Husband videos a muscular black stud baby-mating his tiny white wife

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    I both envy and pity the poor husband who videoed this breathlessly hot encounter between his deliciously eager but pathetically tiny white wife and her magnificently-built huge-cocked black stud who barebacks her, finishing by ejaculating balls-deep in her undoubtedly grossly over-stretched vagina.

    I especially like the husband’s choice of view for the opening sequence. It shows the pitiably small pelvis of his beautifully-yielded wife being slowly albeit brutally penetrated then utterly invaded by the massive cock of her powerful lover.

    The wife’s openly enthusiastic appreciation of her lover’s strength, superb musculature and super-confident fucking action is beautiful to behold, especially when she is caressing his magnificent shoulders and chest soon after he has fully penetrated her.

    The husband’s perfectly timely, almost artistic varying of the video camera position speaks volumes for his fascination with the raw physicality and consummate sexual skill of the athletic young black as he thrills and overwhelms the wife, especially in his beautifully measured build-up to orgasm.


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