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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kingbull, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Due to rising cost concerns regarding bandwidth, I have been forced to take the Gallery offline for the time being. This site is hosted on a private server which affords great speed and downloading times. However, private servers can come with hefty price tags. The gallery is one of the most frequently visited parts of the site and I regret taking it down, but it is the worst offender where bandwidth and cost is concerned. It is just not financially feasible to sustain it at this time.

    Until now, I've been paying out of pocket for this entire site, which includes the bandwidth hogging gallery, software upgrades, hosting fees, and more. With the gallery taken offline, I predict a significant savings that, up to this point, was all purely coming from my own wallet.

    Not all is lost, however, there are some other solutions available. I've managed to keep the gallery (and this entire site) free since it's inception in October of 2004. So there are some choices:

    1) Make the gallery accessible only to people who have uploaded over 100 pictures as of September 11, 2008 and give access to anyone else who is willing to pay a nominal fee (something ridiculously low, like $3.95 for a month of access).

    2) Decrease and delete files that are uploaded on a daily basis, or every two days.

    3) Have a quota of the amount of images that can be downloaded by users. Perhaps verified users can download more in a day.

    4) Host all pictures uploaded here to a free service offsite, but "looks like" it is hosted at

    In any case, it's the cost I'm no longer willing to shoulder. Furthermore, I will be putting up a donation button on the site and creating a new category for people who donate. If you donate a certain amount to the site, you will receive benefits that Verified Members have (but you won't be able to access the Verified Area). Read the Verified Guidelines section for more information on what you get.

    I know I've said I wouldn't make the site a paysite and I'm trying to avoid that possibility. However, reality has dictated that the gallery be taken offline - at least for now, and at least for a while.

    Lastly, please be patient if the site seems slow. I've had to adjust the server speed to be more accomodating to my finances. If it seems slow, come back later when not as many people are on the site. This is usually between the hours of 03:00:00 and 08:00:00 EST.

    Sorry to do this, but it seems to be the only course of action at the moment.
  2. tranquility9311

    tranquility9311 New Member

    Kingbull, let me speak for all of us when I say you do an utterly MAGNIFICENT job moderating this site, and I, for one, COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the finanical issues you have.

    The gallery was hot; let's not minimize its drawing power.

    But you're a man first, and a moderator second, and I stand with you in support of your decision, and trust other bill paying citizens will do much the same.

    Much Respect, My Friend; Much Respect
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  3. songlines

    songlines New Member

    Picture size?

    I'm wondering if reduced picture size might also help. I'd be willing to delete all the pictures I've posted and repost them at a lower resolution.

    I have pictures of Susan fucking stored on and have provided links in my blog so people could go there as well.

    Let me know,
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  4. syndi

    syndi Sissy Cuckslut

    First, thanks King Bull for hosting this site.

    To me, the primary value of this site is the forum, not the galleries. If the gallery never came back, I would continue to read and post in the forum and post on my blog. Note also that images in posts and blogs are still available, which is great.

    Of the gallery options, the worst would be to reward people for uploading 100 pics, as this would lead to all sorts of harvested junk showing up. Collecting money for gallery access seems reasonable, although people like me would defer as there will always be tons of free homemade porn on the internet. Hosting images on a free site that is funded by ads seems a very reasonable alternative.

    Thanks again for doing such a great job.
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  5. algy_2000

    algy_2000 New Member

    fair enough

    Kingbull - certainly an understandable step. We all live in the real world and have to deal with financial pressures. I'm very grateful to you for running the site as it would obviously be an expensive and time-consuming affair.

    I really enjoy both the forum and gallery on this site. The forum is a) a great source of information and b) hot. Though sometimes I get home and I'm damn tired and can't bear the thought of reading, which is why I love the gallery.

    I'd be happy to make a financial contribution provided that its in the ballpark of the ridiculously low as mentioned. I'm a student and up to my balls in debt :(
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  6. daveryan71

    daveryan71 New Member


    Along with everyone else, I'll add my thanks for all the work that I know it takes to keep this site up and running. You do a great job wtih it, and I'm thankful to have this site in my bookmarks.

    To the point of the expense of the gallery, have you looked into Amazon Simple Storage Service? I've used it to host images and video for a number of web sites and web applications. It's reliable, and considerably less expensive than hosting the images (space AND bandwidth) locally. It's not overly hard to implement so that it appears seamless with the rest of a site.
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  7. georgedgerton

    georgedgerton New Member


    My own preference if possible would be to limit the volume and delete poor quality pics after a short time.

    I think it is a mistake to restrict acces to those who don't download a lot of pics as some of the best ones (in my view) have been supplied by folk with only a limited number to contribute.

    I know they are popular by many however I think there is also an over supply of some pics such as the captioned ones.

    Hope a solution to this can be worked out as it a great component of our communications.

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  8. algy_2000

    algy_2000 New Member

    I definitely second that. I particularly think that it would good to particularly limit pics taken straight of the web unless they really are something special. I've noticed that these are often uploaded in bulk lots and it really is a bit overwhelming and detracts from "real" pics contributed by other members.

    Maybe hosting on a free server is a good idea, because keeping the site free would ultimately mean a more active and robust community.
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  9. qsz

    qsz New Member

    option 4 would seem the most logical one...............
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  10. bmctex

    bmctex New Member


    Perhaps having a gallery available to all, with a limit on pic size, for only recent posts? You would know the time frame most suitable better than I.

    From there they could be transferred "off site" for storage but "look like" they are still hosted by Access to these could be determined by donation levels and/or number of "quality" uploads and story posts. Maybe that could be measured by member ratings of the posts? It could encourage quality participation from both the posters and the readers.

    And I would agree with the previous comment regarding web pics. I think the vast majority of members would prefer to see "real" pics of "real" wives anyway.

    Thanks for your hard work and commitment to the site :)
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  11. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    A solution will be arrived at in the coming week. Look for an announcement in the next 24 hours. I'd like to thank everyone for their acknowledgements and support. It's a great deal to have it when much hard work (and money) goes into maintaining the site.

    So thanks again.

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  12. Tuls

    Tuls New Member

    I hope that any solution with a payment provision can include a P.O. Box to which donations can be sent along with screen name. Some may not like to use on line payment and/or credit card.
  13. bakeboss

    bakeboss New Member

    I too would like to say thanks for a rightous site. Very well run I know you spend a lot of time on it but is not right to have to spend a lot of money also. I love the Gallery but the forum and blogg section is much more important to me. If you had to move gallery off site I would still come back here every day
  14. domin01

    domin01 New Member

    I'd be happy to pay $5 a month or $50 for a year. Much prefer that option to having lower res pics. The gallery is good, particularly for checking up what the people in the stories look like. In any event, I'd be happy to donate just to keep the main site up, never mind the gallery.

    BTW, as a poor student too, I'd prefer paying with Paypal as I don't want to get a credit card. Possibly an 'auction' for memberships on eBay might do the trick?

    And, thank you for your hard work keeping the site up!
  15. MsTastys_boi

    MsTastys_boi New Member

    Personally, i would prefer option #4, and may be able to help with hosting on one of my sites. :p

    As for the site seeming slow, it has always seemed slow to me, but i assumed that was due to the heavy traffic &/or poorly optimized database tables. But either way,... being here is itself worth the wait,... us cuckolds are used to having to wait! Mind you, i am not complaining! i love this site and only wish i had more time to spend here and more to contribute! :3some:

    All in all, i agree with syndi:
  16. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

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