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    Welcome, newby cucks and cuckoldresses! Here you will find a supportive vein of advice, experiences and guidance to your master realm of cuckoldry. Don't know where to start? Where to go? Just need general support in fulfilling your cucking goals? Post here!

    The best way to get help is to fully explain your situation. Don't just post "How do I get my wife to fuck other men?" Instead, tell us about how you got to this point. Why do you want this. What have you tried to do so far to make your fantasy into reality? Let us know whether or not you've discussed this with her. If she knows your fantasy, what are her thoughts/actions regarding it so far?

    Let us know as much as you can so you can get personal advice that might help you reach your goal.

    DISCLAIMER: The administrators of assume NO risk or responsibility for the advice you follow in this or any other forums. By reading and/or posting here, you absolve us of any and all responsibility that results from you taking the advice and using it (or not). The advice and experiences here do not necessarily represent the advice, opinions or experiences of the owners/administrators/moderators of, nor are they legal advice.
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