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How to live with chastity.

Discussion in 'Chastity' started by kennysiu, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. kennysiu

    kennysiu Member

    Several months ago I borrowed a chastity and tried for a few days. It was a Holytrainer CB and it was my first time ever wearing a chastity device. It just fitted me well and I was very excited. I put away the key and it was only available again after 48 hours. At first I thought I would be able to go through it easily. However, a word of my conclusion of my 48 hours experience was "" horrible "" , and it was probably worst than horrible.

    Summary of what happened:
    I was able to sleep when I was VERY tired, but during the 48 hours I was unable to sleep well and from time to time I was frustrated and just wanted OUT

    I do not normally get ill but I was almost like catching cold or fever something in the last few hours.

    When I was in chastity, I was thinking more about porn and I was more horny than ever.

    Luckily I planned my first try on my day off otherwise I believe that I was unable to work.

    Was it normal? Was it common? Was it because it took time to get used to it and it was completely normal to be painful for the first few times and it will be OK if I overcome the 'threshold'?
  2. you are making me extremely nervous as my FemDom ultimate extreme wife has been talking about placing me into chastity numerous times the couple of months and she takes everything in this lifestyle to the extreme, she does not play-fantasize!
  3. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    Borrowed??? :eek:

    Yes, it's completely common. The Holy Trainer really irritates my scrotum badly after a while. The only one i could wear long term if i chose to is the Birdlocked series.

    NEMI_CUCK Member

    My wife started teasing and denying me sex about 6 months into cuckolding me..4 years ago or so. She got very involved with a certain lover and lost all interest in me sexually.. But she only saw him for about 3 months.

    When she stopped seeing him she kind of felt guilty for the way she had neglected me but explained that he was an unbelievable lover that I couldn't even come close to measuring up to sexually. She said her lover also was somewhat jealous of me and told her he didn't like her having sex with me.

    I told her as much as it did hurt me, deep down I was really turned on by being denied.. I even started denying myself orgasms. It was also kind of humiliating that she would deny me at request of her lover.. So we started the whole teasing and denying thing. When she wasn't currently seeing a lover she would be totally open to me sexually but when she was, her pussy was and still is off limits to me...besides licking and dildoing of course.

    One night about 2 years ago we were watching porn together and there was a video of a guy in chastity watching his wife fuck a guy and my wife said..."omg what is that on his cock?" i explained and she said she didnt even know that male chastity devices existed. She said she really wanted to try one on me. She ended up ordering me one online a few days later.

    When it arrived we opened it together.. I shaved my pubic hair completely and locked it on.. Initially it felt pretty comfortable and I wore it all day with no problem. She actually had a date that night with a new lover. When she left for the evening is when I started to have regrets. I cant explain the feelings besides claustrophobic kind of...anxiety. It was very uncomfortable mentally and even physically. I didn't like it at all. I continued to wear it for a week and i would say 75 percent of the time I was fine with it but there were times i hated it so much.

    I guess the 25 percent of the time I hated it outweighed the 75 percent that i was cool with it because I ended up begging her to let me out. She did let me out after a week and put the thing up in the closet.

    I did however promise her I wouldn't cum unless she gives me permission..and i have stuck to that promise. Occasionally she makes me wear it on her overnighters because she gets off on putting me in uncomfortable situations. And she teases me with it saying shes going to lock me in it and throw away the key someday if Im not a good cuckold.

    I am a good cuckold though..
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  5. NewCuck76

    NewCuck76 Active Member

    I normally wear a Metal device but curiosity got me and I purchased a holy trainer a few months ago. It did the same to me, it really irritated my skin, more so than normal. I also didn't like the way it pushes the balls forward. I switched back to my normal metal device which is far more comfortable.
  6. sussexcuck

    sussexcuck Active Member

    out of interest what metal one do you wear? I may get one soon. I wear the holy trainer and find it pretty comfortable - i can wear it for a week to 10 days - 2 weeks is my max. I do find it rubs on my balls a bit although moisturizer generally helps.
  7. lockedinwm

    lockedinwm New Member

    I would say go metal Sussexcuck. You won't regret it.

    Anything from Mature Metal would be great. I've had a Jailbird - which are very popular, but I changed to their Watchful Mistress. Highly recommend either and no issues having it shipped to U.K.
  8. NewCuck76

    NewCuck76 Active Member

    I wear a mature metal jailbird model. You can get them custom fit. Much better than plastic.
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  9. dave leonard

    dave leonard New Member

    Same here i wear a mature metal custom fit, been wearing almost 2 years now 24/7

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