Is our way unusual?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by Rockhead69, May 9, 2016.

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    My wife likes to have steady lovers. Since we started with the lifestyle, about 4 years ago, she has had 3 lovers. She has this guy who has fucked her throughout her 2 previous marriages and is fucking her now, too. He left her 2 times claiming he had had enough, which made her crazy and drove her to find different men to make him jeallous. So she started seeing a co-worker the first time and the second time her manager. Both times her lifetime lover came back to her. They've been back fucking for almost 6 months now, and the grim is back on her face. She says (not to me) she can't live away from his cock and that after all these years she's too used to having him fuck her and fill her with cum. She kept it secret for some time and he would fuck her on her monthly business trips. But it just wasn't enough and as she knew I had known about it for some time she decided to make it obvious, so once when she came back from a 4 day trip, she left all her messed up underwear all cum stained on the counter by the washing machine instead of readly washing them like she used to do...obviously for me to see and make the whole thing clear. For her amazement and, specially, for my own, I grabbed her cummed underwear and washed them for her. She was thrilled. From that moment on she gets fucked by her lifetime lover at least once a week. She doesn't hide it from me anymore, but she doens't talk about it's like to pretend I still don't know or just suspect. It's been like that ever since and we are both pretty happy with the way it is.
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    It’s all right man. A great feeling and a happy couple. I'll keep it this way. Wish my wife goes back to doing the same thing as yours. Everything stopped after she and her steady boyfriend broke up. He got married and moved away :(
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    Every couple

    Every couple has their own way. Once couple had the cuck wash my clothes when I visited them (kids at college) he would even detail my car. He loved cleaning her (it was his "special" treat) and even bought sexy lingerie for her.

    If it turns you on to check out her cum stained panties and you masturbate with them that is cool 2. Every couple is different.

    I have been with a couple where the cuck dressed up as a female and he looked good 2. I don't laugh or humiliate them UNLESS he wants that. Otherwise its all coll bro.
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    I do my wife's boyfriend's laundry when he stays over. I'm semi-retired, and I'd been regularly doing some of the household chores anyway, before she ever met him. When he started staying nights and sometimes weekends, it just seemed normal to do his laundry too, fix his meals as well as ours (I've bought them breakfast in bed several times), help him with computer problems, etc. He travels a lot for his work, and I've picked up his dry cleaning and run other errands for him.

    At the same time, I've discovered I have a less submissive side (I sure can't call it dominant yet, but someday who knows), which I never really thought about until he started coming over. He and I have become pretty good friends, and although he's the privileged guy in her life, I've been able to get some things I've wanted through him. My wife has never liked me watching her make love to other men, and the few times I've caught her through the years, she wasn't comfortable with it.

    After really getting to know her boyfriend, it turns out he was happy to let me watch him take her doggie style. That's something I'd always wanted to see my wife do up close. He sometimes seduces her on the sofa, and I usually leave the room while they're still in the heavy petting stage because I can tell that's what my wife wants. This time I stayed, and my wife kept shooting me looks like it was time for me to go. Her boyfriend said, "Just let him stay, it's no big deal." He ended up taking her doggie on the living room floor and I watched it all. My wife gave us both the silent treatment for awhile, but that was about it as far as I know (neither of them ever told me whether they fought about it in private, but it's possible, knowing them). In any case, my wife is more comfortable with me watching, but I don't overdo it, I still give them a lot of private time.

    As waynerobertson said, it's all cool. You might find yourself wanting things that seem contradictiory, but as long as all parties are on board, just enjoy, and don't get too hung up on the reasons or on whether it's unusual.
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    hey if it works for you guys - really that's all that counts!

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