How To Cuckold My Hubby?

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by ladydaniela66, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. ladydaniela66

    ladydaniela66 New Member

    • I'm a woman, 40 years old.
    • My husband is 37 years old.
    • We have been married 5 years.
    ---I confess i am sexually unsatisfied by my hubby.
    ---I love him but i have to say he is not a good lover in bed.
    ---He has never been a good lover but now, after 5 years, i am really bored.
    ---He is not able to give me the pleasure and satisfaction i want.
    ---Sex with him is really not good.
    • Bad quality and quantity.
    Recently it seems he is not interested in sex. Rarely he try to have sex with me and these rare times he's really not satisfying for me. When i try to tease him sometime he has not the right reaction and he leave me with the unsatisfied need. But i admit i stopped to tease hubby cause i really do not enjoy sex with him.
    • I want a new lover, a better lover. I want a real man, able to give me all the pleasure i want and make me feel the real woman i am. Recently i had an affair with a colleague. Few days ago he fucked me and finally i have found the satisfaction i never had.
    I have realized sex with hubby has always been bad. Just now i have found the real pleasure. This man is better in everything: well built body, huge cock, long duration, sexual fantasy. He really made me feel a real woman. I had feelings I never tryed before. I love my hubby and i would not to leave him, but i'm sure i want this new lover or maybe every other man like him. I need good sex and my hubby is over.
    I really wish to continue dating this man and have sex with him but i know is not easy. I could try to hide my new lover but it's not easy and i think it's not right. I don't like betraying and moreover i would like my hubby know he is not able to give me pleasure and the other man is a better lover. Recently, talking about that with my friend, she told me of "cuckold men". I never know cuckoldry but it seems to be what i would like. Maybe is a form of egoism. I could be free to date all the men i want whenever i want. Maybe is a form of sadism to put in my hubby's face the fact he is useless in bed and there are other men better than him. But i really want it and i don't want to renounce to my new lover. So I'm here asking how I could cuckold my husband? What can i do? Which is the best way to introduce him to be a cuckold?

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  2. DarleneMacComb

    DarleneMacComb New Member

    Hi Danilea,
    • I think the first step is to sit him down and have a long talk with him expressing your issues, needs and concerns. An open and honest dialogue if of the utmost importance.
    Now I know that in the "cyber world" people might give a million examples of how to just go have a fling, but in real life that can have horrible repercussions. What you have described seems to imply that your future cuckolding aspirations are very doable but do please go slow and make sure its a lasting thing with all relationships healthy and intact. :D
  3. ladydaniela66

    ladydaniela66 New Member


    Yes I know cheating on him has not been a good thing.
    But I was so desperate. Too long time without sex. My colleague knows how to seduce a woman and how to please her. It happens one time only. I know is not good. This is why i would like to tell him all the truth but also make he accept the situation, realizing is not good in bed, he is useless for me in bed now. He can't give me the pleasure i want and i need. I don't like to hide him my thoughts and what i want but i would like he could accept he is not a good lover and let me find sex elsewhere.
  4. ladydaniela66

    ladydaniela66 New Member

    first step

    Thanks to all.
    I understand the path to cuckold him is long and hard and first of all i have to do not think to my needs only. I have to know better the deepest thoughts of my hubby. I want he trust me. Cause i love him and i don't wont to broke my marriage. As Carmen say, love and sex are two different things. I can not destroy the love just to have a good sex. Yes sex is very important, especially when a woman, 40 years old like me, never had a great satisfation in bed. But i confess, after my co-worker fucked me, i felt no good cause i betrayed hubby. The sex has been wonderful but after? Next time i will go bed with another man i want, and i hope, my hubby is happy for me.
    Am i asking the impossible? Sometime i ask myself if this is hypocritical.
    Asking for his permission to fuck other men is like to clean up the conscience.
    By the way i want go ahead. I want to explre his an my deepest thoughts and feelings.
    Last night we have done a first step. Of course he doesn't know i have in mind a cuckold relationship.
    I started to give him all my love. To assure him i love him and he is important for me. We talked about us and our future. I masturbated him and he cumed in my hand after short time. I felt his tension and his worry but i kissed him with love telling i want his pleasure and i want he is not frustrated. My goal has been him last night, forgetting my needs. I also offered him my pussy to lick, not for my pleasure but for his satisfaction, to assure him he can always have my pussy.
    I don't know if this night has been a real first step into our new life. I hope. Time will tell us.

  5. Re: first step

    CARMEN WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU THE OTHER DAY and I am sure that sometime this weekend, or early next week she will be in touch. From what I see, your head is in the right place and I am sure, as she has done for so many ladies starting out, she will have some sage advice for you.
  6. ladydaniela66

    ladydaniela66 New Member

    Re: first step

    Thanks. In effect i have received many advices and messages supporting me.
    • I'm realizing to be a cuckold is the high sign of respect and love a man can have for his wife. I know is not easy for you men to accept your inferiority in bed compared to other men as is not easy to let and watch wife fucked by others. But many men like you do and i really i have a big respect for you.
    And now i'm sure my hubby deserve all my love and respect to become a cuck. If and when he will accept to be a cuckold i know he will accept a great humiliation, and for that i want to assure him all my love and respect and care. We can not to say to be a cuckold is not humiliation. And you men accepting this humiliation for your wife's pleasure are very kind and worthy of love and respect.
  7. lkc_cucky8s

    lkc_cucky8s New Member

    How to cuckold your husband

    Cuckolding is the fine skill to huminated and degrading your husband,if your husband is a cuckold type you will be very lucky woman. You will control him totally making him more submission and devotion to you. Transform him into sissy cocksucker slut and always oral serve you whenever you have sex with your lover/lovers.Made him suck your lovers cocks
    hard for you to fuck and then clean your lovers cocks with his tongue,this made him most degrading and shameful act and you surely enjoy this scene very much as you watch him
    sucking your lover cock with his mouth up and down.When your lover cocks hardened made him quide your lover cock into your fucking pussy and after making love,order him to clean your lover cock coated with cums by his tongue and then made him hard again for round two fucking session.You will surely enjoy this lifestyle and happiness cuckoldress on earth
    l wish you will success
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  8. JennaC

    JennaC New Member

    I was the one who first wanted it to happen. I brought up the subject to my boyfriend by talking of it as a threesome. At first he wanted another woman, and I said fine, if you can find one. (He couldn't) So I told him I was bringing home another man. Well, he didn't want to have sex with a man, so it turned into me cuckolding him. He wasn't satisfying me sexually. (He just wasn't big enough) So I brought home a black man and my boyfriend grudgingly agreed.

    That was my first time with a black man! It was like losing my virginity again. He was so big, I was so sore the next day. I never had sex with my boyfriend again after that. What would be the point. He would go down on me sometimes though. He was good at that. Eventually we broke up. I have sex only with black men now. Don't get me wrong, my current boyfriend is white, and a great guy. I just keep the sex and the relationship separate. I told him upfront and he has accepted that.
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  9. jcoldstream

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    Can you adopt a two stage approach? Find a young lover and at the same time undertake some firm training with your husband. Insist that he satisfy you and use the cane on his bottom if he fails. After that, if he can't be trained, have sex with your lovers only.

  10. Johnnn

    Johnnn New Member

    Tease the crap out of him and plant seeds in his mind at the right time. This is what my wife has done over a 15 year period and it worked! Start by telling him when you guys are having sex that your husband is going to come home soon, or do I need to call the police to help? One of the best ways is to buy a doc Jonson realistic dildo and give it head and make him watch only! And the way you look at him will start driving him insane and he will start begging you after the plastic cock gets boring to bring a black stud home and make him watch...he will trust me!

    For me the whole fantasy is all about the jealousy. Most men can't handle it, but I love it! The idea of my wife being split apart by a cock twice the size of mine words cannot express how exiting it is. I love hearing her moan as she speaks to me like crap and tells me how much better Mr big is than me.

    I however am not a full cuck, I won't lick cum off her leg, if that is for you, go for it. We have adopted only portions of this fantasy.

    Maybe most importantly, how does he handle jealousy? Does it sexually excite him? My wife always talks of her "personal trainer at the gym" and I get so hard imagining me watching them. She said she was going to the ocean with him Fri and Sat and she let me jerk off and watch her put her high heels, silk longerei, and perfume I bought her in the suitcase. I almost died!!!!

    Listen, a word of warning, if you can't understand why the things I mentioned are exiting, maybe this lifestyle is definitely not for you. I would say that it most definitely takes a dominant female and a submissive male to make this work. This is exactly what my wife is. In fact, I have always fantasized about women dominating me, so you see, few guys will probably go for this lifestyle. I will definitely agree with waht someone said above and that is if you can cuckold a man, you will indeed be a very happy woman! Imagine an athletic well hung man pleasuring you and your husband approves and watches....not a bad deal.

    Look, in short, I never want to again live any other way. I treat my wife like gold, I serve her like a servile slave that I am. A man who is properly worked by a dominant female has to eventually submit himself on his own will to be your absolute little bitch! Good luck, you both will love it.
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  11. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Johnnn, Interesting advice directed to a very old Topic. Keep in mind that Carmen is no longer around! Long story short, "Carmen got the Boot"!
  12. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    My wife kept talking dirty about having sex with another guy during sex. Slowly it turned into a fantasy and I'm now a proud cuckold
  13. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    TALK to him, tell him you love him but you want him to watch you have sex with another man........

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