched cunt,
    and by tomorrow she'd be a three-hole, black-only slut who'll
    never look at a white cock for the rest of her life!

    continued at midnightx.com/

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