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    Black Rule Beach!
    TJ Ryder
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    I'd been working on off shore welding contracts for
    four years when I began running my own crew because it was
    just easier when you pick your own guys. Some white supervisors
    have trouble with the mostly black derrick grunts but I never
    had much, especially after I promoted Dushawn Jackson to foreman.

    Since then he and I have made a pretty good team working
    on oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and along South America coastlines.
    I know he's married but like a lot of hunkie oil field labor he's
    got a girl everywhere. But being only 5'6" and 140 lbs of thin
    white boy compared to 6'6 of solid black muscle, Dushawn earned
    his job keeping some of the other blacks with prison tats out of
    trouble, and one of the way he did that was to organize safe sex

    Nobody who's never worked a 70 hour week on a rocking oil
    drilling platform in the ocean in the brutal tropical heat
    miles of open sea from the nearest bar or woman doesn't know what
    its like. And the guys get paid a ton too, which adds up to huge
    problems when after a month or so they ride the barge into
    the nearest town. And I need them all back in a few days and
    not spending my time smoothing out the locals. That's where Dushawn
    shined! He always managed to find women for his crew, good
    safe even pretty women. Something I couldn't do if I had a month's
    leave on shore.

    His crew was
    a total of 14 big black muscled-up studs, average age of 24, and
    the grinning anticipation and humongous bulges in their pants before
    a shore leave testified to Dushawn's expertise in this area, but the
    big thing to me was how these gorillas started saving money
    instead of being broke after every trip. Dushawn was working magic
    in these ports and not just foreign either, cuz working the Florida
    panhandle he found the same kind of action. Not just for the crew
    either, he always had a girlfriend in every port of call.

    Now we were an hour barge ride out from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and
    as usual, Dushawn had organized a bunch of women for him and his
    crew for shore leaves, and I still hadn't figured it out!

    It was on mail call that I noticed the same letters, with two
    little hearts entwined on the envelope, and addressed as usual to
    Dushawn as I handed the mail out to the crew that morning.
    His huge black hand and big grin and wink let me know he had another
    conquest. Then later in the day I was down in the locker room
    where I was always a little self conscious since I am well, kind of
    the opposite of Dushawn and his crew. Small, thin, weak and white!
    And of course I don't have the logs and grapefruits that seem to
    swing from every black buck on every crew that Dushawn puts together.

    That's when I talked about the coming shore leave and he was naked,
    just having showered, and like so many bucks, not wrapping a towel around
    him or anything, just letting it all hang out, as I noticed the accessories
    in his locker. Beautiful white girl photos, some nude, some in bikinis,
    and several pairs of pink and white frilly panties they had sent him,
    and one especially luscious girl.

    "Yeah boss, ah'm jus as anxious as the rest of de boys dis time!"

    "Um, you won't let the men (I couldn't say boys) get in trouble?"

    "Nope, we got an arrangement wit de local wimmins, same kind of
    deal we did outside of Galveston!"

    I smiled, "another whorehouse?"

    'Hell no, in fact dey pay for most of it, although this country
    being poor, dese wimmins probably can't pay for de rooms!"

    I was curious about that, and couldn't help but stare at the buxom
    beauty photo on his locker. He noticed my gaping at it with a chuckle.

    'Yah, yo lahk dat sheila, eh boss? She one of dem too. An ah
    be missin her sorely, dat da trufe!" He grinned as he gripped his
    enormous semi flaccid python and even his huge black hand barely
    encircled it. It was hard to believe any woman would accept his

    'Oh, so you, um, (trying to get more info about this gorgeous
    thing) will have a local number if I need to get in touch with you?"

    'Yeah, dat raht! In fact ah be seein her tomorrow when ah goes back
    in de mail packet fo dat drill bit we need!"

    'I have to back in tomorrow too!' I said, looking at her delicious
    curves in her bikini, obviously taken just a week ago by the calendar
    in the background. It wasn't unusual for us to take the mail packet
    in and out, but a visiting female was a first. I gave an non committal

    Dushawn and I were the only ones who went ashore, me more than him,
    unless it was the monthly leave for the rigging crew.

    "Okay boss, but we ain't seen each other for a while, you know?
    I dunno, but it okay with me if it okay with you!"

    I laughed, but was also titillated. The mail packet was this
    enclosed barge with only a pilot in the upper deck and a small
    cabin for a few passengers. I took it once a week or more to go
    into the city on business. There was nothing against a woman coming
    out in the barge as long as she didn't step foot on the oil rig, where
    a woman could cause problems with a horney crew. I just nodded.

    "Course it ain't nothin yo ain't seen befo, ah guess, we all adults

    'She couldn't wait till you got on shore?" I kind of joked.

    "Haw, fact is ah don think she can, neither can I, but she never
    been on a boat before either and she, well, she ain't gwine to share,
    you know...!" I was startled by the suggestion.

    "Oh, um, I wasn't expecting...!"

    "Ah mean, she ain't no pro, cuz ah don care mah self if yo want her!"

    "Oh, never mind, I mean, of course I don't expect...!"

    "Haw, well yo might change yo mind when yo see what a fahn body
    she got, and she know how to use it, but she one of dose niggalover
    babes dat only go fo black meat! Ah mean once during de last leave
    ah had a couple of de crew, Big Rufus an Darnell, take dere turns
    an she don mind dat none, but well, dat's de score!"

    I was kind of stunned, and tried to be casual and worldly about it,
    since being the boss I was expected to be. But I kept stealing glances
    at that luscious photo.

    The next day I cleaned up and met the mail packet and I saw the
    bare arms of a woman on the upper rail. I was the only one looking
    but then this lovely redhead laughed and waved and I saw Dushawn coming down
    the catwalk and giving her a wave back.

    I had my briefcase and Darnell his orders and we were both coming
    back by mid afternoon and had our jobs to do, but he had enough time
    to spend a few hours at her, I found, waterfront apartment. That
    surprised me too because she was so beautiful she could get a job in
    the city as a receptionist or model. I found out later she was like
    many of the white women in this group Dushawn hooked up to on the net.
    She couldn't go anywhere else but the waterfront.

    STepping down first, the beautiful woman in the low front smiled
    politely at me, and Dushawn introduced her finally as Mirala. Then
    as soon as we got into the small enclosed cabin, she threw her arms around
    his brawny neck and deep kissed, her big breasts flattened against his
    muscular chest, as his huge hands cupped her full buttocks. They
    deep kissed, her sighing and moaning and grinding as I got a rock and
    sat down on a padded couch and put my laptop on a table, as the
    packet began to back out, lurching, and they sat down, still kissing.

    "Oh, darling, I missed you so much!" She kissed him on his neck
    and huge thick lips, and soon his tongue was inside her mouth and she
    nursed on it. He began to cup her big breasts and she moaned and she
    paused, looking sideways at me. Dushawn laughed.

    "Haw, don yo worry none about Bob. He mah boss but he know de
    score, we work jobs all over de world!"

    "Um, you don't mind, Mr. um, Twilling if we, well...?"

    'Oh, of course not, I, um, know the score!" And soon after that
    she smiled, and unbuttoned her blouse, and I knew I was going to be
    in trouble as those two luscious firm swaying breasts with reddish big
    nipples popped out; let alone when Dushawn started pinching and then
    kissing and nursing on them. Her perfume filled the cabin, and then
    the subtle fragrance of excited womanhood as well as negro male lust
    which was something I was familiar with on an oil derrick.

    After much more kissing, she giggled, and knelt between his
    huge muscular long legs, and the huge bulge in his pants seemed to
    be impossibly big, but she unbuttoned him after kissing the damp bulge
    making him moan, and then slipped his pants down where he stepped out
    of one leg so he could spread his legs better. I had never seen
    a woman actually worship a man before, but I was seeing it now, slowly
    and deliberately, and Dushawn grinned, put his arms behind him and leaned
    back on the couch, giving me a bawdy wink as if this is typical in his

    She kissed and licked his huge black balls, then ran her soft pink
    tongue up the underside of his mammoth hardon, then licked up a couple
    pearly drops of precum with a sigh, and ran her tongue down again.
    Her big breasts hanging down, she ducked her head under his balls, licking
    the underside, and using her little white hands, arched his butt out
    and he lifted up his legs a little, so she could first kiss his anus,
    and then moaned as she drilled her tongue up him. I was just crazy
    by then and I had to arrange my hardon upward and was trying not to
    touch it but I was seeping precum myself. Finally she moved her
    soft lips back up to his knob and slowly slipped her red lips over it,
    making Dushawn stiffen more, and just kept it like that, her cheeks
    like apples as she looked up adoringly at her black lover.

    pic 1

    She could never deep throat him but she moved up and down as much as
    she could, cupping his big balls as she did so, squeezing and carressing
    them, until finally, Dushawn moved his big hands to the back of his
    head, guiding her, making her slow down because he was too close,
    and then speed up, and finally, his cock swelled even more, he was
    sweaty and gasping and groaning, and I heard a muffled squeal of delight
    and her throat moving in and hour and Dushawn gasped! He was cumming
    in her mouth and she was gulping and sighing, swallowing and groaning,
    and he just jetted out a quart of negroe mancum into her sweet lips as she
    worshipped it all out of him. I didn't even realize I was holding my
    own cock, my face bright red I knew, until Dushawn took a long sigh
    and smiled and looked at me, and Mirala did also, smiling as she saw
    my hand on my bulge in my damp pants. I had also not had any sex or even
    seen a woman for sometime even though I did get off the platform
    a lot and I had forgotten the impact this could have.

    "Go ahead boss, we all got to get off somehow, and we don mind none,
    do we gal?"

    "No," she smiled, "go ahead and unzip, Mr. Twillings, it looks like
    you need to and your'e going to anyway! Please do!" She giggled
    then as she licked her lips and gave his cock knob a last tender

    "Haw, go ahead boss. She like giving white boys blue balls
    and making them jack off in front of us!"

    She smiled, "yes, I do! Go ahead and beat off for me, I
    love to make white boys beat off!" She added with a little smug
    expression, and that made it even more humiliating and I wished
    then I could have enough self control, but it was also erotic,
    because she wanted me to humiliate myself and I wanted to please

    Without being able to stop I knew I was going to explode inside my
    pants so I did so, and blushing even making my face redder, grasped
    my puny by comparison cock even as I imagined I heard a soft snicker
    of amusement for Mirala's sweet cumstained lips. Still gazing at
    her luscious breasts softly heaving as she absently gave Dushawn's
    softening giant log a kiss, she looked at me with amusement as I
    squeezed my cock, tried to find a tissue in a pocket, and immediately
    gasped, moaning, I ended up spraying my shirt and pants and even got
    a splat on my face. Mirala giggled with amusement even as I shamelessly
    continued pumping, unable to help myself from further humiliation.

    pic 2

    "Oooh," she smiled, reaching over with her big breasts hanging down
    and handed me a kleenex, "here, Mr. Twillings!"

    "Um, gasp, moan, th- thank you," as I tried to collect the
    remaining sperm. I wiped myself and buttoned up again, so conscious
    of my little penis besides the huge semi flaccid cock in Mirala's
    little white hand and her amused reaction to my beat off! Only then
    did she return and with her soft lips and tongue make sure she had
    licked every inch of Dushawn's giant organ clean, and then she
    bent all the way over, exposing her beautiful panty clad buttocks
    to me, and kissed each of his shoes!

    "Haw, she always do dat!"

    "Mmmm, thank you, master!" she smiled upward, and then
    Dushawn asked if she could wait till he did his business in shore
    and got to her apartment, she nodded.

    'Yes of course, darling, I came in my panties so I can wait a little
    while. Even if I didn't cum just worshipping you like that is
    enough, until later!"

    'Awraht den, ah guess ah button up mah own self!" he laughed.

    Then, all our faces red, mine from embarassment as well as
    having cum, we arranged our clothes and talked like old friends,
    and Mirala was surprisingly, I don't know why, knowledgeable
    and smart, and referred to Dushawn as her "savage master!"
    I wished she had remained semi nude with her big breasts swaying.
    It ended up with her calling me Bob.

    That was a couple months ago, and since I go into town more
    often, and since Dushawn and I are in shore a bit, me more often,
    I have gotten to know Mirala much better and knew I was going to
    fall in love with her. Now, when we get on the mail packet
    and she is there, there is even more humiliation involved and I
    just can't help myself.

    The second time on the mail packet I knew what was going to happen
    and looked forward to it, but was prepared I thought to be able to
    restrain myself from beating off helplessly while she sucked Dushawn
    off, but that went out the window when she undid her top again,
    unzipped Dushawn and kissed his giant knob, and then smiled over at me
    and handed me a small box of kleenex.

    "There, Bob, I don't want you to ruin your pants this time!"

    ****************** Continued in complete illustrated story

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