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    Hello all-

    Yesterday, on his way home from work my hubby Oz asked me to meet him at a bar. Oz works in downtown and he usually rides his bicycle. I, on the other hand, have taken an early retirement since January of this year. It was warm so I put on a slinky and short summer dress—makes my boobs and legs stand out.

    It was still early and the bar was a bit empty. We decided to sit outside on the deck to soak up the sun. A very cute and handsome forty-something guy came out on the deck and lit up a cigarette. We don’t smoke tobacco; he offered. Instead, I wanted weed and asked Oz if he could buy me a new marijuana cartridge for my vaporizer. Oz left me there while he went to the pot store, which is only a few minutes away from the bar.

    I noticed the guy checking me out and as our eyes met we smiled at each other. He came over and struck up a conversation with me. The man introduced himself as Mark, a commercial real estate broker. He has been divorced for about six years and has a daughter who lives with her mother. We discovered that he was raised in the same general area where I was. While he was talking to me I kept wondering how his naked body would look like and how would it feel pressed against me. I wondered about his skin, his hair, his stubble, and his lips and how they’d feel if we kissed. I envisioned his lips and tongue on my pussy while the stubble from his five-o-clock shadow tickles the insides of my thighs. I tried to figure out the size and shape of his cock from the bulge in his crotch. I was talking to him but my mind was racing all over trying to imagine his hard cock in my pussy while I’m squeezing it. I thought of how much and how thick his cum shall be if he were to ejaculate over my belly and boobs. I realized that subconsciously I had been doing Kegel exercises all the while I was talking to him. I was so wet and was actually on the brink of an orgasm when Oz showed up; almost an hour late. Immediately, I felt a rush of guilt, transgression, and embarrassment ran through me for having those naughty thoughts about Mark.

    The bar had started to bustle a bit. There were more people on the deck too and the music had gotten too loud to converse. Oz proposed going to another bar close by, a little less occupied that mostly serves slightly older crowd who don’t like to sit on the deck. Oz and I asked Mark if he wanted to join us, he accepted. Oz put his bike in the trunk and we drove to this other place. In the car, Oz asked me if I liked Mark because he saw a glimmer in my eye. To camouflage my lustfulness and lasciviousness I replied, “I don’t know. You’ll see.” It was a short 10-minutes long drive, but it felt like hours long. My hubby and I didn’t talk. We arrived and it was perfectly quiet at the other bar.

    Soon we were joined by Mark and he bought for us the first round of drinks. We must have talked for an hour when Oz went inside to buy us another round. I had finished my third beer of the evening and already had taken more than a few hits of the vape. I was at my limit and was feeling really good by then. It was a little dark now and had become slightly chilly. Mark and I were looking at a beautiful orange sunset when he put his hand on the small of my back and asked me to look at a waterskier in the other direction. I didn’t move away from his hand or him because it was kinda’ electrifying. I coyly thanked him for complementing how nice my hair smelled. My secret, massage a little of perfume into the scalp and hair. Oz came back out with our drinks. He noticed Mark’s hand on my back but didn't say anything. We sat back down on the table while Mark went to the toilet and that's when Oz gave me a look. I blushed and blurted out, "What? You said I could." He just smiled at me.

    A long time ago, Oz and I had made a promise that either one of us can veto. I told Oz that I am ready to be a hotwife and Mark is the guy I would love to fuck. Oz could not contain his excitement and gave me a big sloppy kiss and told me that he loves me more than anything in the World. Mark came back out, we chatted a bit more while we finished our drinks and exchanged our cell numbers. It was almost 8:30 pm and we decided to part. In the parking lot before we left, Mark suggested dinner on Friday. From the car, I texted Mark thanking him for his company and for a great conversation. Just now, I have set up a date with Mark for Friday. Oz won’t go with me, but the plan is to ask Mark if he’d like to come to our house after dinner. As I told my hubby, “You’ll see.”
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    Beautiful encounter beautifully described, Malena.

    Reading your account of your mental and physical responses to Mark on your first noticing him, then locking eyes with him while checking out the bulge in his crotch and imagining his naked body pressing against yours, gave me a good-going dribbling erection on which I easily imagined you reflexly practising your Kegel exercises until I gave up and ejaculated in you---to your considerable pleasure I assure you.

    Almost equally arousing is the fact that your hotly excited husband approves your choice of Mark as a lover and obviously wants you to fuck him.

    So just do it Malena. And soon.
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    Hi Michael- Wow and thanks! That must have been hot.
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    Hi all- Well, I am on pins and needles. On one hand, I am super excited to be going out on a date but on the other, I am very nervous and worried. I am worried that Mark may reject me or for some reason I might fail to turn him on, and I am nervous that I may actually have to fuck him. That said, I am determined to cuckold my hubby; he badly wants to be. Regardless, I am keeping my nerves in check and embracing all the positive thoughts and weighing in all the percieved benefits of being a hotwife.

    My preparations for tonight included a good ten hours sleep last night. Oz had left a nice breakfast for me on the kitchen table. I did 90-minutes of spin-cycle and some weights this morning. Followed by a 6-mile run around Greenlake. Decent breakfast and light lunch. I just woke up from an afternoon siesta. I am drawing a bath to relax with some weed and spend some time on my beautification rituals (that’s what my husband calls them,) including giving myself a nice intimate shave. On the hindsight, should have gotten a Brazilian. Eh!!!

    Oz has laid out for me a Helen Mirren red cocktail dress to wear and white Jimmy Choo heels. Underneath, red thong panties and push-up bra with white lacework on both. I am concerned about the heels though; Mark appeared to be around 6’ tall and I am 5’10”, with heels close to 6’ or little more. I guess, we’ll see how it goes. Hope I don’t hurt his male ego. ;)

    We are meeting at a nice seafood restaurant. I’ll drive my own car. Oz isn’t going; for candor shall text Mark before leaving for the restaurant. Oz is insisting that I pay the bill at the restaurant as a gesture from Oz for cancelling. If all goes well, I will invite Mark to our house for some desert and drinks.

    I am telling myself to feel confident and in-control but I am feeling more nervous than when I lost my virginity.

    Shall post more. Wish me the best. ;-)
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    Good for you, Malena! Sounds like much thought has gone into your ensemble for the evening which no doubt your lover will greatly appreciate. As will your husband, as the lengths you have gone to in order to titillate your lover will no doubt have an effect on him too.

    My wife is 5'8 and loves to wear her 4" Christian Louboutin heels on dates, and for this reason, prefers men who are about 6'2 or more. Her shoes make her feel sexy and confident. One of her bulls will often insist that she wear them for him in bed too.

    Be confident; be your bold sexy self and take what you want!
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    Thank you. For us women, shoes are a serious business. :) Is your wife on the forum?
  7. canadianwittol

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    She is not, she really isn't keen on internet forums in general and enjoys her privacy. She has had a look here before in the past to see what I have posted here, but hasn't looked in quite a while. I think truthfully she'd prefer I not be posting about us on here either, although I am fairly careful for the most part.
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    I do wish you well, Malena. Very well.

    With Mark being 18 years younger than you, you're well positioned to take full advantage of your maturity and impregnability to get the very best out of him seminally and satisfaction-wise, milking his hopefully well over-sized deep-thrusting erection with your recently and no doubt very well Kegel-exercised vaginal muscles.

    Go to it. He and your understanding mate Oz will fucking LOVE it.
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    I wanted to journal my feelings, especially the excitements, trepidations, shortfalls, and wins. But sharing is even better. My husband Oz also doesn’t do Internet stuff. Oz’ LinkedIn page was put up by his assistant. In fact, I am the in-house techie. I did show Oz this website and he is actually fine with me posting (minus the primary identifiers.)

    Again, thanks for your remark.
  10. Malena

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    Hello Michael- Thank you for your comments and positivity. I appreciate it very much. By the way, Mark is 46-years-old and I am still 57 for a few more weeks.
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    Hey everyone- Here’s what happened yesterday.

    I decided that Helen Mirren red cocktail dress chosen by Oz was too much. Instead and after conferring with Oz, I wore a red wrap skirt and black silk blouse with brand new Marion Parke red flat pumps. They are sexy yet understated and don’t sport a high heel. Oz was taking my pictures and he got so excited that he wanted to fuck me but I didn’t want my makeup getting spoiled, so I gave him a handjob while he played with my boobs. He ejaculated hard and a lot, and all in less than 10-minutes.

    I texted Mark before leaving the house apologizing for Oz cancelling. He offered to reschedule but I suggested to go ahead with our plans and schedule again with Oz and I for next weekend. The restaurant was about 30-minutes away and during that drive, I must have contemplated turning around five or six times. I even gave a turn signal to get into the u-turn lane. Alas, but my constitution held on and I finally reached the restaurant. My heart was racing so fast and my throat was so dry that I couldn’t even tell the valet my last name for the parking.

    Mark was in the bar area of the restaurant. We sat down and exchanged pleasantries. He liked my attire and I also complimented Mark that he looked very dapper and smart. What I didn’t say is that he looked good enough to me that I wanted to strip him right there and fuck his brains out. We talked for about 20-minutes before seating at our table.

    Dinner was fantastic and Mark turned out to be very capable of conversing intelligently. I am a big sucker for intelligent and smart men who are also great conversationalist. We had post dinner drinks and decided to step out for Mark to smoke. Mark and I took a few hits of MJ from my vaporizer. As we were standing outside he complimented me again and asked me more intimate details about my life and marriage. And, in return he told me stuff about himself. He also mentioned that the last time he had sex was almost two and on-half months ago and had a girlfriend for couple years but broke up with her around Valentine’s Day.

    As I was listening to him talk, the reverb in his voice was mesmerizing me. I mustered up the courage to put my arms around his neck and planted a big kiss on his lips. He responded by ever so softly nibbling on my lips and then we hugged while he softly kissed my ears. My panties were drenched by this time and I had to go pee. I always have this problem that whenever I get super horny, I have to pee. Anyhow, I held it in for a bit to tell Mark my intentions for him and to my surprise Mark responded very positively. I left him at the table while I went to the bathroom.

    Mark was standing by the cloakroom with my coat and helped me don it. He lightly brushed my hair to the side while lightly touching and kissing the nape of my neck. It felt like electricity ran from my neck through my torso and into my clitoris. I could feel it that it was sticking out and I just had squeeze my thighs together to get some relief, but it was all moot. The fire in pussy needed me to get fucked. I told Mark that Oz is home waiting and if wants we could go to my house and chill. I gave Mark address/directions to our house. Mark wanted to pick up a bottle of wine on the way.

    I will type the rest tonight as we have some company coming over for a visit.
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    Dang, Malena! That's so well-written, fucking hot and (for me) deliciously cock-hardening. Especially the final two paragraphs of it.

    I'm gagging to read your next post which will no doubt super-evocatively describe you stripping Mark's clothes off and fucking his brains out. My tongue etc is hanging out in eager anticipation.

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    I am sorry all- It wasn't my intention to leave the post half ways. Anyhow, here is the rest of the story.

    On the drive home I phoned Oz and told him how it all went. I told that when we kissed and hugged I felt Mark's cock lightly pushing against me. I was in the middle of a sentence when I saw Mark calling so I hung-up with Oz as I was only 10-minutes from the house. Mark said something along these lines, "I am not sure where this is all going and what your intentions are. I am really interested in you and I'd love to fulfill whatever fantasy you have but I don't want to be in a threesome scenario with your husband." I felt light-hearted and speechless, and I needed to pull over. Luckily, I was on an arterial with a shoulder so I did. I replied how turned-on I have been since I saw him first and how this entire evening I wanted to just kiss and lick him all over his body. How much I wanted to feel his lips sucking and biting my nipples and how electrifying our kiss was. I told him about my pussy's wetness and clitoris' throbbing, and how I've been edging myself with Kegels. Finally, I addressed the elephant in the room, "And, not a threesome. He'd like to watch though." Mark abruptly hung-up on me stating he had another call to take and he'd call back. I waited for a couple of minutes then decided to drive on home thinking really let down.

    I was pissed at myself because I badly wanted to fuck this guy and now I have blown my chance. I thought I scared him by telling him about my husband wanting to watch us fuck. My mind was racing and my heart-rate was significantly elevated, I said to myself, "You dummy, you should have just gone to a hotel. You could have just gotten over the hump." As these thoughts were running through my mind Mark texted, "Hey you. IDK. My place, instead?" I waited to reply until I pulled into our driveway and composed myself, "Hold on." Oz came out wondering if I was alright and why I was still sitting in the car. I told him everything and how much I wanted to fuck Mark. We decided on the following text after considering Mark's place and the hotel options, "Come over. Let's just hang. No pressure. Don't have to do anything. Get to know each other. Oz is here. We have two empty bedrooms." After thirty minutes or so, I texted again, "Hello." I have not heard from him since then.

    I was feeling very disappointed but at the same time, I realized that I am doing this for my husband Oz and if he not there what is the point. Oz and I watched "May the Fourth" Star Wars marathon while Oz gave me a g-spot massage and made me pass out.

    Scienti futurae and until someone else comes along who agrees to our terms.
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    Sorry to hear that it didn't go the way you wanted it to. Obviously he's not the right guy for you.

    If it helps any, he sounds like he could be the type to get possessive later on. So perhaps it's better this way than going down that path.

    If he were as much of a gentleman as he presented himself to be, he would have politely declined, rather than not answering your last message.


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    That really stinks. We have had that type of thing happen more times than I would like to admit. Guys like to talk a big game, but when it's time to play call a lot of times they chicken out.

    Had numerous times when a guy talks to talks to us for a week(s) and then just gets cold feet and ghosts. A few times the guy talks right up until zero say, and while we sit om the couch waiting for the doorbell to ring, he texts sorry he can't do it. It's all so frustrating, but I'm the end we made it work, and it was always worth the Trouble.
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  16. Malena

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    Thanks, Christine. You are so correct, he should have at least replied.
  17. Malena

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    Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is really frustrating. Candor is so important. May I ask for how long your wife has been hotwifing/cuckolding? What would you say your success ratio has been with guys?
  18. Malena

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    I haven't heard back from Mark since Friday night and neither have I tried to contact him since then. I was feeling a bit down over the weekend but Oz is my rock and he made me feel good. We parsed and teased through the events leading up to Friday night, so we could learn from them. We believe now that we may have made the mistake by not being completely candid with Mark about our hotwifing/cuckolding plans. Regardless, I enjoyed the time I spent with Mark. It would have been fun but it is too bad that he turned out to be so homophobic. Though I still think I made the correct decision of wanting Oz right there watching me as it happens, Oz has told me that if I must I should take the guy to a hotel.

    I also opened up to my best friend about the proclivities Oz and I are exploring. It is good to open up; takes a load off. Surprised to learn, she and her husband role-play cuckolding during sex but that they've never thought of going further because her husband is a very jealous-type individual.

    Anyways, I am prowling. I really don't want to fuck a guy without Oz but I am thinking that perhaps I may just have to. At least in the beginning.
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  19. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    You shouldn't feel down, it's not any fault of yours, it's totally a lack of confidence in the guy. It wouldn't matter if you looked like a Victoria secret panty model, he would still have chickened out, its just his nature. You will find the right guy.

    You asked about my success rate, it has gone up, we have been hotwifing for about two years, and have shared her with 4 different guys. What solved the problem is using a very tedious vetting system, where we only look for guys who are specifically into being a bull, or okay with being a third while I watch or join. We use internet ads to let them in on all the details, so that people who respond know exactly what we are looking for before they even message. We usually only look for attractive guys with 8-9 inch members, just because that's what I think is hot, but like I said before, we put this out there in the ad, so that they don't get turned off by surprises down the road.
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    Hi all-

    Oz had a conference in Vegas this past week to which he initially did not want to go but when I inquired about his plans he asked me if I’d like to go, I agreed. The conference was from Wednesday to Friday followed by an award dinner on Saturday. We arrived in Vegas on Wednesday evening and checked into the casino hotel. We had booked an Executive Suite but luckily they upgraded us to an Apartment—a two bedroom suite with separate living and dining rooms, and a small jacuzzi in the master bedroom bath.

    We showered and relaxed for a bit before we went to dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s CUT (excellent restaurant, btw.) We went through two full bottles of twenty-five-years-old Barolo and another half a bottle of some dessert wine. We were pretty plastered so we called a limo to drive us back to the hotel. We decided to get some Irish coffees and hang out around Black Jack tables. Oz loves card games, I like games like roulette and craps. After watching Oz lose for half hour I went over to try my luck on the Craps—$125 lost in 30 minutes. Went and sat at the bar for a while. Picked up conversations with two separate guys and drooled over a few. Oz and I went up to our room to get some sleep; he had an early morning check-in at the conference. I masturbated myself to sleep.

    In the morning, Oz was gone by the time I woke up. Ordered room service, took a shower and went down to the pool bit stayed under the covered portion—10am and almost 90-degrees already!!! Struck up a conversation with Rob. Rob is from Riverside, not married, two children (15 and 12) with two women, little over 6-foot tall, handsome and pretty fit. He has a really nice smile and looks directly into you when he speaks. When he finally got out of the pool, I saw the bulge in his trunks—promising! Before he left I invited him for drinks in the evening at a bar in the casino. He agreed and left. I swam for an hour then did the elliptical for another 90-minutes.

    Evening came, my hair flat-ironed, a little liberal with the makeup (especially, around the eyes and lips,) light jewelry, 3-inch-high ‘fuck-me’ pumps, push-up bra enhancing my cleavage, string thongs, and an almost see-through silk and cotton tan summer dress. For fun, I tied a sash around my waist. I gave myself one final look in the mirror and said to myself as my extremely drenched pussy twitched, “Melena, you are fucking Rob tonight.” I took a picture of myself and texted it to Oz. I told him about Rob. Oz was excited but cautioned me not to get too far before laying out our intentions. I agreed. Oz also told me that he after the conference he will be gonna to a cocktail party setup by a vendor but should be back by 7’ish. Around 6, Rob showed up. He asked if I had been waiting long. We had very good time. About 30-minutes into the conversation, I told Rob that Oz and I are exploring swinger lifestyle. Seems most people are familiar with that term. He became immediately interested in the whole subject. I extrapolated for him and he seemed still interested. I told him about our fantasy that Oz shall be staying in the room to only watch. He told me that he was going to fine because he’s been in a handful of threesomes and in fact watched one of his girlfriends fuck a friend. I was so turned-on by now that I reached over and placed my hand on his lap. I felt his cock and it was hard though could not ascertain how big it was.

    It was 7:45, I was hungry since I had salad and juice for lunch but nibbling the chicken nachos had filled me up. Oz texted that he was going to be another hour late. Rob and I were getting friendlier, the place was getting busy and I was getting frustrated. I texted Oz, “My pussy is killing me. Get here already or I am taking him to the room.” Oz replied, “Go for it, Babe. (Smiley face.)” I almost died and texted him, “Huh???” He replied, I am almost there. Go to the room. 20-min out.” I texted back, “Waiting. Thank you. I love you more that. Anything in the world.”

    I’ll post the rest later. Very juicy story.

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