How to be Verified - and the benefits of doing so.

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  1. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    How this forum works...

    If you'd like to verify that you are who you say you are, post your picture (or even video) here. This is a completely optional step in making this community a more genuine place to visit. I've had to update the guidelines so they are crystal clear and make the verification process faster and easier. Please read the following CAREFULLY, and follow the instructions EXACTLY.

    1) Post a COLOR PICTURE. Black and white pictures will not be accepted.

    2) You must take a picture that makes your gender unquestionable. Post a picture of yourself in a bra or less. Yes, you may take pictures of your genitalia if so desired. However, fully clothed upper body (big t-shirts or coats covering what's underneath) will not be accepted. This is to deter people (especially men) from stuffing a bra with tissue to make themselves look female.

    3) The picture must include the person holding a handwritten piece of paper with "Hey Kingbull! Please verify me!" or " Rocks" or a relevant phrase and INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME on the paper. It is important to use your username. Don't forget this step.

    4) Make sure the writing can be SEEN in the photograph. Some people have submitted pictures where the text is too tiny to read. Make sure it can be read before submitting!

    5) You do not have to post a clear picture of your face. However, if you have already posted a picture of your face (or your wife's face) in another forum, you must post a verification picture with a face shot. You can submit this to Kingbull privately if so desired.

    6) If you and your partner appear in the picture, make sure you write BOTH your usernames (if you both have one, and you should have one if using this site together) on the paper. That way I can photo verify you both.

    Some other guidelines - posting pictures of genitalia is fine. However, an almost foolproof method of proving your gender or identity would be to write some of the above quotes (or any relevant ones) on your body with a marker near the genitalia. If you feel more comfortable with the shirtless option, do that.

    You are not limited to shirtless or genitalia-only pictures. Be inventive, but be believable! You may post videos or even soundbites of yourself saying something. There are many ways.

    Again, this step is completely optional. I don't recommend or require a face picture unless you are completely self-assured (or have already posted face pictures beforehand) and confident of your decisions and potential consequences. takes no responsibility for what results you receive from posting your pictures at this site. Just use common sense, k? :)

    I've provided an example below - me! This was a picture taken in response to people doubting (attacking) my identity and physical claims on another (now defunct) website. The hysterics that followed when I proved them wrong were priceless and I was banned from posting. Go figure, lol.

    Also, remember, this forum is for image verification only. If you'd like to post other types of images, please use the galleries or other relevant forums for that purpose.

    Enjoy, and let's start showing who we are!

    P.S. - the benefits of being a Verified member are in the post below!

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  2. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Here is the important question: WHY should you want to verify yourself? What benefit does it give you?

    There are many. I have now tweaked the site so that Verified members have more benefits than non-verified members. Here are a few of the benefits:

    PHOTO VERIFIED (and Honorary) MEMBERS:

    • Will have their username show up in BOLDED PURPLE FONT with "Photo Verified Member" underneath it.
    • Can have a signature.
    • Can create Groups and Social Forums
    • Can open and close their very own threads! (This is like a moderator ability!)
    • Can move their threads to another section of the site (another moderator ability).
    • Can delete their own posts.
    • Have unlimited attachment space (unlimited uploads).
    • Can post polls.
    • Can store up to 1,000 private messages.
    • Can view the calendar and see upcoming events as well as post events.
    • Can login in "invisible mode" - so that other people can't see you in the "Who's Online" list.
    • Can create a custom title (if you don't want to have "VERIFIED REAL MEMBER" as your title, you can change it.)
    • Can view profile pictures.
    • Can email other members.
    • Can upload animated avatars and profile pictures.
    • Can upload a larger signature image.
    • Can hide reputation from others.
    • Can comment on, edit, and delete their own comments on albums.
    • Can post and edit visitor messages.
    • Can search blogs.
    This is an incomplete list and verified members have many more abilities than non-verified. For clarity, here is a list of items that non-verified Registered members don't have:


    • Can't create Groups and Social Forums (but can view them).
    • Cannot have a signature.
    • Can't open and close their own threads.
    • Can't delete their own posts.
    • Can't move their threads to another section of the site.
    • Have limited attachment space (about 1000k - not including the Gallery section).
    • Can't post polls, but can VOTE on them.
    • Can store up to 50 private messages.
    • Can't view the calendar and post events.
    • Can't login in "invisible mode" - everyone can see you in the "Who's Online" list.
    • Can't create a custom title - you are stuck with the default forum title.
    • Can't view profile pictures.
    • Can't email other members (but can private message them if the other user has enabled this function).
    • Can't upload animated avatars and profile pictures.
    • Can't upload a larger signature image.
    • Can't hide reputation from others.
    • Can't comment on, edit, and delete their own comments on albums.
    • Can't post and edit visitor messages.
    • Can't search blogs.
    You can see how many benefits there are from this short list.

    If you really really don't want to verify yourself, then you can apply to be an "Honorary Member." An Honorary Member is someone who has been on the site for over 6 months, has over 100 posts, and has given in a unique way to the site (e.g. stories, very insightful posts, tons of images in the galleries, keeps a cool and frequently updated blog - are a few examples). In other words, you have contributed to the site in a big way. If you want to be an honorary member and have some of the benefits above, then contact me, but only if you have the above requirements. Please don't contact me and say something like "I've been a member for 2 weeks, have posted 6 times and my wife is hot. Can I be an honorary member?" I'll just refer you back to this paragraph. :)

    I DO make the rare exception at times, but this depends on certain variables.

    This is the best way I can think of to make the site a better place to be with more trusting people, and without making it a paysite filled with garbage.

    Questions, just ask.
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  3. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    I have updated a couple of settings for the verification area. First, only verified members will be able to see their posts show up immediately after hitting "Submit". Non-verified member's posts will go into the "moderation queue" - which essentially means the posts don't show up right away. They are "filtered" but not edited in any way.

    Secondly, non-verified members cannot download images or attachments in this area. Only verified members can.

    So start getting verified if you want to enjoy this area in it's fullness!
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