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Humiliation or proud moment

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Notation18, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Blkwfwhthub

    Blkwfwhthub New Member

    The first time I was fucked was when my wife couldn't take him ( time of the month). He was horny and said in front of my wife that he will take me.

    Now, my wife is submissive and in no way doms me. She is a sex slave and does what he says. He told her he isn't gay and can't get turned on if he sees me.

    He had me lay on my stomach face down and had her cover my top half and bottom half with blankets, with just my ass exposed. I was told to be quiet and not to move. He then had my wife lube me up.

    Next thing I felt was his hard cock pressing against my ass. It hurt so much but I was soo turned on.

    As he went, he had my wife rub him and talk dirty. I laid ther giving muffled grunts.
    Eventually I felt him cum. It was such a surprise and felt so warm. He pulled out and rolled off me. He then told my wife to stroke him. I just laid with the cum dripping out of my ass.

    Eventually, they left for her to shower him. I got up to clean up and a wad came running down my leg. I was sore, humiliated, but soo turned on.
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  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Maybe we are all unusual, but among the men and women that we have sex with, all have had at least penis-in-vagina sex during their period. A couple of the guys will go down on a bloody cunt, no problem. I draw the line at licking the clit. It's all totally up to the woman; some women get super horny during their period, while for others it's just wanting it as usual. Only downside I see is ruined a bunch of cheap towels.
  3. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    I have not been fucked so far by her BULL. when he comes during her period, If shr is in the mood she tries to suck him off. Id shr has her painful, difficult period, because she doesnot want her lover boy go unsatisfied, she plays with his cock and asks me to suck him off. He likes that too and he fucks my mouth holding my head and fills my mouth with his warm tasty cum and wife asks me not to let even a drop come out and sees that i drink it all without wasting a drop.
    i consider that as my proud momentsince I am standing in for my wife, I confess i love to feel his cock pulsate inside my mouth when he is ejaculating
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  4. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Appreciate jag's honesty and I would bet he's an excellent cocksucker. I have had other couples tell me the same. Bonus points for not spilling a drop!
  5. MelissaR

    MelissaR New Member

    It doesn't have to be a humiliation thing. It did weird me out a bit when my partner Russell first started doing it but it's turned into a lovely moment now when my friend Paul is over. After sex when we're lying together in bed Russell cleans up both Paul and me. I love to stroke his head as he cleans Paul's cock and I give Paul a few kisses. Paul then does the same to me when Russell cleans me all up down there and it's a really special moment between the 3 of us x
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  6. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    For me, it would be really, really difficult to do it. Which means I would probably be proud of myself for overcoming my fears.
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  7. evildesire666

    evildesire666 New Member

    That is such a turn on reading that.
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  8. ruski75

    ruski75 New Member

    I enjoy that part too!
  9. bjone1984

    bjone1984 New Member

    It is a bit of a mix. I am humiliated by the bull and possibly the wife but also very proud to serve the both of them. I would say I enjoy the humiliation a bit more I think. Regardless of whether I would suck a cock for her or the bull...it's the submissiveness that I love and can't get enough of
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  10. dazzed

    dazzed New Member

    I'm not sure humiliated is the right word but the first time she had me suck one of her men off was well I guess humiliating or something close.
    It was the first time I'd ever done that for any guy and and he was nice about it but still. When your lips touch some guys dick for the first time it sends your brain spinning.
    I suppose even more so when your wife is watching.
    Way to many thoughts are running through your head at one time. At least in my case that happened. If you never have, trust me it's an emotion filled moment with way too many different emotions at the same time.
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  11. hwhub

    hwhub Member

    We're not really into humiliation since I still fuck my wife although I never get her off fucking her. I can and do give her orgasms eating her pussy, however. I was reluctant to suck her bull's cock at first but now it's become part of what we do. It's become a turn on for me to take one of her bull's cock into my hand and guiding it into her pussy and after he cums I love eating the cream pie and then sucking cock until it's hard again. Humiliation is actually a role play thing for me but I'm a little uneasy about what's about to happen. My wife and her #1 bull have gotten a cage and lock for my dick and we're going to use it for the first time this weekend. I usually get hard watching my wife get fucked and I wonder how it will feel when I get aroused with my cock locked up and restricted.
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  12. ruski75

    ruski75 New Member

    hwhub it will be the most frustrated you have ever felt in your entire life. Your cock will try and get hard then be constricted then try again over and over. You will still try and touch yourself and tug at your cock and gradually the frustration will make you try and look away from them so you won't get aroused but you won't be able to take your eyes away for long. Your cock will drip with pre-cum but nothing more and you'll have the bluest balls you've ever had.

    This is my life 24/7. And I love it! We are there to watch. It's their pleasure. We are are there to serve them not to enjoy them. It's a sweet, sweet torture. It's heaven and hell at once. It's fantastic!
  13. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    Buying clothes that accent their bodies, allowing other men to enjoy their beauty.
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  14. dazzed

    dazzed New Member

    I was kind pf proud that I was not only able to give him head but to finish the job. Took a while.
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  15. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    You will definitely be proud of yourself, when u are cleaning and fluffimg him.he gets hard again and gets ready to fuck her again. It is not just you, your wife will also be proud of your ability;)
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  16. cuckoldfrank

    cuckoldfrank New Member

    At the beginning, when westarted occasional cuckolding, I refused to clean my wife. The first time I did itwas when I was forced by group pressure, at a group sex where me and anotherhusband had been introduced as cuckolds. The other cuckold had offered to do myjob when I was not willing to. So I cleaned her and it was humiliating a lot.In particular the praises I got afterwards from smirking observers were embarrassing. Ever since it has some huiliation thing for me to clean her, but now my mouth waters when I see her cum covered pussy. I can't help but I feel theurge to go down on my knees and clean her. But she has set up the rulethat I have to beg to be allowed to lick her clean. And she waon't grant me the fulfillment every time.
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  17. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    You are correct dear, those emotions cannot be put into words. You can only experience it:p
  18. serveyousir

    serveyousir New Member

    About 5-6 months ago there was one sequence that covered both quite perfectly.

    One of my wife's bulls is very thick - not particularly long (7 inches) but thick and veiny. She had been seeing him about 2 months by this stage, and he had become increasingly dominant with both of us.

    I was kneeling on the floor, watching the bed from the side. They were on the bed fucking, but quite slowly. He switched around and had my wife's legs up on his shoulders, and he started to fuck her silly, pumping really deep. My wife went to pieces - she was grunting like a pig and had an incredibly helpless look on her face, like she couldn't belive what was going on. After about 4-5 minutes of this she came, squirting all over his groin. He kept going for a few minutes then spurted inside her. He pulled out, causing a disgusting squelching sound from my wife's fanny.

    Normally this would be my queue to clean her up, but he slid of the bed and came over to me. He ordered me to clean his cock and taunted me about tasting my wife on him. I did as I was told, and he grew increasingly rough, forcing his cock further into me mouth. This caused me to grab and dribble as he is bloody wide! Between me gagging he would slap my face with his penis, then smear it all over my face. He left both my wife and I in quite a state.

    I felt proud because my wife had had such an incredible time, but I felt humiliated due to my role and the way he used me. While I had cleaned him before, I had never been used like that. I loved every second of it.
  19. subbyhubby

    subbyhubby New Member

    Thanks for your posts
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2015
  20. subbyhubby

    subbyhubby New Member

    What about if I am humiliated by being on my knees in front of your manhood, being watched by my wife as I prepare and begin to tend to my clean up duties as you would have me do in front of her? Is that acceptable to you that I am a bit , or quite a bit, humiliated by my place in our relationship? I wonder what my wife would think? I like hearing what you think, too.

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