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    We lived next door to K and J for about two years, watched NASCAR races, football games, had BBQs, adult night out, etc.; pretty much a typical next door neighbor thing, with some sexual innuendos thrown in. My wife and I averaged about one MMF every other month, and only one of the guys was a regular. R and I were pretty sure K&J were into swinging since each had made passes at us, they not knowing we tell each other everything. K worked an 8 to 5 job and J worked 4 – ten hours days, and was off on Fridays.
    After a little over two years, I took a new position out of state and a time zone later, and we made plans to move. Since I was to start in early March, R would stay behind with the kids and the movers to pack the house, with the move scheduled at the end of the school year in late May.
    K and J invited over a bunch of our friends and threw us a going away party. Late in the party, I noticed J and R had disappeared, but I was too busy to worry about it. When we got home that night R told me she was using the bathroom in J’s master bedroom and he stopped her when she was leaving. To say I was startled was an understatement. I always thought J was all talk and no action, so it did surprise me a bit. R quickly understood what I was thinking and said no, let me finish. J just grabbed my ass and said after you are gone he has me to himself. Ok, this was more like the J I had come to know.
    I told R, the only way J is going to make a move is for you to do it. To which she replied, “Well, I’ll need to vent my sexual frustrations out somehow.†I, of course, told her to “go for itâ€.
    After I moved to the new house and job, R and I would talk on the phone every night. In the course of our conversations, K and J would inevitably be mentioned, and I would always ask if J had made his move yet. R would always say no, but if he does, I’ll let you know. As a good hotwife husband, I always encouraged her to make the first move.
    About 3 weeks after I moved, I made my usual call and R started the conversation off with a “you’re not going to believe this…†It seems J was heading to work as R was returning home from dropping the kids off at school. J asked R what her plans for the day were and she replied that her first item was a shower. To which J replied, “Darn, if you had gotten here 30 minutes ago we could have taken one together.â€
    R replied, “You can take another one with me if you want.†J said, “I wish, but I have to go to work, but I’m off tomorrow, I’ll take a rain check†and laughed nervously as he got into his car.
    I got an instant hard on and asked R what she was going to do. She replied, “He won’t come over tomorrow, so probably nothingâ€. I said, “Well, do YOU want to fuck him and feel his cock and cum inside you? She hesitated a few seconds and said, “Yeah, I think so, if you are ok with itâ€. I responded, “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if I weren’t. If he doesn’t come over tomorrow morning, why don’t you go over there and make the offer.†She said she’d think about it and my hopes dimmed since would be her first time solo.
    The next morning about 8:30, my cell phone rang and it was R, which is unusual since she doesn’t call me at work very often. In any case, I answered and said, “What’s up?†She replied, “Not much, just wanted to let you know, I just had dessert for breakfast and I want to let you know it was very goodâ€. My clerk, Ken sat outside my office door and I knew he could hear everything, but I HAD to know the details. With my heart racing and I asked, “What happenedâ€?
    R then told me the story. She took a shower before taking the kids to school and put on a nice skirt, blouse, garter belt, stockings, matching lace bra and panties. When she got home, J’s car was in the driveway, but he wasn’t outside. So she walked over and knocked on his door, which opened almost immediately, and she said, “I thought you were going to take a shower with me this morning.â€? J replied that he didn’t really think she was serious, to which R responded, “Well if you aren’t interested, I’ll go home and get some packing inâ€. J quickly invited her in and just stood there, so R walked over and got close enough so her C cup breasts were touching his chest and French kissed him while she grabbed his swollen cock and said, “I think this means you are glad to see meâ€. At this point she said J took over; quickly unbuttoning her blouse with one hand and sliding his hand up her skirt with the other. The blouse was off in seconds, followed by her bra, skirt and panties. Clothed only in her garter, stockings and heels, R tried to protest that he was still clothed and what about their shower? He told her they had time for those later and while feeling her up, he backed her up to his lazyboy and sat her down, lifting her legs to the arms of the chair and positioning himself on his knees with his face to her pussy. Spreading her lips, he licked her until she came. I asked her how it was and she told me he did it different than I did but was just as good.
    At this point I thought I was going to stroke out; in my office, the door open and my clerk outside listening to the conversation and I can’t ask any of the questions I REALLY wanted to ask.
    While she recovered, he removed his clothes and told her he wanted to face the chair back on her knees. When her pussy was positioned for him, he slipped his cock into her soaked pussy and with his hands on her hips, he started to bang her. After a few minutes, J slid his hands forward and grabbed her tits, using them to drive himself deep in her pussy. Thoughtful of me, she told me while J was about 2†shorter and not as thick as I am, he made up for it when he shot his load of about a gallon of cum into her pussy, causing her to explode again. She then traded places with him, taking his dick into her mouth sucked him hard again. I knew from experience how much feeling a soft cock get hard in her mouth turns her on, so I knew she wasn’t finished.
    She told J she wasn’t finished with HER shower yet and straddled his dick. Again from experience, when she rides cowboy, she her goal is self gratification, and she is going to ride hard until she cums. With J’s hands on her tits, she started to ride him. As she built toward climax, her motion sent the Lazyboy back to the reclined position, while putting her tits in his mouth. While he was sucking on her tits, she continued to ride him until she started to cum and he chose that point to empty another load into her pussy while she was jerking from her orgasm, and she went over again.
    I now I’m sitting at my desk in physical pain and she goes on to finish the story. J pushes her to the floor, spreads her legs and licks out her cream pie. When she cums again, he spreads her lips and fucks her missionary. She tells me J really enjoyed the way her tits bounced as her was fucking her, shortly after he exploded again inside her.
    She said at that point, both were pretty spent and started to get dress. J said, “What about our showerâ€? R replied, “I guess we’ll have to take one tomorrowâ€.
    At that point she said, “Well, that was my breakfast, how was yours�
    We chatted a few more minutes and hung up. As I put my phone away, Ken, my clerk came in and said is everything ok at home?†Hiding my hard on under my desk, I replied, “Just fine, R was telling me she tried a new place for breakfast this morningâ€. Ken then said, “How was itâ€? I told him, “Must have been pretty good, I think she is going to go back tomorrow.â€
    She went back many more times for dessert before she moved out with me. Funny thing, J’s family is from near where we have moved and he always stays at least a night or two at our house when he cums to visit his family. I’ve rattled on so I’ll save those stories for another time, but as a teaser, I will say J was the only Bull that shamed me.
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    great story. waiting to hear more.
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    Ok, so the story doesn't end there.

    This morning while I was in the shower, R told me J called her to tell her he was driving out to visit relatives and wanted to know if we wanted to get together for dinner. Which means it will be dinner and R for dessert as he usually spends the night in the guest bedroom and bangs R long and hard after I go to bed. He knows I can hear his balls slapping on her ass through the walls, then sends her out with her pussy stretched and filled with his cum to let me know she was a proper lady of the house entertaining her guest. The last time he spent the night she came back with his cum dripping down the inside of he thighs. I'll update after his visit.
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    Damn that is a HOT story please share more
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    Haven't posted in a LONG time and decided to post about getting shamed by J.

    A year or so after R moved out here with me J called R and said he was coming to town in a few days and R immediately invited him to stay at our house. J readily agreed. When I asked he if she invited him, did he mention sex? She said no, they didn't discuss it and probably nothing would happen.

    J arrived early on a week night and we picked him up at the airport. R wore a blouse and skirt, but nothing too revealing. Since it was dinner time, we stopped on the way home to get a bite to eat. The hostess at the restaurant asked if we wanted a table or booth. R told he a booth. When the hostess lead us to our booth, I sat down and R slid in on J's side. I didn't say anything, but J had a big smile on his face.

    During the meals their hands closest to each other pretty much stayed under the table, except when needed to eat. I was pretty sure I knew what was going on under the table, so I slid my cell phone out, checked an invisible message, then took a picture under the table in their direction. I told them I was going to the restroom and left the table. When I got to the restroom, I checked the picture, and while it was very dark (no flash), I could tell his hand was up her skirt and her's in his lap.

    When we got to our house we all sat together on the couch talking, after a few drinks J asked if we both had to work the next day. R said no, as she works flex hours, and I said yes. J then said, well we don't want to keep you up too late then we'll just stay up a bit longer. I couldn't believe it! I was being dismissed and sent to bed. R said, "I'll be up in a bit. I felt my face heat up, so I know I turned red, but I got up and went to my room, closed the door, got undress and got into bed. I felt so ashamed, and then I realized J just established himself as the bull and I was a cuck.

    Within 15 minutes I heard then come upstairs and go into the guest bedroom next door to ours. I heard voices, but they were too quiet to understand what they were saying. Then I heard that bedroom door close and wondered if R were coming to bed. I realized she was, just not to ours. I lay there in bed with a raging hard-on trying to hear what was happening next door. I could barely hear them, but it was obvious they weren't talking, so I could only imagine what was going on next door. Over the next hour or so I tried to sleep, but my imagination was working overtime and I began to wonder if R was going to spend the night next door. Just a few minutes later I could hear two bodies slapping together, obviously having hard, deep sex. I was going crazy wondering what he was doing to her, but I just laid there and listened.

    I don't know how long he fucked her, it seemed like it went on for hours, but after a while it got quiet. A few minutes later, I heard the guest bedroom door open, then my door opened. I had left the nightlight on and when I turned over, R was closing our bedroom door holding her clothes in her arms. She saw I was awake, and said sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I told her I hadn't been able to sleep, and she said she didn't think they were that noisy. She dropped her clothes to the floor and came over to the bed and leaned over to kiss me. Before she did, she said, "J was sorry about hinting (HA!) about you going to bed, but he doesn't want a 3some." While she was kissing me, I ran my hand up inside her thigh and she had cum drizzling almost to her knee. As I ran my hand up to her pussy, it was soaked. I almost exploded then and there! She shuddered and asked if I needed some relief. I said yes, and when she got into bed, she reached down and found my rock solid cock. She said, I'm still horny, put this into me.

    She spread her legs as I climbed on top and then moaned as I slid up into her well used, cum filled pussy. While I really wanted to enjoy the feel for a while, she whispered in my ear how J made her cum over and over, then fucked her doggy style until he exploded in her pussy, with what she thought was a gallon of cum. I might have lasted another 2 or 3 strokes, but then I exploded inside her pussy.

    As I drifted off to sleep, R kissed me and said, "since you are working tomorrow, I'm probably going to have breakfast in bed."

    As a side note, J is coming into town tomorrow night and spending a few nights with us. When R told me, I said, "J is spending a few nights with you and I'll get sent to bed.."

    But since I can't be in the room, I bought a clock with a hidden camera inside. It is set up and ready for J's visit tomorrow.
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    mmm..nice story...
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    Great story! My wife and I have a similar set up, however when her boyfriend spends the night, she doesn't fuck me. Her pussy is all his.

    It is also ME in the guest room, while they enjoy the master bedroom.

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