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  1. Dominant 28 Year old bisexual top here !
    I am a professional bull for the last five years, Cuckold husbands who are interested in their wife to be pleasured by a real man can contact me !
    Will fuck your wife in your bed bareback as you watch !
    And I am in to breeding also but on the condition that we all are sync with it and want it !

    I am from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu and private message me , will share my contact details so we can get in touch & meet & play !

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    That's a very hot advertisement and personal profile, and one beautiful uncut cock you have there---what I can see of it.

    And you are bisexual? And a Top too? AND into breeding?? Ungggghhhhhhhhh!!!

    Please show us more of your cock and your other youthful assets.

    PS: You don't sound the least bit shy to me, you over-sexed Dark Horse.
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  3. Private message me to know my contact email and I will show my pics there ! I am waiting for Couples in India and Couples who are travelling to India to have a Wild Wet Time with me !
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  4. Bull in Tamilnadu waiting to make your wife have multiple orgasm with my big and thick dick fucking her day and night relentlessly !!
    Husbands who like to see your wife's real slutty side for a big cock, message me and let's chat and meet one fine day and I will make it your best day of your life !

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