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Has anyone had a friend or bull that intentionally knocked up your wife without your permission

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  1. robb32

    robb32 New Member

    Havebeen thinking lately how hit it is imagining someone knocking up my wife on purpose. Has anyone ever had a friend or coworker knock up your wife without permission just because he had the shot and decided to plant seed? Or your wife tell you later what happened
  2. tractorman

    tractorman Active Member

    My then best friend who was having a long term affair with my wife when she was in her 20s wanted to impregnate her, when the affair was admitted by my wife she didn't deny she liked the idea too and had discussed this with him.
    I had already had the snip so she was fertile and unprotected shame it didn't happen!
  3. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    robb32, my young (18) wife and I actually discussed the subject about the possibility of her getting pregnant before she ever had her first. She couldn't take BC pills and hated condoms, so it could happen anytime. We decided that if she should become pregnant well -so what- and we would have another child. She did become pregnant on 3 different occasions, but miscarried each at around 4 months.

    The last was actually with the black man that was living with us and "sharing" her and the household expenses. She had asked me if he could have exclusive use of her for a few weeks because she wanted to have a child with him, I agreed and after 5 weeks he had bred her. It was very difficult for her when she lost his child and even tho he continued to mount her for over another year she never became pregnant again. GTR
  4. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    Can't really answer this question. Both my wife and I, for a short time, did have a breeding fantasy that would lead to her getting pregnant by a stranger who's name we wouldn't even know and actually allowed strangers to cum in her unprotected during her fertal times. We are now glad that it didn't happen. We also had a pregnancy risk fantasy and allowed all her partners to fuck her bareback for almost 25 years. Again we are now glad that she didn't get pregnant. However..........

    Nine years before I met her, she was regularly getting fucked by her best friends husband. They would meet out in the country and he would fuck her in the backseat of her car until one day her luck ran out and she ended up pregnant. It got pretty messy because his wife was also pregnant. She knew that I loved hearing about certain sexual ecounters she had more than I did others and this one was no exception. She has told me in great detail, many times, about the night she thinks was the time she got pregnant. How they got together twice that day and he fucked her both times with her legs sticking out the door of the car.

    I often fantasize that I am standing outside that door on that day watching his cock pumping up into her and knocking her up.
  5. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    crazy, has your wife ever got with her I'm guessing former best friends husband since she became your wife? GTR
  6. Wife4others

    Wife4others Active Member

    My wife is pregnant now from one of her bulls. Not exactly sure. But was done with my permission.
  7. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    I know he fucked her one or two days before we married, and I think at least once after. But we're talking 30 years ago, and my memory as to who, when, and how many times from way back then isn't the best.
  8. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    crazy, I can certainly relate to the recall problem. I'm able to post about our past due to her journal/diary in which she had dates, where, who, how the "adventure-as she called it" went. She had this little "quirky side" that she if possible would take a picture (if I wasn't there) of a cock that either just had her or was about to have her and she always liked to measure her men. Due to her journal I'm usually able to remember most of the details of who she was with and what she experienced. GTR

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