Interested story writers can join together,form a team and write stories?

Discussion in 'Stories Archive' started by cuckold_wittol, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    Hi Cuckolds and Wittols,
    How about we form a group and write story series?
    We create a gmail or some other id and maintain it ourself.
    We need people who write stories,give ideas,correct the story for mistakes,spellings and grammar.
    But the writer gets the maximum credit.

    #Authors introduce themselves and their countries.
    #Each country has certain parties, occasions and something unique.
    #Stories based on that.

    #Any type of sex and humiliation.
    #Can include mom,wife,gf,sister
    #Dad,Hubby,bf,brother,son finds out but remain silent.
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  2. Mahesh Manasi

    Mahesh Manasi New Member

    I think thats a good idea. Start with some plot. We all will add our ideas.
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  3. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Why not just use the forums here rather than email? Seriously curious if something is missing here that email has to facilitate this idea.
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  4. Kent in Clearwater

    Kent in Clearwater New Member

    I like it, lets do it.
  5. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I'd be happy to contribute if it is in this forum.
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  6. Kent in Clearwater

    Kent in Clearwater New Member

    Okay, I'm gonna take a couple of days to start a story and post it here, hopefully others will contribute.
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  7. Kent in Clearwater

    Kent in Clearwater New Member

    Okay y'all here is the beginning.

    It all started many years ago when I realized that the size of my cock was not up to what is considered average. My wife had never complained and I was not the first in her panties, she had slept with 5 others before me so she had experienced various sizes before we were married. We had two wonderful children who grew up, went to college and became successful in there own right and after they flew the coop to be on there own the old nagging thought came back to me, I really have a little cock.

    We were happy and enjoying life we were comfortable with respect to money and didn't really want for anything....except me wanting to see her with a big cock in pussy. A heart attack in my 50's brought a big change to our lives, we bought a sailboat, sold the house and took off for a cruising lifestyle.

    We had our own blog where we posted our current position, where we had been, where we were going with lots of pictures. Still in the back of my mind was that ongoing wish to see her with another man. Through the blog we received numerous emails from people we didn't know, some were addressed to me others to her. Those addressed to me were of the general sailing type queries, what kind of boat, how was equipped and had we seen any pirates, only Jack Sparrow.

    Her emails were more along the lines of how can you do this, small space, how do you cook, where do you get your food? One of the letters prompted a long back and forth between my wife and a woman in Minnesota, they became friends and when we were in port they would chat using Yahoo Messenger. Over time they started sharing woman stuff and the lady in Minnesota confided that her husband had bragged to his brother that she was a great piece of tail, further he set it up for his brother to fuck her...and she agreed. She asked my wife if she wanted to see a picture of her and her husband, wife agreed and it was sent. The picture of the wife was her laying on her stomach, naked and she had a really nice ass, I told my wife (who was chatting with her) to pass on that she had a very nice ass. Then next comes the picture of the husband, naked, kneeling and leaning back a bit with a magnificent erection, the wife said he measure 8½ “ long and from the picture it appeared to also be thick. I was impressed and my wife's eyes were fixed on what was displayed. Now things got interesting, He get's on the computer and starts talking with my wife andthey are happily chatting away when my wife says I saw your picture (he had no idea his wife sent it so the story goes), and he asked her, “what she thought of it” and my wife said, “she was impressed”, he then asked, “ do you think it's to big for you?” She replied,
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  8. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    Can we bring life on this again?
  9. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Good question CW.

    In my opinion, the aggregated accounts of the menage-a-trois that I have been a member (!) of for the last 6 years and have posted on this forum, are way more erotic and evocative of creative cuckoldry than any fictional work I have read or could dream of thinking up. True Life trumps fantasy every time.

    Even the other male member of our menage, my beautiful bi young buddy, and my ex-wife--now his wife---agree with me.

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