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    My wife just turned 29. Up to a year and a half ago, I had encouraged her for months to be fucked by another man. She is 5’8” and slender, with long legs, brown hair and brown eyes. She’s attractive by any standard.

    Her boss had been coming onto her for about a month, but his comments and actions were subtle. He would let his hand touch hers for a longer than normal time while handing her a file or document. He often brushed by body in the copying room. She often received comments on her looks or dress and finally told me what was happening while we were in bed having wild sex. She asked what I thought about her having sex with him.

    I said I was fine with that but wanted to know the details after each encounter. She grinned and said, “No problem. Thanks.” I had met him. He’s unmarried and is 5’10”, a good looking guy with light brown hair. He works out early each morning at a gym before coming into the office, and it shows.

    Our conversation was on a weekend. The following Wednesday, he asked if she could stay after hours to assist him on a project. She smiled, saying, “Sure, I’d enjoy it.” She added, “My husband will be late tonight from work anyway. Probably won’t be home until around 11:00.” I wasn’t really going to be late, but she phoned from the office to tell me about their staying after hours at work.

    She recognized that her comment offered more than the “ordinary” help. It was clear from his expression that he picked up on that also. When everyone else had left at 5 p.m., he led her to his corner office at the end of the hall.

    The “work” was nothing unusual and it took no more than five minutes. She was sitting on his office couch, and he walked over and sat beside her. Thanking her, he said he had wanted to get to know her better anyway and was glad she stayed longer that day.

    She laid her hand on his and replied, “I’ve wanted to get to know you much better also.” He bit his lip and nodded but didn’t immediately reply. She added, “I had been considering that you wanted more ‘penetrating’ conversation.”

    And, with that, he turned off the lamp alongside them and leaned to kiss her fully on the lips. Her arms entwined about his neck. They stood and their clothing puddled to the floor. He urged her back to the couch and mounted her. Her legs enwrapped his back. She stared down to the narrow space between their naked bodies as he guided his long dick to the mouth of her pussy.

    My wife moaned as his dickhead parted her pussy and slid smoothly into her glistening channel. He fucked her madly and her heels kicked his buttocks. She cried out, “Oh yeah, fuck me! I wanted this so bad.” He whispered, “So did I.”

    She masturbated with a finger as he fucked her and soon muttered, “I’m coming.” He groaned and his sperm flooded her channel.

    He has a shower alongside his corner office, they showered together. Returning to the couch, he rolled her to her stomach. She gripped the arm of the couch and turned her head around to watch as he entered her pussy from the rear.

    Her head rolled as he fucked her and her hair flailed the room’s warm air. They fucked once more after that, and she arrived home in the early morning around 2 a.m.

    Thinking about what might be happening at her office, I had masturbated twice and was anxious to hear the graphic details, which she eagerly offered for my pleasure. I fucked her as she described the encounter with her boss.

    He continues to fuck my wife, often at his home. He changed her position to that of “personal assistant” and occasionally leaves the office with her during work hours. Her co-workers are under the impression that she is taking notes for him at clients’ offices. He doesn’t know I’m aware of their sexual relationship, and we decided at the outset not to tell him.

    Not long after that, she said she would like to have sex with a younger guy. We live in a university town and combed through personals ads for students interested in meeting cuckolding couples. She wanted us to meet them beforehand at a local coffee shop in order that she could find if there was chemistry between them. Before meeting the two now fucking her, we had met one that didn’t work out.

    Over the course of a month, two guys began visiting us – separately - a couple of times each month on weekends overnight. Both are athletic and pummel her with the enthusiasm that most younger guys exhibit. Those have since become “regulars.” Neither knows about her and her boss’ relationship, and we have no reason to bring that up.

    I admittedly have some jealousy now and then, particularly concerning her boss. But I also found that the twinge of jealousy is all part of the excitement on my part.

    Once, I asked whether she could quit if I wanted her to. She said, “That isn’t fair! I don’t want to quit. It was all your idea at the outset, and now I need more cock!” I said I understood, that I like it too, and haven’t asked again.

    About half the time, I will sleep in our guest room while her younger friends fuck her in our marital bed, but I also watch on other occasions from a chair in our bedroom. I masturbate while watching them have wild sex.

    I always thank them for their service when they leave the next morning.

    Eventually, she also began phoning one or the other from work and ask whether they are free that night. Usually both are, and she will stop by their apartments for an hour or two before coming home. She always phones me to let me know she will be late. On a few occasions, she stays overnight if she takes either to dinner or goes out for a drink.

    She loves the feel of another cock deep inside her. Whether I’m watching or being told the details, I think I enjoy it as much as she does.
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    That is so hot. You are a lucky man. Sounds like you guys are a great fit.
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    Thank you for that beautifully detailed account. I am too often overcum with jealousy and excitement when my wife and her virile young live-in lover are fucking beside me in our marital bed, especially when he is ejaculating way deeper inside her. The brutally open semen-scented violation of my vainly-assumed territorial rights over my wife is so fucking HOT!
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    Great achievement buddy. Your hard work finally got a great result. Now relax, sit back and enjoy. Continue your support and encouragement, don' let her feel bad or guilty with her decision. My best wishes. Love to hear more ..
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    Like you, I truly enjoy it when my beautiful wife tells me that she needs more cock and also takes the time to get fucked.
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    That is such a hot account and one I can identify with and am very envious of.

    My wife has been in a long term arrangement with an ex and tells me every detail of what they get up to later as we make love. He does not know I am aware of their 'affair', which of course means that I cannot watch them like you do

    She has considered fucking other men, but the relationship she has with her friend is very deep and she is not sure she'd enjoy an experience just based on sex. However, she says she would do it with the right guy, just to give me the experience of watching - or perhaps joining in. Who knows if it will ever happen?
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    It sounds like you are very considerate, accepting and loving. Good job
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