How to cope when she's out with her lover?

Discussion in 'Methods, Techniques and Advice' started by ltom212, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    My partner has her meet tomorrow night which is an overnight stay at a hotel ! She will be going work from the hotel in the morning so it will be a good 24 hrs before she's back home .
    How do you cope while she's out ? Last time she did this I wanked myself stupid and hardly slept a wink with stages of jealously and then excitement etc . I want to try and cope better this time I've asked for a Chasity cage but it won't be here in time
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  2. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    it is getting chores done for me...

    i am not allowed to touch my cock...

    also it is my duty to adjust Her lingerie drawer, stockings and pantyhose...

    polishing Her heels is also a duty...

    i never jerk off or drink as She is away...

    She wants me fully concentrated at Her service when She is back...
  3. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    She's spending the entire night with him and I won't see her until the following evening after work! I need to try and keep myself busy but I know it's going to be hard!!
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  4. It must be rough. (empathizing)
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  5. SJ1982

    SJ1982 Member

    If your not in chastity, then Like me I'd suggest - pardon my crudeness - a long wankathon to the type of porn that your into. I.e. My porn I'm into is BBW/SSBBW and mature ladies. Other times I would watch sports, a good film or even computer games to keep the mind occupied

    Hope that helps
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  6. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    Do like my hubby does and comes with me !
  7. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    I'm afraid that's not an option.
    I'm shaving her tonight and putting tan lotion on her and packing her case for her . She wants a weekend away with him now as well . This is going to be the longest 48hrs ever .
  8. guymackey

    guymackey Guest

    In early 2015, my wife went to Las Vegas on a work-related conference. Either by design or by happenstance she bumped into Roger, a former co-worker of her, whom she had the hots for. She did not tell me about hooking up or meeting him even though we spoke on the phone couple of times a day. Deep inside my gut, I had a feeling that she'll be doing something like that.

    When she came back after six days, she told me that she had started her period. As a matter of principle she does not permit intercourse during her period because she is prone to getting urinary tract infections. Three days later, we fucked and I could tell from the expression on her face that her pussy was sore. Turned out that she fucked Roger the whole week she was there. He even got to fuck her in the ass once, which is really a treat to see. She goes crazy, and loses all control of her body and mind when there is a cock up her ass.

    The point I was trying to make is that no matter how much freedom and autonomy wives (women) have, they still fuck around and keep secrets. Of course not all wives are like that, but in my opinion most are like that. Anyways, Roger has become one of her two regulars and he gets to ejaculate in her. By the way, this guy has a 11" long cock with a 5" girth, and not only can he fuck her like a champ but can come in her and keep pounding away. The guy can come two to three times in her without even taking a pause. She never needs any lube with him; his come keeps her super wet. It's very hot wacting these two fuck. She told me once, "Fucking him is like being fucked by an Energizer bunny's jackhammer." When she is on top, his come dribbles out of her pussy and and runs down on to his balls. Did I say how sexy that looks? Well, very.
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  9. ScottB

    ScottB Active Member

    Have you seen Roger fuck her? Sounds like he really satisfies her.
  10. guymackey

    guymackey Guest

    Yes, many times; in fact, this past Saturday night. As I said above, it is very hot to watch these two fuck.
  11. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    Same here. And she helps me with them. By giving me a list of what to do. :D

    Sports for me. But not a wankathon. That would deflate my horniness and I'd just feel jealous until my hormones recovered.
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  12. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    Thanks for the message he sounds like a real stud . I've been lucky enough tonight to pack her case, shave her legs pussy and apply the fake tan, ready for her hotel meet tonight with her black lover . I was lucky enough to watch them last time in the room. He's very girthy I'd say at least 5inch and ten inch plus . She asked my to pack the anal lube as this guy has told her he's taking ownership of all her holes and she won't feel me after tonight.
    We both found it an amazing turn on with me shaving her and packing for her and she kindly made love to me. She didn't orgasam as she told me she was saving herself for him later.
    She's buying sushi and plans on feeding him later in the room. He wants to take her away for a weekend and has offered me money !! Not that I've expected this my stomach is in knots already about tonight, they plan to send me pictures as soon as he has bred her, she's had two black guys but none have cum inside her yet, she has told me she's desperate now for his black seed in her arse and pussy, I'm hoping after 11 hrs when she returns unshowred i can still taste him as I'm cleaning her pussy and arse, what will be sure is that his sperm will be flowing to her tubes and fucking her wont ever be the same again .
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  13. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    Have to agree with that but wanking will be something i will end up doing . She's ordered me a Chasity device but it won't be here until the weekend .
  14. guymackey

    guymackey Guest

    Very cool! Hope all goes to everyone's desires.

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  15. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    Thanks my stomach is in knots but find this site a good way to express my feelings . It's going to be a long long night !
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  16. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    She's at the hotel with him I've cooked dinner for the kids . Now I'm in bits I don't know what to do? I want to ring her and say come home but then on the other side I find it a massive turn on ??? WTF is happening
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  17. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    For her safety and comfort, my wife usually entertains men in our home. If I am not watching, and most of the time I'm not, I go down one block to my local pub. Most of the time my wife sends me a text when they have finished, to let me know it's all clear. Occasionally, one of her bulls comes down to the pub and joins me for a beer before we both go back to our respective homes.

    I actually look forward to my alone time at the pub to think about things, although I have to admit, it's pretty hard to think of anything else besides the escapade unfolding in your bedroom when you know you are being cuckolded at that very moment!
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  18. SJ1982

    SJ1982 Member

    That's to be expected, just think of the kink side of it to get you through.
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  19. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    We did that before and I sat in the hotel bar which I was fine with . However due to kids and baby sitter issues I'm stuck at home tonight alone , this is hard pal I'm trying my best with a bottle of wine
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  20. ltom212

    ltom212 Guest

    I'm trying she's just sent me a picture of them both laying on the bed , she looks so hot ! I've opened a bottle of wine it's the only way for me tonight sorry x

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