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Humiliation or proud moment

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Notation18, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Kyle1213

    Kyle1213 Member

    Yes, but sometimes you're glad that it makes you horny ,otherwise you'd be in a straight jacket. Lol
  2. I can tell you know what's in my mind. I would love to say please, please, please, and thank you. I would kiss, suck, and lick to make my appreciation for your services to my wife would be felt by you. I would love her to watch what you do to me after you are done with her.
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  3. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Compliments are always APPRECIATED! Like the honesty in his post/ subby hubby send me a private message.
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  4. Mahesh Manasi

    Mahesh Manasi New Member

    We have done a Vanilla Threesome till now. But now will be looking forward to get in to next step. Cuckold is my fantasy. My wife doesn't understand. She is not comfortable to see me obeying or listening to orders of any other guy. Our Bull keeps telling her its a fun for cuck but still she doesn't understand. I am not a gay and won't like to clean her bull after their session. But later if she insists , I may clean her. But surely not the guy.
  5. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    Kind of like my previous post in this thread about how I might feel proud of myself for overcoming fear and doing it. . .

    An ex-g.f. once used a vibrator on me. We were playing, and she eventually put it inside me. Having it vibrate in me gave me an unbelievable orgasm while she gave me a handjob. I was afraid of it being "gay" but afterward I really did feel proud that I could take it. I'm not at all gay, but I sort of felt a weird sense that I "took it like a man."
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  6. Christine

    Christine New Member

    I am Chris’ Cuck, and take it from me - someone who knows, it’s even better if your wife or her Man sticks a vibrating plastic cock deep in you while you are sucking her boyfriend after they have had sex. Not only will you be happily servicing them, but simultaneously having the pleasure and perhaps, after a few minutes, the satisfaction of their watching you orgasm from their generous ministrations with the vibrating cock up your hole. You may be somewhat humiliated by their watching you cum at their hands (enhanced by your sucking her boyfriend and licking your wife) but it will feel so wonderful that you will probably be moaning thanks yous and begging them to fuck you with the prostate cock again. Try it. Hopefully it will be as good for you as it is when my wife and her steady and exclusive stud Tom do it to me. Respectfully, Chris & Tom’s Obedient Cucky
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  7. gwil1414

    gwil1414 Member

    As old as this thread is I’d like to say: embarrassment is a perspective. If your perspective is that it is humiliating it relies on several factors which include yours and your wife’s and how she views the act.

    We have never done any of this and previous posts of mine would relay my thoughts and opinions on hotwifing and cickolding.

    I don’t see myself as any sort of a beta male. And if we ever got to that type of point where we did step out and have a wild time I’d like to think anything between me and her for her enjoyment would not be an act of submissiveness or humiliation. I’d like to think that is because my wife knows me well and that I’m not some sort of person who can be ran over (actually she knows this very well). So it all subjective and between the people involved and based on their relationship. I’d you like it and don’t feel like it’s wmbarassing...great! If you do it and feel it’s embarrassing but you or her like it and have an understanding and respect...also great. But if it is something you do and like and have a different view on it, maybe you and wife need to talk more and be more open.

    Ultimately if it gets you off somehow and you enjoy it for whatever it gives you, I say do it. And enjoy it and do t get so hung up on it.
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