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I love being your sissy fag boi

Discussion in 'Sissification' started by B&O, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. B&O

    B&O New Member

    My Wife,

    I love to dress for you, sluty and sexy with my garters, stocking and corset. I love when you call me faggot and save your pussy to be black bred by your lovers.

    The feeling of you inside me is wonderful!!! I want to be your girl for the rest of our lives:) I am so glad I told you I dress as a slut and love to fuck guys. I am your fag boi, here to please you.

    Thank you for loving me and helping live my fantasy life as your sissy fag Cuck;)


    Faggot Sissy boy
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  2. B&O

    B&O New Member

    My little fuck toy,

    My favorite place in the world is inside you. You drive me wild and I love the way you feel I side and the way you moan and quiver and press back for more.

    My pussy is only for black cock now, and for real men. your pussy is mine when ever I want it and for anyone I want to give it to.

    Be a good sissy and I might let you watch me be bred by a new black lover.

  3. Gemini

    Gemini New Member

    If your good share that pussy,with a huge
    cock bull!
  4. Second all that
  5. BrazilianCuck

    BrazilianCuck New Member

    I love to be fucked by my wife, and my biggest dream is to be fucked by other man, dessed like a slut... if somebody is intereted in talk about that, please send me a private message!

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