Husband films his wife being barebacked by a spunky young black

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    I, for one, could rave and on about the hot, slim and classically Afro-American muscular physique---especially the legs and bum as seen from behind---of the athletic young Rastafarian who barebacks the mature and very needy and deeply appreciative hot-wife in this eminently wankworthy video.

    But I’m reasonably sure that most women and bisexual males and more than a few self-considered "straight" members and visitors to the forum will need no assistance
    from me to erotically appreciate this young man's super-sexy body; except, perhaps, a little encouragement to admit the Obvious: He is nothing short of beautiful and some of us (including yours truly) would crawl over broken glass to be fucked by him.

    Don't knock it if you ain't tried it Guys. Seriously.

    The hot young fucker in the video appears to be multi-orgasmic in an enviable rapid-fire way, ejaculating into the woman for his first time beginning at about 1:30; well-evidenced by the pumped-out rivulet of his thick black-baby-batter that emerges from her superbly-fucked vagina before slowly slithering all the way down her butt-crack.

    Barely one-and-a-half minutes (!) later he ejaculates in her again following a series of more forceful deeper thrusts finishing in a flurry of despatching custard-strokes beginning at 3:09 that fleetingly shows off the beauty and strength of his muscular manfully-clenching bum to perfection.

    Gotta love that boy, almost as much as the beautifully vocal multi-orgasmic wife obviously does from the moment he penetrates her to the last gasps of his concluding orgasm and his falling forward to rest his sufficiently-drained body on the awed and obviously very deeply satisfied woman beneath him.

    Hot, or what?
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