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    So a guy got my girlfriends number the other day and contacted today by text asking her out. Her plan is to go out with him and discuss our lifestyle to him over drinks. He has no clue she has a boyfriend. I guess my question is, would you tell him first then go out on a date or just go out and talk to him face to face. Most likely he will be all about it or be put off and think we're weird. I don't know if he thinks he's going to work towards a real relationship or what. So how would you go about something like this not meeting him on a fetish or cuckolding site first. For all we know he could be pretty vanilla.
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    Let her meet him first to see if she's interested. If not, problem solved. If she is, it's only fair for her to explain to him that she's in an "open relationship". No need for her to go into juicy details on the first date - she'll get a sense of how he feels when she sees how he reacts. Maybe he'll be fine with accepting they'd be friends with benefits but most likely nothing more. Even if he claims he's fine with that, emotional involvement is always possible. Be prepared to deal with it. Good luck, and let us know what happens!

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    I agree with Don. She needs to be honest but minimal. Short an sweet, "I love men, and love to fuck around. My husband knows and is willing to text you if you have any concerns." This works great for me...I have never even had one ask to text /call him.
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