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Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by kingbull, Jun 23, 2008.

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    This entire forum site mostly consists of males. Women do visit this site and we have a handful of regulars that come in. Even though the gender balance is quite lopsided, this Women's Forum was created to address the needs and concerns of women in the lifestyle. With that said, I'd ask the following (consider these guidelines for the forum):

    1) Due to the aforementioned gender imbalance in membership we might take stronger action agaist members who harrass, troll, flame, or otherwise pester female members of this website. This is not because we think females are dainty, helpless little creatures who can't fend for themselves (we are not white-knighting here), but instead because we value to the input of real, verified women on the topics discussed on this website. We will not tolerate efforts to run off members of any sex, but will act in a manner that promotes a welcoming environment to verified women in particular. This is actually beneficial for the male members in many ways, most importantly for the reason this subforum was created.

    2) This is a WOMEN'S FORUM. I've noticed lately that it has become overrun with guys asking all sorts of questions and providing commentary (some of them not even on-topic for the site). While I encourage questions from guys, note what I've said above - not many women post or visit here, and frankly, I'm thinking they are somewhat turned off by some of the questions that are asked. Honestly, some of the questions make some of the guys here sound like they've never even SEEN a woman before.

    There are a handful of female exceptions who visit regularly. If you ask a question here, do not expect a voluminous response or any at all. In fact, most of the responses will probably be from guys.

    3) If you must ask a question of the women here, make it an intelligent one. Example of intelligent question: "What were your initial feelings when your husband watched you in action?" Example of not-so intelligent question: "What do all women think of ________." The generalized questions like this one aren't fruitful or recommended, because 1) Every women is unique is some way 2) No one woman can speak for all women everywhere.

    4) If you haven't received an answer from a woman, wait. You may or may not receive an answer, but do not complain if you don't. Refer to guideline #2 above.

    5) Male members, if a question is asked and you feel comfortable asking your wife/girlfiend for input and she doesn't have an account of her own, then please feel free to answer for your wife/girlfriend in her words. If you do this, then please indicate you are answering for your wife. Example, "I asked my wife this question and here are her thoughts...." If you feel you want to answer as a male, then please state "I'm a male, but here's my opinion on the matter." Any such posts must follow all the other forum rules (respectful, etc) or they will be deleted. By the way, all you male members should be encouraging your wives, girlfriends, mistresses to join!

    As an important side note, if the woman who answers is not verified (they don't have the Verified symbol under their username) take it with a grain of salt. Be skeptical especially if the story sounds fantastic, horny, or exaggerated. If they are verified, you can be more trusting.

    Hopefully this will make sense in the long run.
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