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  1. jaggu008

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    I am married south Indian. Me and my wife after 2 years of normal married life, I found that wife was seduced by a ckose relative and she started cheaying in me when I conftonted her she didnot decline it and said that he gives her more pleasure and told me about his size. Even though I helt hurt, I was getting an erection.. She noticed it and started telling details of her first encounter and I couldnot control and rjaculated. That man qwas almost teice her age but looks like he had great staying power and she had real orgasm every time she made love to him. This tought of she getting fucked did excite me and she recognised it
    after that she had 4 affairs and now going steady with a young man but with a real cock, which is more than twice my size.
    I am sure there are lot of men loke me in India and hope we can share our views and stories amonst is in this thread:p
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  2. MyDesiShyWife

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    Nice to kow your story brother. I too love to have my shy wife that way.

    Like to chat with you
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    All Indian cuckold couple's kindly get in touch with me initially here and later on phone
  4. Machoindianbull

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    I am a passionate Bull
  5. holedrill

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    i have a wife of 29, she works as an HR, i have a feeliing that she fucks her boss.. but tahts ok.. I am happy if she gets fucked. I dont know how to tell her that she can do it at home instead of hotels and stuffs lie that.. Everytime i thnk of it i get a hard on
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  6. Great to know our indian brother's hot wife plays. Dominant bull here from South India for your wife.
  7. sarah

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    couple swapping and swinging - pls ping me.
  8. vicky2

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    just show her cuckold porn
  9. prasad

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    Guys near pune and Mumbai can contact me for real, safe and discreet encounter.
    My kik id is bunny1792
  10. sarah

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    This is a good thing. Give her the space and im telling you . You willhave the best relationship and companionship in life.
  11. Storm021in

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    Yesssss. Sounds good. I am from Mumbai. Let’s connect

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