How to post pics using the new forum features (XenForo)

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  1. saturn

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    gator, when you say a "private conversation" you do mean the conversation feature when you click on somebody's user name and clicking "Start a conversation"? If so it should reassure you and everybody else how private those are by knowing that I cannot read those private conversations unless you copy me into the discussion. Same goes for KingBull if this forum software is like the rest I have administered/moderated. Private really does mean private.

    So, from here I'm going to start a conversation with you and send you a pic. Feel free to reply to me with a pic (any random thing). We'll go from there. Alternatively, you could CC me into your private conversation as long as the other person didn't allow it. I'd say let's hold off on that for now.

    incoming PM!
  2. Neighbor

    Neighbor New Member

    Thank you ive been hving trouble ill try now
  3. Neighbor

    Neighbor New Member

    No fake pics youll will see the pics werent done by a pro

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