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Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by kingbull, Sep 18, 2006.

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    We firmly believe in freedom of expression, speech, and civil liberties, which is why this section was created. Are there any controversial, taboo topics you'd like to discuss or have been reluctant to talk about? Post them here, after reading the rules!

    1) There are very few topics that are still off-limits. Off-limit topics include completely socially unacceptable topics such as child porn, underage sex, snuff, scat, forced slavery/sex-trafficking, rape, or any unwelcome force/violence regarding sex. Incest issues are also off-limits, this includes mommy/daddy/sibling/other family member sex-life issues - this is not the forum for those issues.

    2) This is not a flame forum, nor a place for disrespecting your fellow forumites. Keep this in mind while posting. Any flames, insults or childish behavior will most likely result in a ban from the site! You can express yourself freely AND respectably.

    3) All other site rules apply as appropriate.

Thread Status:
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