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Humiliating Episodes Before and After Marriage

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by Miguel, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Miguel

    Miguel New Member

    Some of these have less to do with being her cuck and more to do with the balance of power in our relationship. Not in any order, what comes to mind are:

    1. Snowball. Wasn't something we ever discussed but within the first dozen or so blowjobs I received her the following happened. As a courtesy to her I would announce I was cumming and she would take it out of her mouth, continue licking the underside, while I ejaculated. She had tried but didn't like the taste of cum. Anyway, I was about to cum, told her, her mouth stayed glued to my cock, I told her again, and possibly a third time, and then I let it go. It was a big load, probably a week or more since I had last cum. I'm thinking she's overcome her aversion to its taste. I finish letting her drain me dry, eyes half closed not really too alert. Suddenly her mouth is pressed to mine. I open it anticipating a hot french kiss and end up with a mouth of my own cum. I ended up swallowing the whole lot.

    2. Fucked in the ass. Early in our marriage I bought a vibrating dildo for us to try, had a shaft that rotated and a vibrating clit tickler (think it was shaped like a rabbit). I use it on her; she finds it a bit too rigid, prefers soft digits and even softer tongue. I go down on her; we snuggle afterwards while she holds the dildo in her hand, turning it on and off. She then asks me to indulge her. I agree not knowing what she really wants.
    She gets up, taking the dildo with her, goes into the bathrrom, returns with it all greased up and announces it is my turn. She thought I sounded a little disappointed that she wasn't overjoyed with the dildo and wanted me to experience it firsthand.

    I grudgingly complied warning her to go very slow and to stop if I told her to. And that it would be brief. I even reminded her that if she thought her bottom was tight mine wouldn't be any better. She went slow and it did hurt and it was way too rigid, felt like a steel rod covered in hard rubber. She got it all the way in and began to pull it out. The relief I felt was temporary for she plunged it all the way back in. She also turned it on and soon the shaft was revolving around in my bottom and she was fucking me, telling me she would just go a few more times. I'm not enjoying the experience at all, my cock has literally retracted, but guess what, cum begins to pour out of my cock. It was like a faucet had been turned. From that day on her opinion of where I stood sexually shifted from far right heterosexual to left leaning bi.

    3. Made a point to dance with others, especially slow songs, while I sat and watched. Discussed with me how good they looked, how adept he was at dancing to the point I became red faced. Insisted we detour before going home telling me then showing me how wet she was. Very obvious the river flowing from between her legs had little to do with me.

    4. Focused on my cock length. Insisted I get a Playgirl the first time. Compared their cocks with mine; said I was still smaller hard than they were soft. Made the same comment while watching a porn movie with friends of ours, how I was undersized and quick on the trigger. Had everyone laughing about it, including me believe it or not, but it sure did sting.

    5. Traditional roles reversed early in the marriage. She got the new car, insisted on driving it every time we were together, and left the household to me citing she worked harder than me and had less free time. We both had the same incomes and same work hours. I ended up doing all the household work and our friends would openly tease us about her wearing the pants in the house, me being the wife, her henpecking me, buying me a very feminine apron to wear for her, joking my wife would insist on me have it and nothing else on when she came home from work.

    More to follow as I think of it.
  2. subCuckBoy

    subCuckBoy New Member

    She sounds like one hot wife! Didnt u want to run after you came and she made u eat it? I lose all interest after i cum, i really prefer to be denied :).

    Think u should buy her a strapon for valentines day!
  3. Miguel

    Miguel New Member



    I was too damn shocked the first time. When she pressed her mouth to mine I opened wide expecting only tongue. I quickly noticed a rather large soft glob of something else, but it took me a nanosecond to realize it wasn't a lugie she had relayed to me.

    The eroticism of the moment washed away any inhibitions I had and we kept frenching as I mucked it on down.

    It was only after we separated that it hit me. I felt shame (afraid of that gay label) even though it was pretty apparent she thought it was erotic.

    One other thing about the snowballs that makes me love them is it means I get to cum in her mouth. The orgasm is better; to this day she prefers not swallowing mine which means more often than not I go from being inside a nice warm soft wet mouth to the outside, not so warm, soft, or wet.

    You're right about losing interest (especially licking it from places on her or in her) after you cum, but it's a mental hurdle you can overcome (sort of like pushing yourself after you think you're fatigued).

    I guess snowballs are the price I pay for a blowjob that begins and ends in her mouth (haha).
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  4. SmallFry

    SmallFry Member

    After marriage ( a few years in ) I entered into a "shared" sexual relationship with my wife. This included MMF, foursomes and cuckold experiences.
    These came as a result of my SPH fetish and my wife's genuine disatisfaction with some aspects of our personal sex life. (as in my tiny cock and unreliable stamina when actually fucking)
    I have posted elsewhere about some of this elsewhere so here I will relate more of my pre marital experiences which led me to first my SPH fetish and then eventual semi cuckold sexual lifestyle.
    One of my earliest post high school experiences where I felt embarrassed by my tiny cock occurred while on a camping trip with a small group of guys and gals from my neighbourhood.
    Myself and another guy (Mike)both fancied one of our neighbours (Michelle). She lived in a house on the same street so when we were younger we all occasionally played together and had known each other for a while. She had blossomed into a fine looking woman.
    She was a definite flirt and verbally toyed with a number of guys but she seemed to pay more attention to myself and Mike. At some point during this camping trip Michelle, Mike and myself were the last ones still hanging out by the campfire as everyone else had retired to their tents.
    Michelle was flirtatious as ever but the alcohol we had all consumed loosened things up even more than usual and she demanded a bit of show n tell. She got the ball rolling by showing us her tits. This insured that I for one had a full hard on before dropping my shorts. I may in hindsight not done so if Mike had dropped first.
    He may have been partially aroused but he still sported a swinging dick as opposed to an erect one. His cock even then was massively bigger than my skinny 4" one. Decidedly longer and with way more girth.
    In my embarrassment I quickly lost my erection and sported not even my usually tiny small flaccid penis but in the chill of the night air shrivelled up to absolute babysized proportions. Meanwhile Mike had sprouted a full erection which totally put me in the shade.
    I didn't hang about and scurried off to my tent. Michelle went to his.
    I had a wank anyway recalling the delightful sight of Michelle's lovely breasts but (oddly) I was aroused by the sight of his superior manhood knowing her eyes had obviously compared us.
  5. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Good for you. That's what your woman wanted and you complied.

    Don't understand why that should be her opinion, it was a woman playing in your rectum after all. A woman getting her cunt licked for the first time by a man doesn't mean she's bi.

    It's naïve to think that someone can only be sexually excited by one person; usually it's the opposite, no screw like a new screw. You should have been flattered that other men find her attractive and she is interested in sex.

    4. & 5. If humiliation is your thing, then go for it.
  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I don't lose all interest after I cum, I still enjoy the show, but in an unexcited, calm way. But I definitely prefer going second, letting the excitement build while they fuck then going in for silky sloppy seconds, whether it's my wife or the other guy's. The best, however, is watching my wife fuck while I'm in another woman. Overload.
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