HYPNOSIS to make the Perfect Cuck

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    I’d like to use Hypnosis to make me the perfect cuck,
    was wondering if this type of thing is possible. I’d
    like hypnosis to do the following:

    1) Make me totally obedient to her so I have to do
    whatever she tells me and enjoy pleasing her more than
    pleasing me.

    2) Unable to get an erection without her permission. In
    the presence of her and one of her lovers even if she
    gives me permission I can’t get hard until he is fully

    3) Have to immediately suck cock whenever she tells me
    no matter who it is and where I am. No matter the
    situation I can’t resist enjoying it.

    4) I want to feel an almost drug like addiction to cum
    where I’d rather be sucking cock that cheating on my
    wife with a women behind her back

    5) I want to feel immediately submissive to any man once
    I swallow their cum for the first time. If she was
    taking on a new lover she could have me blow him and
    instead of me feeling jealous I would now feel totally
    obedient to him and not wanting to get in his way.

    6) I want to love being bent over and fucked and to feel
    in a total feminized state while it’s happening. This
    was instead of feeling like a husband upset being denied
    by my wife I now feel more natural being fucked then
    doing the fucking.

    7) I want hypnosis to totally enhance the cuckolding
    experience. I want to be totally turned on listening or
    watching her with another man. I want to crave him
    getting her off and be grateful to him after. I want
    that the more intense the two of them humiliate me the
    more I enjoy myself making it so I want to be humiliate
    more and more intensely.

    8 ) I want that whenever she starts talking about one of
    her lovers I can’t resist dropping to my knees,
    masturbate while kissing her ass saying how much I enjoyed
    sucking his cock. The idea is that if I display the
    least bit of jealousy about her fucking other men that
    she can force me to submit, humiliate myself, and have
    an intense orgasm thinking about her with another man.

    What does everyone think? Is this type of thing
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  2. christinebitg

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    Hypnosis or not, I think you're part way there already. :)


    << I’d like to use Hypnosis to make me the perfect cuck,
    was wondering if this type of thing is possible. I’d
    like hypnosis to do the following >>
  3. Dantheman

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    It may be possible. You will need to find an understanding hypnotist and take it from there. Good luck and keep us updated
  4. Thomacock

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    First, I agree with Christinenbitg that you seem to be well on your way to get where you want. I have studied hypnosis over the years , but I am not a hypnotist. That being said I do have some thoughts on your questions. First, hypnosis has it's limits. So some of those things may be difficult.

    You may want to study self hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply being put into a relaxed state where your mind is more open to suggestions. You don't have to go into deep trance to experience hypnosis. Daydreaming or vivid imagining are forms of hypnosis. These you can use for some of the items on your list.

    Think of daydreaming or vivid fantasies as rehearsal. The more clearly you picture what you want and do it often it will give your mind a road map to guide your behavior for when you are in a real situation. After repeated sessions your mind makes the connections. The more you repeat the stronger the connections.

    When we use our imagination or relive an experience we use two different points of view. One is to see yourself doing it, like you are watching a movie or TV show. The other is to imagine or relive it through your eyes. That is seeing what you saw and feeling what you felt.

    Let me take this off sex for a moment so you can see what I am saying. Remember a time when you rode a roller coaster, or some amusement park ride. First, run it through you mind so that it is like a movie. Your point of view is that of the camera where you watch yourself go through the experience. Next, remember it as you experienced it through your own eyes. What did you feel as you went up that first steep hill? What did you see and feel as you went down those steep hills and around those sharp curves. Basically relive any experience seeing what you actually saw, felt, tasted in as much detail as you can. Which point of view seems more real?

    Now you can do this for many the items on your list. For example you want to be addicted to cum and to feel submissive to a man on first tasting his cum. If you have sucked and drank cum directly from a cock then relive those experiences as I mentioned before through your eyes. If you haven't done that then imagine it as clearly as possible. That is see what you saw, feel what you felt and remember the taste of the hot cum spewing into your mouth. Then attach your meanings, such as you feel addicted to cum. Think about your hunger and thirst for it and know you must have it . Again picture all the details you can. What did you feel and taste and see? Or when you taste a man's cum for the first time picture yourself as his slave and servant or whatever submissive ideas you have. Again picture it from your point of view not as a movie. Just as when a couple gets married and the ring is that symbol of their union. His cum in your mouth becomes the symbol for your submission.

    Hopefully you can find a Bull who understands what you want.

    Best of luck

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  5. Love to Lick

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    Try Welcome to Warp MY Mind You can register free and download mp3 files that deal exactly with what you seek. I have not dared to condition myself....yet, but the files are for that purpose. Hope they're what you seek. Good luck.
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  6. mikey-Redmon

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    Warp My Mind has some great jack-off material but I doubt any of the recordings by themselves would accomplish the desired result. Let me know if you find something that is helpful.

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