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    Hello to everybody here. My wife and I are in our late 30’s and live in the UK. Here is my story.

    A friend of ours (who is a single parent) was having some serious medical issues and had to go into hospital for surgery that would mean they could not care for their 16 year old son.
    Since she did not have any close family living locally, and was concerned about her son’s college study, she asked if her son could stay with us for a month or so while she had the surgery and recuperated. Being kind hearted and wanting to help a good friend my wife and I agreed. I was unaware at the time that my cuckold fantasy was about to come true.

    During his stay with us (the teenager was called Deon) my wife and I made sure he kept up with his study and out of trouble. I forgot to mention that Deon and his father are black. We live in a predominately white neighbourhood and at first the neighbours were a bit wary of this young black teen and considered him a drug dealer or some sort of gangster. After a few weeks this subsided and Deon was treated just like any other teen boy and not due to his skin colour.

    One morning my wife asked me to take Deon’s cleaned clothes up to his room. Upon knocking and entering I was confronted by Deon naked in the middle of putting his clothes on. I just stared at this naked teen in front of me – I say teen but he had the body of a man. He had what looked like 6 inches of flaccid cock, a big black pubic bush, a big set of low hangers which complimented his big soft cock, a 6-pack of well defined abs and big muscular biceps and leg muscles. I must have been staring for a few minutes before Deon asked me if I have had a good look! I just looked up into his eyes and muttered that I had his clean clothes. “Oh thanks man†he said. I was dumbstruck for a few minutes more and was thinking that this was a 16 year old who was more manly then me and had the equipment to prove it! Deon looked at me puzzled and asked if I was alright. This shook me out of my malaise and for no apparent reason I said that I bet the girls must love him! He laughed and said that he had no problems with the girls, and I just nodded. Deon that mentioned that I bet my wife was a very happy woman with me around and that I must give it to her lots!

    For no apparent reason I said no and that if all 16 year olds were like him no wonder older woman liked the younger guy for sex! He turned his head, smiled and let out a laugh, and made an off-the-cuff remark that if my wife was lonely at night she could visit him. He then hit my arm and put on his under garments. I smiled back at him and left the room.

    That night I awoke after dreaming about a cuckold story I had read on Literotica about a black man fucking a white wife and making the husband a cuckold. As I lay there with a hard on I started to masturbate and though about how in the spare bedroom there was a teen boy who was far more manly then I could ever be. I wondered how my wife would respond if I told her that I was a little boy in comparison to Deon; how Deon was a real man and could prove it!

    Part 2

    After a few weeks Deon was beginning to get a bit more comfortable with living with my wife and I. It became a regular Saturday afternoon habit of Deon to play video games in our front lounge. AS it was summer all he wore was a pair of shorts. In my mind I was conflicted as here was a 16 year old boy showing off his manly body that put mine to shame, but I did not know what to say or whether I should ask him to wear a top. My wife commented on a few occasions that she bet Deon had broken a few girls’ hearts and would make any woman happy. I felt embarrassed and humiliated by these comments. However, this never stopped me from masturbating every night about Deon fucking my wife and making me a cuckold as in those Literotica stories.

    For the last year or so since reading the literotica stories I have encouraged my wife to wear clothes that show off her curves. She was also happy to please me and do so. The low cut tops accentuated her tits and made them look bigger then the 36c they were. Although my wife has gained some weight since we married it was not enough to keep her from having a curve to her arse and hips that accentuated her child bearing charms.

    Since Deon had arrived my wife had reverted back to wearing clothes that covered her body. However, as soon as I had started masturbating about my wife and Deon together I had encouraged her to go back to wearing her low tops and short skirts. She was reluctant at first but with persistence and encouragement she started to wear what I had asked.

    Of course Deon noticed and I watched as every time they chatted Deon’s eyes lowered every now and gain to the swell of my wife’s tits. This gave me such a hard-on I thought it was going to burst lol. On morning I went into the kitchen after my shower and stood there at the site in front of me. My wife was stood over the sink basin while Deon was underneath. It was obvious that he was taking flirtive looks up my wife’s skirt –I just hoped she was wearing panties! My wife must have heard me come in and said “hiâ€. She must have seen the puzzled look on my face and added that the sink was blocked and Deon had helpfully offered to clear it for her. I though ‘I bet he did’!

    “All done†Deon said and stood up. Obviously I had ruined his fun and he was making a strategic withdrawal. My wife ran the tap water and said “thanks†and gave Deon a hug and a little kiss on his cheek! I was in shock. My wife had never kissed Deon before. Deon smiled as he passed me and left the kitchen. I put my arms around my wife and she turned and I kissed her passionately. I thought about what Deon had seen and so I put my hand up my wife’s skirt. “Shitâ€!â€!!!! My wife was not wearing any panties and Deon had just seen her pussy! A married white wife’s pussy! “Oh my, we are excited†my wife said as she looked into my eyes. I could only groan with the excitement of it and the humiliation of knowing that Deon had seen my wife’s pussy that before only I have seen for the last 10 years!

    Part 3

    We had gone and seen our friend in hospital and she mentioned she the doctors had told her she could go home tomorrow. However, she needed to take it easy. She asked how Deon was behaving and before I could speak my wife said that he was the perfect gentleman and so helpful and kind. Our friend seemed happy with this, and before I could ask her when she wanted Deon home my wife stepped in and said that we would be happy to have Deon stay with us for a few weeks longer if she wanted to give her time to recuperate further. I was stunned by this as my wife had not mentioned it before. I just nodded my head and said that would be a good idea. MY wife looked at me and smiled, and that was that – all agreed. Deon would be spending another 2 weeks with us.

    That night I again awoke after having a dream about Deon fucking my wife in our bed while I watching through a gap in the bedroom door. I was near finishing when my wife stirred and turned around with a smile on her face. “My we are a little wanker aren’t we†she said. This shocked me and before I could speak I started cumming – all over my stomach. I got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I returned my wife asked me why I was masturbating every night and not making love to her? I did not know what to say, then she dropped the bombshell –“is it because Deon has seen my pussyâ€? My jar hit the floor, as I lay there not sure how to reply. “I know you have been looking at those cuckold stories and decided to give you a thrillâ€. Wow!!†My wife had showing her pussy on purpose! “so, whyâ€? Was all I could muster. “Deon had mentioned to him that you had seen him naked and asked if al teen boys were bigâ€. “Whatâ€! I replied. “Deon had said whatâ€? “oh come on I know most men are worried about the size of their cocks and think us girls love big cocks.. also isn’t Deon a hunkâ€. I could only agree. As I lay there for a few minutes I asked my wife if she found Deon attractive. She replied that most women would, and then she inquired about what I was thinking when I masturbated. I thought for a few minutes and decided honestly was the best policy -I fantasize about Deon taking you and making you hisâ€. My wife raised herself onto one elbow looking at me, listening attentively, before asking –“do you want me to fuck Deonâ€? I could only reply –“yesâ€. My wife lay back. We were in silence for what seemed ages before my wife asked –“how would we do itâ€? She raised herself back onto one elbow and continued –“you know he will probably fuck me for a while, knock me up and then move on to another little bitchâ€? I asked how she knew that. She kissed me on the forehead and replied –“because silly Deon and I have been talking about his girlfriends – he is a bit of stud you know –he told me he has had sex with 4lots of women, some of them marriedâ€! This made my cock twitch and was not missed by my wife –“OK, if you want Deon to stick his big cock in me how do we do itâ€â€?

    I thought for a while and told her to go to eth bathroom and on the way back knock on Deon’s door and asked him if there is anything he wants. My wife smiled –“are you sureâ€? she asked –“once I do it we cannot undo itâ€? I smiled and looking at my wife said “go for itâ€.

    Now my wife wears a nightly and panties in bed. So, as she left our bedroom Deon would be looking at her bare tits through her nightly. He would see her tits now to go with her pussy he saw earlier! As I lay there waiting for my wife to return, I began to notice a creaking, a soft squeaking sound. I could not place it and at first wondered if it came from next door. I then thought this cannot be so because next door neighbours are a couple in their 70’s and I doubt if they would be having energetic sex - I have not heard them before!! The creaking, squeaking sound started to be rhythmic and continuous. All of sudden I started to hear my wife moans and the groans and grunts of a male –Deon! The rhythmic beat started to get louder and then it started. My wife shouting -"You've fucked me, you've really fucked me", as they reached their climaxes I heard my wife shout out –“I love you big black cockâ€! I heard a loud shout from Deon. No doubt that he was spurting thick cum into my wife’s pussy. I wondered if he was wearing a condom; but then started to masturbate thinking about him bare backing my wife and his virile sperm heading towards my wife’s womb and her egg and my wife having a black baby!!

    I was soon shooting another jet of cum over myself! I heard the taps in the bathroom and then the splash of water. After a few minutes my wife walked back into our bedroom and as she started to get back into our bed. She looked sheepish, but I grabbed her and gave her a hug and a kiss. She looked at me half in shock and half in shame and guilt. I spoke –“did he wear a condomâ€. My wife shook her head. I smiled and hugged and kissed my wife again – “I guess we could handle a baby in the houseâ€. My wife looked into my eyes and gave me a slow smile. I kissed her again. As I started to get out of bed my wife asked me where I was going -“I am going to the bathroom and I want you to get Deon and sleep with him in our bedâ€. My wife looked puzzled, but as I walked out of our bedroom she soon followed me and went into Deon’s bedroom. I gave them a few minutes and pushed open Deon’s door. The bed was crumped but he was not there. I then heard the creaking, soft squeaking rhythmic sound once more. It was emitting from our bedroom. I lay in bed listening attentively and realised that Deon was sexually satisfying my wife in a way I could not - I knew that this 16 year old stud had taken my wife.

    I was humiliated as I knew that this young man had made me a cuckold and my wife had allowed it to happen with my permission. But you know, the excitement and thrill of making my fantasy a reality was overwhelming and I started to wonder how we could explain to the neighbour how my wife had a black baby?

    Part 4

    This arrangement continued for another 2weeks. The neighbours started to give sly, flirtive,
    embarrassed looks. No doubt the screams and shouts of my wife and Deon were heard by them.

    I think it become even my obvious when I started to act a bit submissive around Deon and my wife. Deon and my wife were touchy feely when in public and if no-one knew would think they were married and I was a visitor or friend!

    The last Saturday Deon was with us, we went for a picnic, cause the weather was nice,. As my wife and Deon walked hand in hand with each other in the park I walked behind them carrying the bags, they were walking like couple whom I was following. They were making jokes and they had fun, and I was ignored. Nothing else happened but it made me feel like a real cuckold, and not a fictitious character in a story.

    Once Deon had gone back home to live with his mother so the fucking stopped. We heard that Deon had hooked up with a girl his age –and no doubt she was enjoying his big black cock that had been inside my wife!

    Tease or truth: My wife took a pregnancy test the day Deon returned home. Anybody else’s white wife been black bred?
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    This is incredible. Tell us more!
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    My wife was. GTR
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    Yes, my wife gave birth to her beautifully athletic 23 year-old black live-in lover's first child (a boy) last year. Early this month with my agreement he fucked her bare exclusively of me for upwards of 15 times without protection during her most fertile 5 days. All the signs are that he has impregnated her again. We're looking forward to having that confirmed by testing a week from now.
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    michael1987, for your sake I hope the test is positive. As you already know it is a wonderful time for a wife when she is pregnant. GTR
  6. michael1987

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    Thank you! It's a wonderful time for me too, especially having witnessed her being so beautifully fucked multiple times by my buddy in her fertile time and knowing for sure that the baby is his. Of course I am also benefiting from the present upping my wife's libido which is making her want me to fuck her more than usual, but not as often as my buddy at present. He is still her much-preferred lover and enjoying her immensely.
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    It may sound strange, but witnessing the babymaking with my wife lying back in my arms was so thrilling and fulfilling for me that at times I found myself imagining if not exactly wishing that my buddy was impregnating not only her but me too. It was very trippy.

    Him and I having been much more actively and openly bisexual with one another than ever before in the presence of my wife over the last few weeks also seems to have dissolved pretty much every prior psycho-erotic gender boundary between him and her and me, and we are totally loving it.

    It's dizzyingly hot, especially for my buddy who over the last few weeks has become much more aware of the importance of the homosexual dynamic in our sharing of my wife and together with her has hugely enjoyed my open admiration and physical adoration of him in his babymaking role.
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    What a fantastic story! It was only marred by the bad formatting issues that made parts difficult to read. Otherwise, it was a stunning account of your first cuckolding! Thanks for sharing!
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    Your description of Deon's 16 year-old physique reminds me vividly of my bisexual buddy's when I first met him when he was was 17. When I introduced him to my wife 2 years later he was so manly, even fully clothed, that she took him for at least 23 (his present age).

    Some black teens have such superb physiques it can be devastating for a husband to watch his wife lasciviously lining one up to fuck her, especially when he is as well-hung as Deon and my buddy are.

    My buddy was nowhere near as cocky as Deon first up, but within a month of his first fucking my wife he had developed into a superb and very confident lover of her. The regular sex he has had with her since then has further developed his initially splendid physique to the point where even I for fear of going out of my mind with lust sometimes have to turn my eyes away from him when he is naked.

    The hottest aspect of this is that he knows but modestly and considerately never takes advantage of the knock-out effect of his beauty on me. With my wife it is different, but he is never the least bit arrogant about the very evident power his extraordinary physical beauty has over her. That is not to say he does not actively and creatively exploit it. He most surely does, and the results of that are always extremely hot to behold.
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