It turned out to be an awesome weekend

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    So, this past weekend Ricky got back home after close to two months of being on the road for work. It was great to see him and to catch up. Anyone who has followed our adventures knows Ricky is our "live in boyfriend" of many years and the three of us share our bed and lives openly. It is a great relationship.

    Sunday evening we were home and just hanging out. My wife was wearing a pink sleeveless top that has straps over the shoulders and a pair of white shorts with a pair of regular daily wear panties underneath. Last evening she and Ricky are sitting on the couch close to each other and talking.

    A friend of mine who had no idea about our living arrangement or sex life shows up around 7. I had been watching his small dog over the last week while he was traveling. My wife has always thought he as hot but for whatever reason there was never any sexual action. Joel is 29 and in good shape. My wife had talked to him about sex before but he always insisted he was a virgin and was waiting on the "right girl" when she would ask him about dating. She was always amazed that he could do without.

    I invited Joel inside and gave him a beer introducing him to Ricky. Joel sat in a recliner across from the couch. I sat back down beside my wife as Ricky had his hand rubbing her bare thigh. I could see Joel with a confused look on his face at this but he sat and talked. I was feeling like being playful so I also began to rub my wife's thigh next to me. I got Joel three more beers as he seemed mesmerized at the interaction between Ricky and my wife. Ricky and I had the same idea and we sat slowly going further and further as Joel watched us with his eyes wide. We slowly got my wife completely undressed and sitting naked between us. We got her legs and put one leg over each of our laps spreading her wide open to Joel's gaze. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was glistening wet. We both played with her hard nipples and fingered her as Joel watched.

    She finally asked Joel if he would like to join in and without hesitating Joel was up and standing in front of her. She ended up with Joel and us all naked and as Joel sat on the couch she got up on his lap and took his dick into her wet pussy. Joel shot his load almost as soon as he was inside her. Joel did not end up leaving that night until after midnight.
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    How fucking erotic!! An at-home MFMMM night!!!!!

    I hope for your sake that your hot but virginal young friend Joel is bisexual too. Have you ever fellated him?
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    Up to Sunday evening we had never even seen each other naked or discussed anything about our lifestyle. There was no m/m interaction Sunday.
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    So, I am back out on the road today and be back home Thursday evening. Hate to leave while Ricky is in town and back home but work always gets in the way of pleasure.

    It was a fantastic weekend, I had no idea that my husband and Ricky were doing on Sunday night but I went along. Joel is a nice looking guy, can't believe I was his first. he went three times and never over 5 or 6 minutes. It has been a while since I had a young man with little experience but it was still hot as hell for me. I hope I did not fuck up his brain lol.
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    It's great that "nice looking" young Joel went three times with you and that it was hot as Hell for you. Just like a Young Gun!

    Never mind that he's inexperienced and ejaculated in under 5 to 6 minutes each time. Being young he no doubt shot copiously, at least first time up. You can be reasonably sure that with or without careful guidance from you and your husband he will last longer and cum more heavily and often next time and very likely get you off even more satisfyingly than last weekend.

    Set your heart on enjoying Joel to his very hilt and everything including his youngman's sperm will go swimmingly.
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    Update, just got back from dropping Ricky off at the airport and he is headed to Manila and will be back in 6 - 8 weeks. Hated to see him go again this time but life goes on.

    With Ricky here we have not seen Joel again since that one night but will have to give him a call or text and see what he thought or how he is doing.
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