I'm starting to believe that monogamy is becoming a relic of the past

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    The young neighbors
    I was planning on posting this back in the summer, I got too busy at the time and almost forgot about it until I observed that the blue truck was at the neighbors this weekend.
    To set the stage for this, about 3 years ago an engaged young couple, he's 23 and she is 20, purchased the house diagonal to the left across the street. There is an open lot straight across from our home. The first summer there is a lot of activity to the property. I'm enjoying observing the blond, hot, young body in her fine ass in tight shorts and halter tops whenever she is working in the flower beds, trimming the wild growth on the bushes and so forth.
    Seasons change, don't see much of them. Late spring I notice that the hot, young blond is several months pregnant. Fall arrives, baby girl born, mother and daughter both healthy. First grandchild for both sets of grandparents. Quite often see one set of grandparents or the other take the little girl for an overnight.
    This past summer the fine ass in the tight shorts is back. Early summer the neighbors start hosting 4-5 other couples on Friday or Saturday evenings and 4th of July and Labor day.
    Everyone in the group seems to be about the same age, there is one mixed race couple (black guy and white girl), they all appear to be long time friends from school. The usual hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, several cases of beer, music playing, corn-hole competition and later in the evening a bonfire that goes late into the night.
    I don't pay very much attention to them they aren't bothering anyone. Then on the last weekend in June, it's been hot and sticky and on Friday evening the cookout gets underway.
    Little miss fine ass has on a tank top and tight, red shorts. Later in the evening, before dark, I had my dog out to take care of his business, Now I can easily see about 2/3rd of their back yard. I happen to notice that little miss hot ass is setting on a chaise lounge between the legs of the black guy.
    Around midnight I take my dog out one last time before going to bed, at this point the bonfire is now more embers than flame and I can see people setting back in the shadows.
    There is a motion activated flood light on the back of the neighbors house, someone must have walked thru it because it suddenly came on and there was little miss fine ass stretched out on her side on the lounger with the black guy, facing each other and obviously "making out". Those red shorts had been pushed down some as I could see her bare ass slightly moving and I could see that the black guy had his hand in between them, I assumed that his fingers were the reason her ass was moving.
    I watched for a few moments, no one said anything that I could hear , so I took my dog back inside. I couldn't resist and went back outside hoping that the flood lights would by chance come back on.
    As luck would have it maybe 10-15 minutes later they did come back on and little miss fine ass was on her knees with her face down on the cushion, her red shorts and panties were hanging on her ankle and the black guy was straddling the lounger with his hands on her hips as he fucked her. I watched the entire time the lights were on as he kept up a steady pace until the lights went back off.
    A few minutes went by and my eyes adjusted to the darkness, now that I knew where to look and with the little bit of moon light, I was able to "see" the black guy continue his assault on little miss fine ass's pussy.
    A number of minutes passed and the young black guy began to pound little miss fine ass because I could now hear the slap of flesh on flesh at a much more rapid pace, and several minutes later I and everyone else heard her say "Oh god yes , fuck me with your big cock", then a squeal and then "I'M CUMMING."I heard a muffled groan, I assumed that he was cumming in her as I didn't see him pull back from her.
    I went to bed then.
    In the morning when I went out to get my morning newspaper (the newspaper box is right beside their driveway), the black guy came out of the house, we both said good morning to each other and he got in the blue pickup and left. I noticed that the guy that lived there, his green pickup wasn't there.
    For the rest of the summer I paid close attention of who arrived with who and then did they leave with someone else. It became real obvious to me that these 6 couples were trading partners at every one of these "cookouts". The blue pickup was there in the morning a few more times this summer. Twice during the summer 2 guys showed up (they weren't part of the couples) and both stayed the night.
    For an old wife-sharer like me its been a great summer. GTR
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    Monogamy, like vegetarianism, is not in our nature. Both have their benefits and some people are able to adhere to it, but it's not normal.

    The most unbelievable thing about this story is that a couple, 23 and 20, could afford a house.
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    Yeah I know but her daddy owns a large business that the 23 old works for. GTR
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    You live in a Great neighborhood GTR. Lucky dog. Enjoy the Entertainment that surely triggers Fond memories.

    As for the house, that is Very unusual now a days. But I got my first house when I was 19. I had been in the Navy for more than 2 years by that time and assumed a VA Loan and no money down. It was small but it had 3 bedrooms. Of course the payment was only about 250 back in very early 80's, yet still hard to make on a young sailors salary (wife didn't work). Great memories in that house, it's where she first made me a Cuckold.
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    Thanks Pathedick, I had to assume that "her daddy" helped them out. Anyway, guy that lives there his green pickup is gone all weekend and the black pickup that the 2 single guys is there until yesterday afternoon (Sunday). Both guys came out as wife and I were getting back from lunch and get in the black pickup and leave. A few minutes later little miss fine ass comes out waves hi, gets in her minivan and leaves.
    She returns a little later-I'm hanging Christmas lights miss fine ass gets her daughter out from the rear seat and goes into the house and about a half hour later the neighbor guy arrives home in his green pickup. I love have these two as neighbors. GTR
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    Awesome to hear about the young couple and their friends!

    My wife and myself had our house before we got married. We were young I was 21 when I purchased the house.
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    I mistyped at 20 when I purchased the house.
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