I feel like a loser sometimes

Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by bricbat, Apr 17, 2017.

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    I think loser is a really harsh way of looking at yourself. Like Pathedick, i consider myself reasonably intelligent, in a successful career, beautiful house and great friends and family. BUT i'm a shit fuck and always have been, but it is what it is. I'd love to get laid a lot more than i do and have survived on not nearly as much pussy as i would have like, but take out the bedroom situation out of the equation and i'm pretty happy with who i am and what i've achieved in life. I do feel a little robbed in life because of my cock size and all the sex i never got because of it, but there are people out there with much worse situations in life.

    My small cock may not have brought a lot of women a lot of joy over my life, but god its given me a LOT of pleasure, yes with my own hand but its squirted every day for nearly 40 years and sometimes 3-4 times a day when i was younger, and so i just accept it, find the positives of it and move on. I've spoken to a lot of cuckolds in my life and never once thought any of them were losers, just different and having to work with more challenging situations than most men.
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    HEAR HEAR !!!
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    I get a lot out of how you explain things, MR. WAYNE. I'm sure that would be true for me, to feel lucky and excited to watch/clean/see your handprint on her ass/ your cock slipping in her, and me stroking to pictures you sent. Thank you for your description!
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    Uh, no.

    She has sexual fun when I'm not around (usually with a couple), and just as much when I am - especially if another woman's around.

    Audrey behaves publicly and lets loose privately, whether I'm there or not.

    Audrey has been into FFMs with married couples since shortly after she became sexually active at 17, and continues to this day. The only difference is that sometimes now it's with me and her girlfriend.

    It's all great.

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