I dont think I can handle it anymore. I'm getting out!

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    So true, Jeff. Such miracles have been happening in our marriage bed every night for more than 4 years with my buddy and my still totally besotted wife making love beside me. It rocks ---It being our marriage bed. And to me as the faithfully facilitating and erotically fascinated husband the Wonder doesn't look like ceasing any time soon.
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    You're one of the lucky ones Michael!
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    I would have said more plucky than lucky, Jeff. It takes a very courageous and truly loving husband to hand his wife over to a younger lover as beautiful, athletic, well-hung and sexually satyrsfying as my buddy is. And even more courage to turn one's wife on to having him impregnate her no fewer than three times (to date) in our scenario.

    But Yes, there was more than a little Luck involved too. I mean, I had to come across (in the sense of "meet") my buddy when he and I were still young enough and horny enough---that is, in our late teens---for me to have enough blind trust in him not to take my new wife off me.
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    I'm so sorry you're going through this. My situation is different, but in some ways similar. I'll explain.
    When Kathy and I began dating it was love at first sight. We went to bed on our first date and it was obvious she was way more experienced than other women I dated. Eventually she told me she had been with a lot of men. By her count 40, "more like 60 if you include the guys I only had oral with." It ranged from men she met on planes, to the man who lived in the apartment across the hall from her, to college students interning at a firm she worked at.
    Once things became serious with us, she told me that it was all in the past, her "wild oats." I hinted that I'd be okay with her continuing to see other guys, but she ignored it and I never raised the topic again.
    Then, a few years later, I had a suspicion that Kathy was having an affair with a man named John who lived out west. She talked about him more than she realized and always in a very upbeat way.
    I told myself that I was being paranoid, but couldn't help but play detective. I assumed I'd find that nothing was going on, but in a weird way, I was hoping I would. One of the first things I did was get the records from the phone company of places she was calling. I was flabbergasted to see that Kathy was phoning Denver, where he lives, almost daily -- sometimes more than once a day. But what clinched it was when she went to work without logging out of her email account. I looked for any emails with his name on them and found a trove and it was clear they were having an affair.
    My head was in a fog. I read all of the emails I could find and, thankfully, saw nothing suggesting that she wanted to leave me. That was my only real worry. Otherwise I only felt upset that I didn't know anything about it. Strangely, or maybe not, the idea that she was fucking a MARRIED man didn't even cross my mind. When it did I thought that was his problem, not Kathy's.
    Luckily, later that day we had an appointment to see the therapist we'd been going to for marriage counselling (that's another story). I showed up before Kathy and told the therapist what I found out. She insisted I needed to bring it up with her. Not long after Kathy came in I told her what I found out said the last thing she expected to hear, "I'm okay that you're seeing him, just don't keep it a secret from me." That changed the course of our marriage forever.
    That night I brought up what I thought should be our ground rules, mostly that Kathy tell me before she sees him or anyone else. She seemed to agree and a week later told me that she was going to spend the afternoon with a man I thought she had been involved with in the past, but who, I found out, she still went to bed with now and then.
    A couple of days later when she left the house I was feeling woozy and weak in the knees. My stomach was tied up in knots and, of course, I worried that agreeing to this was the biggest mistake of my life. At the same time it was SO fucking intense. I also felt proud of myself for being such a mature and non-possessive man. After she came home Kathy went right to the shower. After she came out I asked how her afternoon was. She said, "it was fine," and left it at that. Two weeks later Kathy told me that she thought a lot about what we talked about earlier and told me that having sex with someone while I knew about it felt creepy. Even though I never brought up the idea of watching them she shot the idea down saying that, because I'm bi, she worried that I'd want to join them (probably true, of course).
    That kind of set the template for how my cuckolding evolved. It's not "don't ask, don't tell," but Kathy feels her sex life is her own. Once when she felt I was prying she snapped, "I'm doing this for ME, not for you!"
    The upshot is that I accepted my cuckolding and on her terms. It's not easy for me at times, but I wallow in the intensity of it. Our sex life usually consists of me giving her oral, but she's also given me hand jobs where I ask her questions about her encounters and she gives me detailed answers ("he likes me to bend me over and thrust really hard. A lot of guys like it that way."). I've never cum so hard in my life. I live for the snippets of information she gives me. (Full disclosure, I'm also thrilled when I do the laundry and find cum stains on Kathy's clothes).
    I'm the loving husband Kathy wants. An uncomplaining cuckold. But she still gives me more love than I could have ever hoped for from any woman.
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